The week is over.

Woof hello my friends,

The week is over, and the weekend has arrived.  I told Mom it is not allowed to rain as I need my weekly bark in the park.

This week has been crazy in my house. Gidget has been coming daily to spend the days with me, so I am not alone when Mom runs around doing shopping and errands, so we have been very busy. Poor Mom is so tired, but I must admit she does not forget me however tired she is.

Last Saturday the sun came out for some hours, it was chilly, but we bundled up and Mom took me to my favorite lawn, which was very muddy that the chair sunk into the ground BOL, but was great to be out, smell the bay air and of course I barked, sniffed and wandered around like I enjoy doing. It is good exercise for me and when we came home, I crawled into my bed and slept, which made Mom happy as she managed to take an afternoon nap till I woke her up to potty.

A quick bark was necessary as without it I do not feel I have been down to the Bay. See the video below.

On Valentines Day we went to a Valentines Party, it was lots of fun for Mom and I am happy she enjoyed herself as I just slept BOL in my stroller comfortably although I did not get lots of treats as always. Mom won a Trivia game and came home with a 2lb bag of her favorite coffee so she is really happy. There was lots of food, candies and people and of course lots of laughter, which Mom says is important as it is the best medicine as we forget our worries when laughing. It was pouring when we left but I wanted to walk or, as Mom says swim, so we took the bus home, got off one stop after ours and swam home. We got really wet but it was great walking although I do not like the rain that much. When we got home Mom walked Gidget, then dried us all off and we all relaxed happily.

I got two roses at the party, aren’t they pretty

So as you can all read, life is busy in our neighborhood, never a dull moment and although we are tired this weekend and relieved it is weekend, I am hoping I can go to my lawn for a bark, although Mom has already told me they are expecting major storms and lots of rain so I think we are going to be stuck inside. To keep me happy Mom has made me my favorite dehydrated fish treats for my snuffle toys so I will be occupied. You can see videos of me playing with them. The caterpillar one is hard but hey it keeps me busy and finding the treats is the best.

Stay warm and safe everyone, I need my beauty sleep now so am barking to Mom to stop typing, I am the Boss.

With a woof and love from Layla


The Birthday Party is over, and I cannot wait to tell all.

TGIF!! Friday has arrived and as Mom says she needs a break from all to relax and recharge her batteries.

I went last week to the vet for a checkup, day before my birthday party so the party was extra special as we celebrated my health, although the vet found a mass on my side which we going to monitor and I have started kidney disease at my old age so am dehydrated all the time, so drinking lots and making Mom take me out more times to potty including in the middle of the night. Mom says she would rather do that than clean the carpet all the time. BOL. The vet put me on some stuff to drink for the dehydration and it upset my tummy so oy vey Mom had a big mess to clean up, but all is good now.

NOW my birthday party which I have promised everyone I would talk about; it was the BEST ever. We left the house to go to a friend’s house where we were having the party as it was too cold and rainy to do in the park, plus our apartment is much too small for parties. On the way there we stopped at Rescue Row (see photo below) which is a street named for all the Rescue Organizations in the city. There is an amazing Rescue Organization that we stopped at to say hi which is called Muttville Senior Dog Rescue, it is a great very well-organized Rescue Organization and Sherri plus the volunteers are so great.  Mom explained to me that whatever is left of my party we would be dropping off at Muttville for the volunteers and dogs so everyone can have a party. Mom told me that when she was a child her mother used to make their birthday cakes in the shapes of houses, cars, planes, dolls and so much more and at their party they could eat everything but the cake as She would then take us and the cake to the Childrens Ward at one of the hospitals for the children to enjoy. I think that is a wonderful idea as that way everyone celebrates with a yum cake.

Walking to my party


At my birthday party was my favorite people and of course my dog friends, Dash, Storm, and Musik. We all wandered around looking for food and treats of course as that is what a birthday is all about. Carly from Paw Patch Pastries made me this delicious pink bacon flavored cake, it was so so good I am still licking my lips thinking of it although it is finished, grr. We each got a bag of treats to take home with us which were so delicious.

Me and my cake yum

Dash Storm and Me and of course I am sniffing the cake


Layla and Musik

My one Uncle also surprised Mom with the human cupcakes that Mom says were delicious and had happy birthday to me on them, they looked so cute.

The human cupcakes

The human table of goodies with our treat bags, my cake and of course BOL coffee cos Mom needed some

You can see on her website all the yummy cakes and treats, and did you know she ships treats all over the country? And most importantly she bakes for cats also, so they are not left out.

They are so so good yum, I pawsitively approve them, Layla

I was very spoiled and got a new bed from Uncle Ron and a new snuffle caterpillar from Uncle Troy, but as Mom says the funniest part of the birthday party was when I tried digging out the treats from Uncle Troy’s pocket of his jacket which was hanging at the back of the chair and instead BOL started pulling out the roll of poop bags and unraveled most of them, everyone laughed at me but it shows them I am 18 and still can get into mischief.

