Senior Wellness Check Up

TGIF!!!  The weekend has arrived and that means Mom and Me time, I am so excited.

Last week we went on adventure to Lake Anza. It was a long ride there and of course Mom and Aunt Alice had to stop at their favorite Deli for sandwiches for lunch, but it was worth it. The weather was beautiful and being outdoors near water, although it is covered in poisonous algae but was just so relaxing and best of all I could wander around with being held on a leash. It was so much fun as I had so many new smells to sniff plus leave my mark of course everywhere so other dogs will know I was there.


Mom said she needed the break from computers, noise and so much more and came back with so much more energy. I wish we could do it more often, but I cannot complain as Mom really does try to take me somewhere every week. Thank you Aunt Alice for the awesome day.

Watch my video playing follow my leader, following Aunt Alice over the bridge, I leave the leash on her just in case something spooks her and I can then catch her quicker. I love the way she looks back to make sure I am coming LOL.

Today I had my Senior Wellness Check Up, I hate the vet, they scare me and there are too many other dogs and cats there so the vet tech was so sweet when we arrived there, and after checking in, she let Mom and Me wait in a room for the Vet. I love her vet; she is so thorough and when I leave there I am always relaxed.  Layla has an eye infection, so she told me to make an appointment with the Ophthalmologist which I am at this moment trying to do, she did shave all the hair around her eye so there is nothing irritating it. She has lost a pound, but the vet is not concerned as she is eating well, taking her supplements, and doing her business like clockwork, plus she is full of energy.  We did blood work to check her liver and am now waiting for the results which will take a couple of days.

I am concerned about her eye but will keep putting the drops in it that she has been getting for six months or so till we get to see the Ophthalmologist.  I always say if the Vet is not really concerned then I can stay relaxed.

So that is what is happening in the Layla Neighborhood, our plans this weekend is to go with the flow, weather permitting might go out for an adventure or garden time to visit Uncle.

Our prayers are with the Ukraine animals and people, praying they will be safe,

Stay safe everyone, With a woof and love from, Layla




Humanity at its best

TGIF! It has been a busy week, Boss keeping me on my toes as the weather has been fantastic so I cannot complain here. Boss was groomed last week, and she looks so cute, clean, and happy.

I have been following the Ukraine crisis online both on Twitter and Facebook and it is horrific what is going on there. It has brought back so many memories to my days in Israel when I lived through the 1973 Yom Kippur War as a teenager, running every night to the bomb shelter with out little rescued dog, Whiskey, up and down four flights of stairs each time, scary but having faith in the IDF I knew we were safe.

The second time during the Gulf War, when I had 3 cats and every night trying to catch them when a siren went off to get them into the sealed room, put my gas mask on and make sure we were all safe. There were no cell phones then or internet and it was frightening. I lived in Tel Aviv at the time which was hit the most by Scuds although TG there was never Chemical warfare although we had to stay in our sealed room till the okay signal came on and then we could leave.

So, watching the Ukraine Crisis, refugees running with their pets, children and whatever else they can carry breaks my heart as although I went through wars I never had to flee. That is where social media has become such an important tool for everyone.

The Facebook page that is set up to keep people posted as to what is happening with animal shelters there, what they need, the help that is needed, pets getting lost and landing in the streets and so much more.

Below is the link of the Facebook page I am following:

In San Francisco there is a nonprofit called Transform a Street Dog, they rescue strays in Ukraine and bring them to the USA. Below is their link:

How Europe has come together to help everyone just amazes me, countries opening their borders for the refugees, people offering their homes to families and pets, and the list can just go on. What also is so amazing is watching the people with cars or vans or trucks from all over Europe offering services, yesterday I saw how a bus tour company in Ireland has sent three busses to help, and the list can go on.

But in my eyes the true heroes are those that are staying in Ukraine to save the animals in shelters, those going into Ukraine risking their lives to get food to the shelters, to save the pets off the streets, to search for lost pets, these people all deserve medals.  Unfortunately there have been some victims also, those wonderful angels who were delivering food to shelters and were killed, it just broke my heart to read their stories, or the man that refuses to leave his 100 plus dogs in a shelter, and the stories just go on and on.

So how can we help here in the USA. I have spoken to IFAW and they are only taking money donations as shipping is so expensive and slow that the pet product donations will not get there fast enough but they did mention that for every donation we make some of the pet companies are matching the donations. Every penny counts.

So please lets all step up, help where possible, the more we help the less worries for all those risking their lives.

Before I log off I want to point something out to everyone, this is a lesson for us as pets are family and should not be left behind, something that all shelters all over the world should have posters up saying so as this lesson is being taught to us now.

Please be safe, send prayers to Ukraine and all its civilians and animals,

Thanks for helping

With a woof and love from Layla




Poison Prevention Awareness Month

Good morning, everyone,

I cannot believe it is March already, the months seem to be flying by.

March is a very important month as it is Poison Prevention Awareness Month and being Pet Parents, we need to keep our babies safe.

I am aware that before every holiday we remind ourselves how to keep our pets safe, but it is always good to be reminded so that we can keep an eye on our fur kids and keep them safe and avoid vet bills.


Each food can cause a different symptom, and some can cause death so rather be safe than sorry and if your pet digests any of these please call your vet immediately or the ASPCA Poison Hotline: 888 426 4435.

I have not included garlic in the no list as there is so much discussion about it, I decided to leave it out as there are some vets that say in small doses it will not do any harm and I have been putting small amounts of garlic powder on Layla’s home-made chicken jerky with no problems and my vet approved it. Every pet parent must do what they feel comfortable doing with garlic.

We are also going take a moment to pray for all the animals in Ukraine, how amazing it is to see the pet parents taking their pets with them, something so many can learn from and we hope you will join us saying a prayer for Peace and Freedom.

Be safe and have a wonderful week








March Pet Holidays





  • Poison Prevention Awareness Month.
  • Adopt a Rescued Guinea Pig Month.
  • Dolphin Awareness Month


  • March 6-12: Professional Dog Sitter Month
  • March 20-26: National Poison Prevention Week.




  • March 1: National Cat’s Day (Russia)
  • March 3:  If Pets had thumbs Day
  • March 13:K-9 Veterans Day.
  • March 17: Saint Gertrude of Nivelles Day— patron saint of cats.
  • March 17: St Patricks Day
  • March 20: Dogs in Yellow Day.Created by the UK’this awareness day shines the light on anxious and reactive dogs, often identified with bright yellow leashes, harnesses and collars. #DogsinYellow
  • March 23: National Puppy Day
  • March 23. Cuddly Kitten Day.
  • March 25: National Newfoundland Dog Day.
  • March 27: National Terrier Day.This holiday celebrates all terriers.
  • March 28: Respect Your Cat Day
  • March 30: Take a Walk in the Park Day. A perfect example to try a new park and have fun