Today is Two Months

Today was two months since Layla crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. It was a hard day for me as I sat in my house thinking of her, wanting to hear her bark at me, wag her tail or just sleep relaxed in her bed. Every time I heard the fireworks, I worried about her automatically which did not ease my misery in many ways.

This is what I miss most evenings

I realize there are going to be days when I will miss her more and today was that day, so I went, in the heat, for a long walk and then started doing which she would have wanted me to do, speak out against the fireworks, advise people to keep their pets safe and to not drink and drive while your pets are at home. We need to be responsible parents and to think of everything to keep them safe, like we do for kids.

The fireworks here have been going since 5 this afternoon, each time one goes off I jump in my chair, I have the jazz station on to keep myself calm and feel so sorry for all the animals who are freaking out. I have been seeing on social media posts of lost dogs, ACC calling out with lost dogs, and I am sure by tomorrow the shelters will be overflowing with lost pets, it is just heartbreaking, and I pray all the pets find their families.

As you all know, Layla used to wear these amazing harnesses, custom made by Dachshund Delights, see the link below:

Her favorite harness

Now the reason I am sharing them is April, the owner of the business, surprised me two weeks ago with a small white box which arrived in the mail, with chocolates, rainbow paw stickers AND a mini-Layla, a small, customized toy which looks like Layla. I was totally in awe, cried when I saw her, and I am in love with her. She is hanging on the wall in front of my laptop so I can see her all the time. Plus, the reason I have hung her there is that when I dog sit none of the dogs can get to her and try play with her. I have been doing dog sitting to get my doggy doses which is helping me a lot, as it puts me in a routine with walking the dogs plus gets me out of the house more.

Thank you April for this wonderful gift


I am sure you are wondering if I am going to adopt/rescue a new fur kid and I am putting it here, I have started, watching lots of FB pages and praying I will soon find a new fur kid to share my life with.


So on this note, have a wonderful weekend everyone, please be safe

Hugs from Layla’s Mom

July Pet Holidays and Observances


July 2024 Pet Holidays and Observances


WOW June has gone, and July has arrived. That means a new list of pet holidays and observances, Layla’s legacy will carry on speaking out and celebrating every month.

Please remember this is firework month also so make sure your pets are safe, microchipped and tags are all up to date.



  • Dog House Repair Month.
  • National Lost Pet Prevention Month™. You can see how to keep your pet safe on our blog.
  • National Pet Hydration Awareness Month. Please make sure they have enough water all the time.


  • 3rd Week in July: National Feed a Rescue Pet Week:Instead of buying fireworks buy food for the Shelters.



  • July 1: ID Your Pet Day. – very important
  • July 4:Independence Day.  I call this the nightmare day for all animals as the fireworks terrify them.
  • July 10: National Kitten Day. To avoid over population please spay or neuter your cats.
  • July 11: All-American Pet Photo Day.
  • July 14: Dog on a Lead Day. Please keep your pets on a leash when walking them.
  • July 15: National Pet Fire Safety Day. Be prepared with an emergency plan and bag in case of a fire.
  • July 15: Feline Leukemia Day.
  • July 21: National Craft for Your Local Shelters Day.If you are crafty this is a great way to make toys for your shelter pets so that they can have fun while stuck in cages.
  • July 21: No Pet Store Puppies Day. This day is important as it is a day to boycott all stores that sell puppies from Puppy Mills.
  • July 31: National Mutt Day. This day is also celebrated in December but we can never speak out enough for Mutts.


Have a safe July everyone, make memories, enjoy your moments with your pets plus most important please keep them safe.


With a woof and love

From Layla’s Mom




Happy Pride and 4th of July

Good morning, everyone,

For those celebrating Happy Pride, we hope you have a wonderful safe weekend with lots of fun.

I am slowly getting used to not having Layla by my side to celebrate as she always came to all the events with me, it is not easy, and I am shedding tears here and there, but I know she would want me to go out and enjoy myself. San Francisco is all colorful with the Rainbow Flags everywhere, people are already dressed up in rainbows plus so much more and the atmosphere is wonderful. We are putting it all aside and enjoying this weekend with so much happening.

The Pink Triangle is up in its usual place, and for those that do not know, during the Holocaust the Gays had to wear a pink triangle to show they were gay and many were sent to the gas chambers so this triangle symbolizes the hatred and reminds us that WE MUST NOT FORGET, NEVER AGAIN.


