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TGIF! It has been a busy week, Boss keeping me on my toes as the weather has been fantastic so I cannot complain here. Boss was groomed last week, and she looks so cute, clean, and happy.

I have been following the Ukraine crisis online both on Twitter and Facebook and it is horrific what is going on there. It has brought back so many memories to my days in Israel when I lived through the 1973 Yom Kippur War as a teenager, running every night to the bomb shelter with out little rescued dog, Whiskey, up and down four flights of stairs each time, scary but having faith in the IDF I knew we were safe.

The second time during the Gulf War, when I had 3 cats and every night trying to catch them when a siren went off to get them into the sealed room, put my gas mask on and make sure we were all safe. There were no cell phones then or internet and it was frightening. I lived in Tel Aviv at the time which was hit the most by Scuds although TG there was never Chemical warfare although we had to stay in our sealed room till the okay signal came on and then we could leave.

So, watching the Ukraine Crisis, refugees running with their pets, children and whatever else they can carry breaks my heart as although I went through wars I never had to flee. That is where social media has become such an important tool for everyone.

The Facebook page that is set up to keep people posted as to what is happening with animal shelters there, what they need, the help that is needed, pets getting lost and landing in the streets and so much more.

Below is the link of the Facebook page I am following:

In San Francisco there is a nonprofit called Transform a Street Dog, they rescue strays in Ukraine and bring them to the USA. Below is their link:

How Europe has come together to help everyone just amazes me, countries opening their borders for the refugees, people offering their homes to families and pets, and the list can just go on. What also is so amazing is watching the people with cars or vans or trucks from all over Europe offering services, yesterday I saw how a bus tour company in Ireland has sent three busses to help, and the list can go on.

But in my eyes the true heroes are those that are staying in Ukraine to save the animals in shelters, those going into Ukraine risking their lives to get food to the shelters, to save the pets off the streets, to search for lost pets, these people all deserve medals.  Unfortunately there have been some victims also, those wonderful angels who were delivering food to shelters and were killed, it just broke my heart to read their stories, or the man that refuses to leave his 100 plus dogs in a shelter, and the stories just go on and on.

So how can we help here in the USA. I have spoken to IFAW and they are only taking money donations as shipping is so expensive and slow that the pet product donations will not get there fast enough but they did mention that for every donation we make some of the pet companies are matching the donations. Every penny counts.

So please lets all step up, help where possible, the more we help the less worries for all those risking their lives.

Before I log off I want to point something out to everyone, this is a lesson for us as pets are family and should not be left behind, something that all shelters all over the world should have posters up saying so as this lesson is being taught to us now.

Please be safe, send prayers to Ukraine and all its civilians and animals,

Thanks for helping

With a woof and love from Layla




16 Replies to “Humanity at its best”

    • Michelle it is hard but we need to speak u, show the enemy that we will not give up. I am so inspired by those that are on the ground helping.

  1. Wow, I had no idea what you have gone through many years ago in Israel. I don’t follow the news consistently, however definitely empathize with all people in Ukraine and their pets. Seeing images of people not abandoning their pets warms my heart as many people, unfortunately, do the opposite. Pets are family. I’ll have to follow the Facebook pages you mentioned. And yes, Layla you look great!

    • Kamira thank you for your compliment for Layla, she does look cute. I do not reflect on the past so much as it does not help but by sharing and talking about Ukraine
      makes me feel that they know they are not forgotten and we are standing with them. They are an amazing country and the citizens have shown us how pets are
      family and should be with them not left behind.

  2. I couldn’t agree more about the pets in Ukraine. The innocent ones are always the true victims of war. It’s senseless. I love that you are helping in this way. It’s hard to watch the news. I can’t imagine what’s it’s like for you to watch the news now and relive those days. Be good to yourself. We must all do what we can to help the pets and people of Ukraine. Thanks for sharing these resources. I’m sharing this with my pet parents.

    • Terri thank you for sharing, the more we share the more animals get helped and that is my goal at the moment. It is true it is the innocent that are the true
      victims and we need to stand up and help them.

  3. Having lived through the Irish terrorist attacks in London in the 1970’s I have been close to some of the troubles happening around the world. My Twitter badge is Cats for the Ukraine, as we believe this is so wrong and both people and animals need to be helped. Russia has been unwise and unfair.

    • Marjorie thank you for your twitter badge, we need to show solidarity. Like you, having lived through wars makes us stronger in some ways and Russia is making a big
      mistake and unfortunately the innocent and poor are paying for it.

  4. You look beautiful after your “spa” day, Miss Layla!

    Oh, the news from the Ukraine is just devastating and heartbreaking. I have been sharing some of the stories, of how they carry their pets, some 80-90 lbs and some seniors with leg issues, and they will not leave their furry family members behind. What a lesson for so many who abandon their dogs when they become old or frail or disabled.

    What an amazing people the Ukrainians are. I pray for them and their pets for safety and an end to this horror.

    • Thank you for your compliment and I agree she looks adorable.
      What is happening in Ukraine is horrific and so true we can learn from them that our furry friends are our family and should not be left behind. It is amazing to see how
      animal lovers from all over the world have got together to help and risking their lives in the process.

  5. I cannot imagine what you went through all those years ago. It must bring back some of that fear & sadness. I feel terrible for these poor frightened, confused pets. I’m glad there are heroes who risk their own safety to help them.

    • Cathy I so agree with you they are heroes, it does bring back memories but times have changed and with social media today it is just amazing what can be done

  6. You have been through so much. I think you are a very brave person. Everything going on in Ukraine really is crazy. My heart goes out to the people and pets over there. I’m so glad that there are people brave enough to stand up to the craziness.

    • Robin it is heart breaking what is happening there and I feel so sorry for the animals who do not understand but as you said thank goodness for those that are risking their
      lives to save as many as possible. I have been through much but its made me a stronger person also.

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