Poison Prevention Awareness Month

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Good morning, everyone,

I cannot believe it is March already, the months seem to be flying by.

March is a very important month as it is Poison Prevention Awareness Month and being Pet Parents, we need to keep our babies safe.

I am aware that before every holiday we remind ourselves how to keep our pets safe, but it is always good to be reminded so that we can keep an eye on our fur kids and keep them safe and avoid vet bills.


Each food can cause a different symptom, and some can cause death so rather be safe than sorry and if your pet digests any of these please call your vet immediately or the ASPCA Poison Hotline: 888 426 4435.

I have not included garlic in the no list as there is so much discussion about it, I decided to leave it out as there are some vets that say in small doses it will not do any harm and I have been putting small amounts of garlic powder on Layla’s home-made chicken jerky with no problems and my vet approved it. Every pet parent must do what they feel comfortable doing with garlic.

We are also going take a moment to pray for all the animals in Ukraine, how amazing it is to see the pet parents taking their pets with them, something so many can learn from and we hope you will join us saying a prayer for Peace and Freedom.

Be safe and have a wonderful week








12 Replies to “Poison Prevention Awareness Month”

  1. Great tips for keeping our babies safe. It’s essential that we take care of our babies.

    My heart goes out to Ukraine too.

    Thank you for joining the Feline Friday Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous weekend. ♥

    • Sandee thank you for he feline Friday hop and welcome to our page. My heart is breaking with what is happening in Ukraine, it is just so sad. I so agree it is so important
      to keep our babies safe, be safe

  2. Such an important post and it’s so vital to always keep these things front and center in your mind. Those poor Urkrainians, it makes our hearts hurt for them. Thanks for joining our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

    • Brian thank you as always for your hop. It is so important and that is why we need to be reminded sometimes just to keep us on our toes. Be safe

  3. I love that you have these reminders for us pet parents. I’m always so careful with Henry. If I’m ever in doubt I err on the side of caution. I have heard that about garlic. I bet Layla LOVES her homemade chicken jerky.

    I’ve been keeping the Ukrainians in my thoughts and prayers as well. It’s just heartbreaking.

    • Terri thank you, I think it is so important to remind everyone to avoid any mistakes and yes Layla LOVES her home made chicken jerky LOL.
      My heart is breaking with what is happening in Ukraine and we need to keep them in our thoughts and prayers

  4. It is essential that every dog parent knows which everyday items could poison their dog. We make sure our dogs don’t have access to any such things in the house.

    As for the outside, everything is still covered with snow, so there are no poisons out there yet. Outdoors, our biggest concern is Fall.

    • Jana we have to keep remember and keep our house safe and yes that includes the yard although I do not have one so I understand you being concerned about it

  5. Thanks for sharing this reminder. Theo has a nose for food, so I always make sure our guests put their purses up in case they have gum, chocolate, or medicine in them.

    My heart also goes out to the people and animals of Ukraine.

    • Beth wise move as they love to stick their noses in bags LOL, Layla does the same. We all need to keep our prayers with Ukraine at the moment as it is heartbreaking what is happening there

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