Last week I went to a Pride Party and cried as Layla was with me last year, I called her my mini dyke LOL, and today I am doing a double decker bus tour of the LGBT history of San Francisco which I am really excited to do. It is organized by the Perpetual Sisters of Indulgence which is an amazing non-profit organization that helps LGBT youth and others who are homeless get on their feet, which I think is fantastic.  They are all drag queens.

The Sign announcing the Bus Tour

Sister Roma

I am taking a rest for the rest of the weekend, it is too much for an old lady like me LOL.

Layla sitting on a bike at the Dyke March a couple of years ago

Waiting for the Dyke March to start, another memory of her


With all the events going on we must not forget what is happening next week, as that is so important. The 4th of July is around the corner and that means the nightmare starts for our fur kids. The fireworks grrr. I hate them. Please make sure your fur kids are safe in the house, tags are up to date, microchip is up to date and most of all they are safe inside. Shelters unfortunately will be filling up with strays who have fled from fear and if your pet does not have the correct information on them, they will never be able to get home. I am listing below what I used to do with Layla plus the 4th of July hazards to keep them safe and healthy when you are celebrating.


Please keep them safe

Happy Pride to those that celebrate, and we are blessed we can celebrate in this country and are not persecuted like in some other countries PLUS have a happy safe 4th of July to all and enjoy your long weekend.

One of my favorite memories of Layla


With love from angel Layla and Me







Carrying on her legacy

Woof hello friends,

Two weeks ago, I took Layla for her last adventure to spread her ashes in a place that she loved to go to in her younger years, where she wandered around, sniffing all the smells and barking at the ducks in the lake.

I went with Alice, one of my closest friends who we used to do adventures with, visiting the different lakes in the Bay Area, so this was the last adventure for the three of us, we sat at the lake with a picnic and then I went towards the lake and spread her ashes. It was hard, sad but I knew in my heart it was the best thing to do as she is now back in nature, barking at the ducks and turtles and at peace, not as I felt stuck in a box on my shelf. Pine Lake in Stern Grove for me is like heaven, just beautiful, natural and quiet which is what I wanted for her. However hard it was for me, I am now finally at peace, moving forward with a more positive attitude and finally taking care of me.

Pine Lake

The Duck welcoming Layla

I have been going out more, lunch with friends, a jazz concert in a park, and much more but I must admit I find it hard without pushing her in the stroller which is something I am slowly getting used to. Her strollers I have donated to Muttville Senior Dog Rescue and her other things I am going through slowly at my own pace.

As I vowed, I would do is carry on her legacy and this week I am going to talk about fireworks, as the 4th of July is around the corner. I personally hate fireworks and feel the money could be given to nonprofit organizations who are struggling, rescue organizations and so much more instead of burning the money.

The fireworks scare the wild animals that many flee in fear and get injured or killed by cars, our pets who sit in our houses shivering from fear, the Vets that suffer from PTSD and so many more.

I think it is unfair to all those that are afraid and disrespectful especially when you live in a city and people  just stand in the streets shooting them off and our apartments are shaking from all the noise. I used to have my TV on the Jazz Station loud during the night to disguise the bangs as much as possible, I would make Layla a bed in the shower with her water, toys and food and put her in there where she felt safe and secure, cover her with a blanket and let her stay there all night with me checking on her every 30 minutes.  What I did give her was the Relax Calming Chews from Real Mushrooms which helped a lot and actually once calm she would fall asleep and sleep through it all, these chews were a blessing in disguise as they kept her calm and relaxed especially as she got older.

So to help other pet parents we are doing a give away for a bottle of  chews to help your pet. They are for both cats and dogs so everyone can enter to ease the stress and anxiety from the fireworks.

What are they :

I have been sponsored by Real Mushrooms for this giveaway.

You can read more about them on their website where you have a 10% discount with coupon LaylasWoof.

To enter go to the link below and fill in all that is asked from you.


This Giveaway is for the USA only and you must be over 18 years old to enter.


Good luck to everyone, you enter you will have a calm pet in the house.


With a woof and love

From Layla’s Mom





People make me sick

Hi everyone and today’s blog we are going to discuss what is making me sick inside.

