Hello to all my friends,

I know we normally blog on Fridays but because today is a very important day we are talking today to bring attention to #RememberMeThursday.

I have always rescued and that is why this day is so dear to me.

What is this day ?

Remember Me Thursday is on the last Thursday of September every year when we speak out for the orphan pets in shelters wanting homes,  they are innocent and in many ways we are to blame. 

This is a day when we all get together campaigning for them as no innocent orphaned pet should have to die in a Shelter because someone dumped them there.

It is now in its 7th year and as Mike Arms, President and CEO of Helen Woodward Animal Center says : We all come from different countries, cultures, and backgrounds, but together, we can raise our voices and share one life-saving message and literally save millions of pets on this one day.”

You can read more about it on this website https://remembermethursday.org/

How can we shine a light on this :
01. Attend a Remember Me Thursday event near you. – You can find the events near you on Google or on the website above.
02. Hold a pet food plus other pet related items fundraiser for your local shelter.
03. Check to see if one of your shelters in your area are having an adoption event.
04. Speak out, encourage friends and family to adopt and open their homes to an orphan pet.
05. There are so many ways we can all help, so lets take one step forward today to do it.

On this note we would also like to wish all our fur friends and family a Shana Tova, Happy New Year as our New Year starts in the evening of Sunday the 29th. May it be filled with sweetness and health. 

But most of all may the New Year bring homes to all the orphaned pets.

With a woof and love from Layla

Mom made me work hard

Happy Friday Everyone,

We did not blog last week as we were working the Bay Area Pet Fair which is held every year by Pet Food Express, an amazing pet food store that gives so much back to the community, and because they do everything I need for Layla I buy from them.


It meant Layla and I getting up at 6 in the morning and getting home after 8 in the evening so it was a long but worthy weekend.

This fair is held at one of the fairgrounds in the East Bay and what is so important about it, is it is focused on rescue so all the rescue organizations of all animals come together there to show off and find homes for all the pets. There is a mix of dogs, cats, birds, bunnies and so much more. 

WOW is all I can say as the last I heard over 1603 animals found new homes, that is amazing and makes me so happy.

I was asked by Tropiclean to help with their booth this year, and as Layla is in many ways a Tropiclean baby I was happy to do so as I love their products. 

This year Tropiclean focused on their dental products handing out to everyone a 2 week trial pack for clean teeth and a healthy mouth which included :
01. Water additive – You add a cupful into your dogs fresh water everyday which gives up to 12 hours fresh breath and daily plaque and tartar defense.02. Clean teeth gel – You put a pea size on your both sides of your dogs molars once a day to remove plaque and tartar.03. I call the dog crack LOL – a Bone Dental Chew

I have been using these products for about 4 years, have never had to brush Layla’s teeth and they are pearly white. It is a product I swear by and recommend to everyone who is having problems brushing their dogs teeth. 
Tropiclean also has amazing natural flea and tick products, and grooming products which I use all the time on Layla. For those looking for natural products this is the place to go.


On Sunday evening when closing Tropiclean donated to some of the rescues boxes of their dental products which I think is so great as that helps the rescue organizations with the new dogs they are rescuing. A company that gives back is always in my eyes a company worth supporting.

I am not being sponsored by Tropiclean in this blog.

On Monday Layla and I were exhausted and just took it easy to recharge our batteries and catch up on things in the house plus of course emails.
So that was our weekend, and of course I am working as always while Madam just walks, eats and sleeps.  She has a hard life LOL.

What did you do this past weekend ? 

Today is Friday, the start of a new weekend where I am hopefully planning to go to the Greek Festival – love their foods yummm and am going to be leaving Layla at home so I can have some Me time, what a concept.

Have a great weekend all,

With a woof and love from Layla

National Disaster Preparedness Month

TGIF !!!!!!!!! Week is over, bring on the weekend.

Good morning friends and how was your long weekend ?  Ours was fun, relaxing and just what we needed BUT too short BOL.

On Sunday Mom surprised me and took me to the beach, I am not a fan of the sand so just lay on the blanket and watched the world go by. We went with friends and Travis was swimming and happy, I wonder how he does it and brrrrrr the water is too cold for my paws. Mom tried putting my paws in the water and I was not happy at all but she said it was important to cool me off. Well Mom if you want me to stay cool leave me at home next time. 
When we got home, I punished Mom and rolled all over the bed and carpet so everything was covered in sand BOL.  She bathed me grrrr and then cleaned up the house so no more sand, phew.

September has arrived also, and it is National Disaster Preparedness Month, this year’s theme is “Prepared, Not Scared” and I personally think that is a great theme.

With the Hurricane raging at the moment it is an eye opener as to what can happen and how important it is for us to be prepared especially as we live in San Francisco.

So how can we be prepared :

01. Have a safety plan always in case of an evacuation

02. Have an emergency bag ready at all times so that if have to evacuate you have everything and do not have to worry. Plus in emergencies the stores run out of items so if you have everything in the house one less panic and worry.

03. Make sure nothing has expired in your emergency bag.

04. Make sure your first aid kit and your pets are up to date.

05. Check the microchip information of your pets

06. Make sure you have copies of all important documents.

07. Of course make sure you have enough food and water for you and your pets for at least 72 hours if not longer. When it comes to food, treats and snacks everyone has their preferences and diet so am not going to make a list.

08. Medications

09. Phone charger

have put all in one bag as it for me be easier to carry if I have to grab her and bag and leave.

So are you ready ? Do you have a bag packed ? Let us not forget the theme of 2019 : “Prepared, Not Scared”

Layla woofs be safe everyone, take and please remember not to leave us behind.

Have a wonderful weekend all,Woof with love from Layla