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Webpage design and hosting

Dachshund Delights
This is the home of Hug-A-Harness

The unique preventative against parasites

Bedtime Bones™ are an organic, chamomile treat to help your dog sleep

Grandma Lucy’s
Freeze Dried Foods and Treats for both dogs and cats Best food in town, I only feed Layla the Grandma Lucy’s Macanna which is amazing. Their fruity Oven Baked Biscuits are highly recommended.

Jones Natural Chews
Natural Chews for Dogs

Diva Dog Collars
Collars, Leashes, Harnesses

Wonderful Oral Care Products. Wonderful Grooming Products. Fantastic Supplements. One of my favorite companies for products for Layla

One of the amazing non profit organizations that I belong to in San Francisco and who have been my rock through hard times The mission of PAWS is to preserve, support and nurture the human-animal bond for those most vulnerable in our community.

Shalom Bayit
One of the amazing non profit organizations that I belong to in San Francisco and who have been my rock through hard times They strive to create effective, culturally-based strategies to improve Jewish community accountability and response to domestic violence.

Water For Paws
Water for Paws is a non profit organization in Cape Town South Africa helping the rescue organizations get water with the ongoing drought

A Passion Fur Paws

A Passion Fur Paws – organic essential oil-based remedies and wellness products provide natural, chemical-free alternatives to help treat common illnesses and conditions for dogs, cats, and horses

Simply Smiling Paws Pets – Simple and Quality Products for your pet including the amazing Expandable Pet Carrier I did a review on.

One4Pets – Wonderful Pet Products including the Backpack I did a review on and what I use on a daily basis


CoolAid – The fantastic cooling vest that Layla wore for the AIDS walk and now all the time. Highly recommended for those that take their dogs out all the time or on hikes, etc.

Overland Dog Gear

Overland Dog Gear – The perfect travel companion for your furry best friend

Discover your dog’s DNA story

Restorative Botanicals

Wonderful Hemp Oil Products for both Pets and Humans. I use them on Layla

Raw Paws Pet Food

Fantastic Raw Foods, Supplements which I use on Layla, plus of course treats

Coupon : All you have to do is go their website and type in : LAYLA15 and get 15% off your order. There is no expiration date on this coupon but it is a one time use only.

Opie & Dixie – USDA Certified Organic, cruelty-free and vegan grooming aids for the holistic care of dogs and cats. I swear by their products.