This week was Pet Appreciation week where we all show our appreciation to our pets by spoiling them more, loving them and showering them with everything they deserve plus more. It is a week when I used to spoil Layla with extra treats although she was never short of anything LOL. It is the guilty Jewish Mom side of me.

I am going to let you into a secret, I have been looking at shelters to see if I see a new baby but nothing yet and that is what is making me so angry. While perusing the Facebook pages seeing the words OWNER SURRENDER next to the poor dog in a cage and there are also seniors in that position. How can people dump their loyal dog in a shelter and leave with it petrified, shaking and miserable while they sit closed up, and the humans walk away like it is ok and hey they can now go on holiday and forget about the poor dog, with shelters over crowded at this moment, unless it is a no kill shelter, they have sent their dog to die unless a rescue steps in. Most I have seen are beautiful big dogs of all breeds that have been dumped like garbage. I really think there should be an online national registry preventing them from ever getting a dog again, and it should be for the entire family, what do you think?

What really worries me is 4th of July is around the corner and that means more dogs will be dumped and the shelters will explode from overcrowding, and the rescuers/angels will be running around trying to save them, find fosters and then homes for them, it is a frightening thought but a reality also.

June is also Microchip Month, it is very important as with 4th of July around the corner please make sure your microchip information is up to date, tags are all up to date and your pets will be safe inside.

I have now vented how I feel now and am sure Layla would agree with me especially as she came from a scary shelter,

Please keep your fur kids safe, give them a big hug as always,

With love

Layla’s Mom




June Pet Holidays and Observance


  • Adopt-a-Cat Month®. From the American Humane Society
  • Adopt-a-Shelter-Cat Month.From all shelters
  • National Foster a Pet Month. Fostering saves lives and less pets would be euthanized
  • National Pet Preparedness Month.
  • National Microchipping Month. Be prepared for the 4th of July and make sure all information is correct
  • Social PETworking Month. Sharing on social media saves lives


  • June 2-8: Pet Appreciation Week. First week in June.
  • June 2-8: National Dog Bite Awareness Week.First week in June.
  • 3rd Week in June: Animal Rights Awareness Week.
  • June 17-21: Take Your Pet to Work Week


  • June 8: Best Friends Day.
  • June 8: Missing Mutts Awareness Day (always the second Saturday in June)
  • June 11: World Pet Memorial Day. Second Tuesday in June.
  • June 12: Peruvian Hairless Dog Day.The nation of Peru celebrates the “perro peruano sin pelo” with their own special day.
  • June 15: National Dog Dad Day. Held the Saturday before Father’s Day, this day celebrates all the dog dads and their special bond with their dogs.
  • June 17: Take Your Cat to Work Day®.
  • June 18: National Internet Cat Day.
  • June 18: Veterinary Appreciation Day
  • June 19: National Garfield the Cat Day.
  • June 19: National Pets in Film Day.
  • June 20: Ugliest Dog Day.Although every dog is a beauty in the eyes of their special person, The World’s Ugliest Dog Contest in Petaluma, California is a longstanding competition. Always held on June 20.
  • June 21: NationalDog Party Day.
  • June 21: Take Your Dog to Work Day®.
  • June 22: National Pet Choking Prevention Day.
  • June 24: Cat World Domination Day.
  • June 29: World Day Against Pet Abandonment.Founded in 2019 by two French rescue groups, this day coincides with the start of summer holidays, a time many pets are abandoned. Always the last Saturday in June.

Have a wonderful June everyone, stay safe and for those celebrating HAPPY PRIDE

Layla’s Mom and Layla in Heaven




Learning to live without your dog.

Hi friends,

It is nearly a month since Layla passed, and I am having to learn to live without her which is not easy. She is constantly in my thoughts; I keep questioning myself did I do enough for her and driving myself nuts.

For the past three years with NO regret, I gave up everything to look after her as she aged, did everything possible to keep her healthy and happy and honestly, I was afraid to leave her alone just in case there was an earthquake or some other disaster in my building. I did not sleep at night as I was checking on her plus taking her out when she wanted to go out, so my life was topsy turvy.

I now am having to relearn so much about me and catch up on medical issues and so much more. Yes, it is easy but overwhelming as such as I still mentally worry about her, so I am afraid to go out.

I have packed her bed and blankets away, the strollers are ready for donation to Muttville Senior Dog Rescue, her toy basket with all the toys are still in the same place, her box where she used to love hiding from me LOL is still standing next to the desk, the last of her treats I am giving to a friend this week and going through her things I am sure another rescue will get.