Pulling poop bags is fun


My new bed and snuffle caterpillar

I needed a nap in the middle of the party it was too much for me, Layla

I wish all of you could have been here to share in the fun, you were all missed but who knows maybe during the year we will have a get together.

I am now off to have my afternoon nap as dictating to Mom is exhausting.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone, be safe and warm

Lots of love from Layla








It is my Birthday so am doing a give away

TGIF!!!! Woof my birthday party day has arrived, I am so excited, but Mom will not tell me what my cake is or anything else, she wants me to have lots of surprises so I will have to have a lazy morning and wait to go to my party. It is not going to be in a park as it is raining nonstop here but somewhere else. I will share more with you next week with all the photos.

Mom wanted to share something with you, I am turning 18 years old, 18 in Hebrew If you look at the alphabet the letters are Chet Yood, which spells LIFE so the number of 18 = LIFE. Isn’t that neat?

As some of you know one of my first presents was a new stroller. It is pawsome, very comfy and the best is I can lie down and sleep in it. Mom loves it also as it has high handle, so she is not bending down to push, it is light weight, two straps to clip me in so I cannot jump out, the bed has sides so if I sit in it and lose my balance I cannot fall, has a basket at the bottom which holds lots of goodies so for her shopping is easy now. Mom got it from the Mr. Peanuts company which has fantastic carry bags for us, backpacks, strollers for two big dogs, and so much more. It is a small family-owned company, they have great customer service and, in a nutshell, if you want to travel check their products out. It also came well packaged so nothing was broken in the box and BOL even Mom could assemble it; it was that easy.

We used it last week when we went to the Shi Tzu meet up at one of Moms favorite parks. It was so easy to maneuver over the lawns it was a life changer and everyone wowed how fantastic it is.


You can read about all their products on this link :

Now  today because it is my birthday, I am doing a give away for the hooman and us dawgs. As you know we are mushroom freaks here BOL as Mom believes they keep us healthy, and as we are both seniors, we need to stay that way. Plus, with cold weather now what could be better than a hot mug of chocolate with mushrooms to keep you healthy, plus a great coffee creamer for your morning coffee and I must not forget the Daily Dawg Mushroom supplement that is in a powder so easy to mix in with your food. It will keep your immune system very healthy and as we say a Healthy Dog is a happy Mom. Please check with your vet of course before trying it.

Mushroom Hot Chocolate with 5 Defenders : Organic Cacao, Organic Coconut Sugar, Organic Cacao Butter, Organic 5 Defenders Extract which consists of RealReishi,

RealMaitake, RealShitake, RealChaga, Himalayan Salt and Organic Vanilla. Yum it is so good and I add it to my coffee.

Functional Dairy Creamer : which has the 5 Defenders Mix in it also.

AND the Daily Dawg: This supplement is an all-in-one natural support for pet longevity and vitality. See the list of ingredients below.

You can read about all their products on this link :

To enter the giveaway please click on the widget below, you must be over 18 years old to enter. This giveaway is for the USA only, good luck.


I was sponsored by receiving the stroller from Mr. Peanuts and the Hot Chocolate, Coffee Creamer and Daily Dawg from Real Mushrooms to do the reviews and giveaway and my review is mine and Layla the official tester on the dog products and I am giving you an honest input on all.

I am now going off to get some beauty sleep so I can look really pretty tomorrow when I see all my friends,

Have a wonderful weekend, please stay warm and safe,

Love Layla





February 2024 Pet Holidays and Observances

February Pets Holidays and Observances


Rolling in my new stroller I got for my birthday



  • Adopt a Rescued Rabbit Month
  • National Pet Dental Month
  • Responsible Pet Owners Month
  • Dog Training Education Month
  • National Cat Health Month
  • Spay/Neuter Awareness Month
  • Humpback Whale Awareness Month
  • International Hoof Care Month
  • National Bird Feeding Month
  • National Wild Bird-Feeding Month
  • Responsible Animal Guardian Month
  • Responsible Pet Owner Month


February 7-14: Have a Heart for Chained Dogs Week

February 11-17: Home for Birds Week

February 18-24: National Justice for Animals Week

February 18 – 24: Bird Health Awareness Week




February 2: Layla’s 18th birthday party

February 2: National Hedgehog Day; Groundhog Day

February 3: Doggy Date Night

February 3: Feed the Birds Day

February 5: Western Monarch Day

February 14: Pet Theft Awareness Day

February14:  Valentine’s Day

February 17: World Pangolin Day

February 17: World Whale Day

February 20: Love Your Pet Day

February 22: Walking the Dog Day

February 22: National Wildlife Day

February 23: National Dog Biscuit Day

February 27: World Spay Day


Wishing everyone a Happy Valentines Day with woof and love from Layla