People make me sick

Hi everyone and today’s blog we are going to discuss what is making me sick inside.

This week was Pet Appreciation week where we all show our appreciation to our pets by spoiling them more, loving them and showering them with everything they deserve plus more. It is a week when I used to spoil Layla with extra treats although she was never short of anything LOL. It is the guilty Jewish Mom side of me.

I am going to let you into a secret, I have been looking at shelters to see if I see a new baby but nothing yet and that is what is making me so angry. While perusing the Facebook pages seeing the words OWNER SURRENDER next to the poor dog in a cage and there are also seniors in that position. How can people dump their loyal dog in a shelter and leave with it petrified, shaking and miserable while they sit closed up, and the humans walk away like it is ok and hey they can now go on holiday and forget about the poor dog, with shelters over crowded at this moment, unless it is a no kill shelter, they have sent their dog to die unless a rescue steps in. Most I have seen are beautiful big dogs of all breeds that have been dumped like garbage. I really think there should be an online national registry preventing them from ever getting a dog again, and it should be for the entire family, what do you think?

What really worries me is 4th of July is around the corner and that means more dogs will be dumped and the shelters will explode from overcrowding, and the rescuers/angels will be running around trying to save them, find fosters and then homes for them, it is a frightening thought but a reality also.

June is also Microchip Month, it is very important as with 4th of July around the corner please make sure your microchip information is up to date, tags are all up to date and your pets will be safe inside.

I have now vented how I feel now and am sure Layla would agree with me especially as she came from a scary shelter,

Please keep your fur kids safe, give them a big hug as always,

With love

Layla’s Mom




June Pet Holidays and Observance


  • Adopt-a-Cat Month®. From the American Humane Society
  • Adopt-a-Shelter-Cat Month.From all shelters
  • National Foster a Pet Month. Fostering saves lives and less pets would be euthanized
  • National Pet Preparedness Month.
  • National Microchipping Month. Be prepared for the 4th of July and make sure all information is correct
  • Social PETworking Month. Sharing on social media saves lives


  • June 2-8: Pet Appreciation Week. First week in June.
  • June 2-8: National Dog Bite Awareness Week.First week in June.
  • 3rd Week in June: Animal Rights Awareness Week.
  • June 17-21: Take Your Pet to Work Week


  • June 8: Best Friends Day.
  • June 8: Missing Mutts Awareness Day (always the second Saturday in June)
  • June 11: World Pet Memorial Day. Second Tuesday in June.
  • June 12: Peruvian Hairless Dog Day.The nation of Peru celebrates the “perro peruano sin pelo” with their own special day.
  • June 15: National Dog Dad Day. Held the Saturday before Father’s Day, this day celebrates all the dog dads and their special bond with their dogs.
  • June 17: Take Your Cat to Work Day®.
  • June 18: National Internet Cat Day.
  • June 18: Veterinary Appreciation Day
  • June 19: National Garfield the Cat Day.
  • June 19: National Pets in Film Day.
  • June 20: Ugliest Dog Day.Although every dog is a beauty in the eyes of their special person, The World’s Ugliest Dog Contest in Petaluma, California is a longstanding competition. Always held on June 20.
  • June 21: NationalDog Party Day.
  • June 21: Take Your Dog to Work Day®.
  • June 22: National Pet Choking Prevention Day.
  • June 24: Cat World Domination Day.
  • June 29: World Day Against Pet Abandonment.Founded in 2019 by two French rescue groups, this day coincides with the start of summer holidays, a time many pets are abandoned. Always the last Saturday in June.

Have a wonderful June everyone, stay safe and for those celebrating HAPPY PRIDE

Layla’s Mom and Layla in Heaven