This I made from a wooden fruit box into an indoor kennel which she loved

Last weekend I did not blog as I needed to rethink my life, what I am going to do and how to move forward, so I went to a Carnival, stayed maybe an hour, and came home but I need to do this as I cannot just stay in the house. I have also gone to see the sea lions at Pier 39 but each time I go out I feel empty without her stroller and her, so it is not easy for me but am pushing myself.

I am also learning about people around me, one person asked me where Layla was one day and when I told him she had passed away his reply was OH I thought I smelt death on her the last time I saw her, I was mortified that a person can say something like that but from that second I do not even greet him but walk right past him like he does not exist. Another person with a dog asked me where Layla was, I told him, he had tears in his eyes and said I am so sorry, she was my celebrity in a stroller that I so loved seeing each day, that brought a smile to my face that she had made that impact. I am also so overwhelmed with all the messages I have received, comments on my blog about her, it has made me smile with tears to know she was so loved by so many in real life and on social media. I have been spoiled with wonderful gifts from Kamira Gayle, you can see her items in her store,

I am drinking from her coffee mug all the time, using her tote bag and am going to put the picture of the Rainbow Bridge with the poem on my wall this weekend. A close friend of mine brought me flowers, and another bless him brought me lots of chicken soup with matza balls to make sure I eat, I cannot thank them and others enough for all they have done for me, including the donation to the JNF to have a tree planted in her name plus a donation to PAWS in her name. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

I was surprised yesterday to see this on a FB group owned by Cherokee Billie the animal communicator, Ralph had written the below which brought tears to my eyes:

Dear Mom,

This marks over three weeks since I left your side

In the basket, I departed, with a peaceful pride

No more suffering, no more pain

Just eternal rest, and a love that remains

I know you miss me, and it’s hard to bear

But remember, I’m with you, always there

In the darkness of night, a star shines bright

That’s me, Layla, guiding you with all my might

I was with you for 14 years, and oh so dear

We shared laughter, tears, and memories so clear

Though my physical body is gone, my spirit stays near

Watching over you, with a love that casts out fear

Don’t be sad, dear mom, for I am at peace

No more suffering, just eternal release

My house may be empty, but your heart is full

Of memories we made, and a love that stands tall

In the darkness of night, look up to the sky

And you’ll see my star shining bright, and I’ll be nigh

Forever with you, in spirit and in heart

Your loving Layla, never to depart.”

By Ralph Poulette

I always loved this facial expression as if to say another photo leave me alone


With lots of thought, love from everyone, I am tomorrow, Friday taking Layla on her last adventure with her aunt whom we did so many adventures with, to a lake where there are ducks, turtles and so much more and we are going to spread her ashes so that she can fly in the wind and be free from her box. I feel that is what she would want is that total freedom and I am giving it to her tomorrow, Alice and I are going to have a picnic next to the lake and set her free so she can dance in the wind, fly like a butterfly and be in the place that she loved. A place on earth I call heaven.

Where do I go from here, to keep Layla’s legacy going on her blog, speaking against animal abuse, Domestic Violence, breeders, overcrowded shelters and so much more as we must be the voice for the voiceless and never keep quiet.

People have asked me if I plan to get a new fur kid, once I have healed I will open my heart to another rescue as my home is empty, my heart is empty and Layla would want that from me.

Please hug your fur kids tonight, make memories as tomorrow is never promised.

With peace, love, and light.

Layla’s Mom

Preparing for goodbye

Good morning friends,

It has been 13 days since Layla crossed the Rainbow Bridge, the house is empty and cold without her, she was so part of my life. I keep looking at her bed to see if she is sleeping peacefully.

I miss seeing this daily when she was asleep under her blankie

I am going to today share with you how I was preparing for that awful day as I thought I was prepared but am realizing now you are never prepared although I am at peace that she is not suffering anymore.

