Today is Two Months

Today was two months since Layla crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. It was a hard day for me as I sat in my house thinking of her, wanting to hear her bark at me, wag her tail or just sleep relaxed in her bed. Every time I heard the fireworks, I worried about her automatically which did not ease my misery in many ways.

This is what I miss most evenings

I realize there are going to be days when I will miss her more and today was that day, so I went, in the heat, for a long walk and then started doing which she would have wanted me to do, speak out against the fireworks, advise people to keep their pets safe and to not drink and drive while your pets are at home. We need to be responsible parents and to think of everything to keep them safe, like we do for kids.

The fireworks here have been going since 5 this afternoon, each time one goes off I jump in my chair, I have the jazz station on to keep myself calm and feel so sorry for all the animals who are freaking out. I have been seeing on social media posts of lost dogs, ACC calling out with lost dogs, and I am sure by tomorrow the shelters will be overflowing with lost pets, it is just heartbreaking, and I pray all the pets find their families.

As you all know, Layla used to wear these amazing harnesses, custom made by Dachshund Delights, see the link below:

Her favorite harness

Now the reason I am sharing them is April, the owner of the business, surprised me two weeks ago with a small white box which arrived in the mail, with chocolates, rainbow paw stickers AND a mini-Layla, a small, customized toy which looks like Layla. I was totally in awe, cried when I saw her, and I am in love with her. She is hanging on the wall in front of my laptop so I can see her all the time. Plus, the reason I have hung her there is that when I dog sit none of the dogs can get to her and try play with her. I have been doing dog sitting to get my doggy doses which is helping me a lot, as it puts me in a routine with walking the dogs plus gets me out of the house more.

Thank you April for this wonderful gift


I am sure you are wondering if I am going to adopt/rescue a new fur kid and I am putting it here, I have started, watching lots of FB pages and praying I will soon find a new fur kid to share my life with.


So on this note, have a wonderful weekend everyone, please be safe

Hugs from Layla’s Mom