About two plus years ago I realized that Layla, with going blind was aging quickly and I so wanted to make it as easy as possible for her, a stress-free life especially when she started with Dementia. She became more withdrawn, sleeping more but although blind I was determined to have fun, keep her nose going instead of her eyes and keep the routine we had been in for all these years.  While preparing mentally for the awful day I started researching, finding ideas, and praying each time I found something it would keep her happy. It is a catch 22 as such but I did not give up. I started giving her new supplements, got her a stroller to ease her walking, especially on adventures and then got her the stroller that she was in towards the end. You can see on the below link the supplements I gave her plus the treats I used for her snuffle toys which she loved and kept her busy. I am listing the link to the list of what she got. th

The stroller was and is in my eyes the best invention ever and I highly recommend senior dog parents to get one, your life is so much easier and your pet can enjoy being outdoors sniffing the air and all the new smells. I got it from a company called Mr. Peanuts it was light weight, roomy for her to sleep in, a big basket underneath for shopping plus I kept a water bowl there all the time for water and would put a bottle there every time we went out. Another thing I loved about it was it has two straps to clip them in on either side so that she was safe, and I had no worries. That was the stroller I rocked her in on her last night, walked her to calm her down covered in a blanket and although it did not help much it eased it a bit for her while she was fighting her last breath.

Sleeping in her stroller comfortably

This is the link from where I got it :

Another thing I did was got in contact with an animal communicator as I wanted to know what was going through her mind so that I could work with that, I know it sounds crazy, but I was reaching out for every answer as it mattered to me as a Dog Mom.

I am sharing the session I had with Cherokee Billie so you can hear how helpful it was as I want others to know that it eases your life also in many ways.

I am also going to share with you how bossy she was in the good old days, and she knew how to work me for treats, and this is something I really miss in the house now, I keep imagining I am hearing her bark ☹

On Saturday the 4th of May the awful day arrived, it was a day etched in my memory like it was yesterday but I am at peace as she is not suffering anymore and I know in my heart that I did everything I could to make her life as happy as possible but when the quality of life is not there it best to release them to cross over to the Rainbow Bridge. It is traumatic to hold them when they pass, a nightmare in some ways BUT it is important to be with them and show them your unconditional love the way they have given you all their life. I was blessed to do it at home, but it was my choice to keep her as relaxed and comfortable as possible with all the familiar smells she knew.

I cannot and will not accept people that dump their seniors at shelters to die in a cold cage because they do not want to deal with their senior passing or at a vet telling the vet to euthanize their pet and leaving. That is cold disrespectful and unimaginable what the pet must be feeling as they pass. A pet has a soul, has feeling and emotions and to put them through that is unforgivable. Your pet is scared, frightened and if they were part of your family, they should be honored by you being with them when they pass. I often feel people that do this would do it to other family members also. They should not be allowed to have pets again.

I was surprised last week as I received an email from a friend who had had a tree planted in her name in Israel through the JNF Memorial fund This is an non profit organization that plants trees in Israel in a human or pets memory which I was so thankful for as being Israeli she is now part of me in my country plus a tree is a symbol of life and what could be a better memory than a tree growing with your name on, her name/legacy will carry on forever.

Her Memorial in Israel


Please hug your fur kids as much as possible, life is precious, we are blessed to have fur kids in our lives and we must treasure that daily, make memories that will make you laugh and cry but those memories are in your heart forever

With love from

Layla’s Mom





Layla’s Journey

Hi Friends,

As some of you know Layla crossed the Rainbow Bridge last Saturday 4 May at 12.00 noon. I decided today to share our journey of life together from the day she arrived from the shelter to the day she crossed over. It has been a long journey, and I am very blessed to have had her for about 14 years.

In January 2011 I was looking to rescue a fur kid after Baby passed away in November 2010. I went to the rescues in my area and did not find what I wanted so started searching on Petfinder and PetHarbor. A friend of mine was going to LA, and he said to me if I found one online that I wanted he had a friend who was a rescuer and she would get her for me. So, for about 4 days I sat online every moment I had till I saw Layla sitting in a cage at the Carson Shelter and knew in my heart she was the one. Cindy went on Saturday to the shelter to pull her, called me from there and said to me she had a smelly matted mess on her lap licking her and that sealed the deal. Layla arrived in San Francisco the following night, and I fell in love with her and never ever regretted it.

I gave her the name Layla which means Night in Hebrew as she was black and had arrived at night and I was a Hebrew Teacher.

From that day on our life began together. I was teaching during the week but came weekends I made sure we had fun and was out and about. From visiting different dog parks to meeting up with friends and more.

Layla was a quirky girl, in her younger days she was full of life, her tail with its white tip like a feather wagging a mile a minute, a happy girl and ready to go all the time. I got her a backpack which was safer for public transport, and she loved riding the buses and trams. If she had her own way, we could do it all day.

Like everything in life, she started aging slowly, I home cooked for her from day one, got new supplements when necessary and the adventures carried on. We went to lakes in the Oakland hills, different seaside towns, did the AIDS walk one year, went on a ferry to Angel Island, to fundraising galas at night and the list can go on and on she was a social butterfly. I love dog events and fairs so we would go to those also and wherever I went excluding teaching, she came with me.

Fund raiser gala for PAWS

When Covid started with the lockdown is when our lives came to a standstill, I would still walk her and take her to the dog park not far from our house but that was all we did as nothing was happening. It was at that time that I noticed she was slowing down, starting to struggle to sit in her backpack and ailments started. She was losing her sight from cataracts and the vet and I agreed no surgery because of her age but losing her sight she started becoming withdrawn also, so I looked for solutions to keep her busy like snuffle toys filled with treats which kept her happy and busy, but she was sleeping more, not wagging her tail that much and I realized that she was aging and every day was to become a memory and blessing. We were now using the stroller more as she was slowing down with walking although when she wanted to potty, she would stand in the stroller to let me know.

I knew her life was coming to an end when about 3 weeks ago I took her to the vet who found she had a colon infection and from that moment she deteriorated, and I felt she was losing her quality in life. We did DogFest which was the last time she ate, mainly treats but was happy she was eating, she was drinking and vomiting a lot of it, I tried Entyce which did not help, spoke to the vet who said she might be nauseous and offered me medication for that but in my heart, I knew it would not help. I cooked her favorite meals; bought everything I thought might interest her, but she wanted nothing. The last real meal of gizzards she ate was on the Tuesday before she passed away.  I once again on Thursday called her vet and she told me that the time had come to set Layla free. She had lost a lot of weight, was falling when walking and in the park would just stand and stare into space. She had lost all interest in her snuffle toys, did not bark anymore but just lay in her bed sleeping.


Last day in the park with Dash and Storm

Layla and I cuddling in the park on Friday 3 May

I called PAWS (Pets are Wonderful Support) an organization I am a client of, spoke to one of the people in charge and from that moment got the ball rolling to get a vet to come to my house to help her pass, I did not want in a clinic. On Friday morning Ariel called me and told me that the first appointment would be on Saturday at noon and I said yes without hesitation. On Friday morning I took her to her to the park to spend time with one of her favorite Uncles and his dogs, she did not even know he or Dash and Storm where there, which broke my heart and I wanted to cry. We came home and I put her in bed, and she went to sleep. That afternoon I had a Skype meeting the animal communicator (see my link page for more information) and Billie worked with her, and she suddenly started howling. I freaked out and immediately gave her something to calm her down, but she brought it up and that is when my nightmare started. Why I am calling it my nightmare is she howled all Friday night, I held her in my arms on my bed and she did not relax, I gave her everything I could think of to calm her down but nothing stayed in her and I found the only thing that was helping was rolling around in her stroller so every half hour I took her out for a roll plus kept her in it in the house rocking it every time she cried. I was also dog sitting Gidget my friend’s dog and poor Gidget did not know what to do, it was heartbreaking. In the morning, I called Act of Love (their link is on my links page) to see if the vet could come earlier but unfortunately she could not so I tried once again to give her something to relax her and she finally fell asleep. Layla was exhausted, ready to go and had no more energy. I decided to take her for one last roll in her stroller and as I picked her, she had a massive seizure and collapsed in my arms, so I immediately put her in her bed and counted the minutes for the vet to arrive. Dr Christine Metzger arrived at 12 noon, I explained to her everything and I bent down to pick Layla out of her bed, I feel she was already nearly gone and did not make a sound or move. I laid her on my knees, sang to her, while Dr Metzger gave her a relaxing shot, and then the final shot and within seconds she had stopped breathing. I sat hugging her, kissing her and then Dr. Metzger helped me make a paw print, I had already cut the fur I wanted, so she picked Layla up and laid her in the basket she had brought with her. I stood there numb, crying as she picked the basket up and started walking to the door, she stopped, I bent down and kissed Layla goodbye and as Dr Metzger said she is at peace and crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Before she left, she told that she would bring me personally her ashes as they do not trust the US mail, phew.

Singing to Layla as she passed over to the Rainbow Bridge


Layla in the basket the vet brought with her to take Layla away

Today is Thursday, 5 days since Layla crossed the Rainbow Bridge, my house is quiet and empty, I keep thinking I am hearing her moan to go outside, my life is lonely without her. Our life together was so perfect in so many ways, I learnt so much from her, unconditional love is the first on the list. This is the card I got from Dr Metzger in the mail today

The card I got from Dr Metzger today

I was blessed to have had her in my life for 14 years, never a dull moment with her quirkiness and now it is time for me to take care of me, something I have to relearn as the past 3 years I have been looking after her as she aged. Hindy from Grey Paws and All Blog wrote an amazing blog about self-care which I am now going to study and learn to do.

I want to say a special thank you to Real Mushrooms for their Mushroom Supplements, Myos for the joint and muscle supplements, The treat companies that helped keeping her snuffle toys full, Mr Peanuts for his stroller which I am donating to Muttville Senior Dog Rescue, Vetericyn for their senior dog supplement and everyone else that supported me through our journey of life. All links are on my link page.

Others I owe a big thanks are Act of Love for their kindness and understanding and Ann for helping me with my graphics this week.

This is my link page :

Since I announced that Layla has crossed the Rainbow Bridge, my phone has not stopped ringing, the emails are coming in, the notifications on social media are overwhelming and many are asking what I plan to do. My plan is to carry on with Layla’s Legacy speaking out for the voiceless, against abuse, Domestic Violence and so much more and as a friend of mine emailed me which says it all, thank you Hagar :

In Judaism it is customary to not say kaddish(prayer for the dead)  for an animal as we are told they do not have souls. Layla is an exception. Her soul shined so bright and beautiful because of the amazing care and love you gave her. You survived past traumas because of, and for Layla. Her heartbeat was in sync with yours and her job was to remind you of your incredible self-worth and importance in this world. She was a deep soul.

In the darkness of the night, there is a star shining bright, following me named Layla.

Run Free my love without pain and suffering, eat lots of chicken jerky, say hi to Lucy, Yogi, Zachari, Zelda, the Five Sibes and all your friends

Mommy loves and misses you xxxx






Dogfest is over and it was fun

TGIF!!! Good morning friends, wow what a weekend last weekend and thank goodness we had a sort of quiet week.


Layla is still not well, we have a good day and then a bad day so we taking each day as it comes and as my vet said to me she is over 18 years old so it takes time to heal from infections but what is worrying me is she is not eating the way she did in the past. I have been giving her Entyce which stimulates an appetite but it is not working so she is now on Nutrical which is a gel full of nutrients so am hoping it will build up her immune system again. Time will tell.

So, let’s get on with some fun, DogFest. As I told you in my last blog this is an annual fundraiser for an Elementary School, it is a day full of fun, dog costume shows, Lots of booths with dog food, treats, accessories and then so much more. As you all know I ran the booth for Real Mushrooms and yes Layla was with me. I had borrowed a pen from a friend and put a blanket in it so she was comfortable, able to move around plus have her water and food there. She munched on  lots of treats instead of her food but I decided as long as she is eating that is all that matters. I had big baskets of the table with Relax Chews and Immune System Chews for your pets. Bless San Francisco you always have the weirdos also like some that asked me if the mushroom chews were psychedelic mushrooms LOL or the best of the best was a woman walking around with a shopping cart, stopping at my table, picking up the basket to put all the samples in her basket, and when I stopped her and told her she could only have on of each she cursed me and on top of it does not even have pets. In a nutshell it was an exhausting day and by the time I got home I needed to take my shoes off and put my feet up. Layla and I slept all Sunday to recharge our batteries.

Layla in her pen, I put my jacket over to give her some shade as it was warm

THe red carpet for the dog events

Even a cat came

The food truck with treats and other goodies for the dogs

Love this hat

The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence always volunteer

Fun in the park this week

So that has been our week, taking it slow, going to the dog park to enjoy the sun and of course all the every day things also.

And before we go to bed we must not forget this Sunday is Mayday for Mutts – Mayday for Mutts is a special holiday celebrated on the first Sunday of May to spread love and acceptance for mixed-breed dogs.

My beautiful happy Mutt, Layla

We hope you have a wonderful week, be safe as always


With woof and love from