Senior Wellness Check Up

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TGIF!!!  The weekend has arrived and that means Mom and Me time, I am so excited.

Last week we went on adventure to Lake Anza. It was a long ride there and of course Mom and Aunt Alice had to stop at their favorite Deli for sandwiches for lunch, but it was worth it. The weather was beautiful and being outdoors near water, although it is covered in poisonous algae but was just so relaxing and best of all I could wander around with being held on a leash. It was so much fun as I had so many new smells to sniff plus leave my mark of course everywhere so other dogs will know I was there.


Mom said she needed the break from computers, noise and so much more and came back with so much more energy. I wish we could do it more often, but I cannot complain as Mom really does try to take me somewhere every week. Thank you Aunt Alice for the awesome day.

Watch my video playing follow my leader, following Aunt Alice over the bridge, I leave the leash on her just in case something spooks her and I can then catch her quicker. I love the way she looks back to make sure I am coming LOL.

Today I had my Senior Wellness Check Up, I hate the vet, they scare me and there are too many other dogs and cats there so the vet tech was so sweet when we arrived there, and after checking in, she let Mom and Me wait in a room for the Vet. I love her vet; she is so thorough and when I leave there I am always relaxed.  Layla has an eye infection, so she told me to make an appointment with the Ophthalmologist which I am at this moment trying to do, she did shave all the hair around her eye so there is nothing irritating it. She has lost a pound, but the vet is not concerned as she is eating well, taking her supplements, and doing her business like clockwork, plus she is full of energy.  We did blood work to check her liver and am now waiting for the results which will take a couple of days.

I am concerned about her eye but will keep putting the drops in it that she has been getting for six months or so till we get to see the Ophthalmologist.  I always say if the Vet is not really concerned then I can stay relaxed.

So that is what is happening in the Layla Neighborhood, our plans this weekend is to go with the flow, weather permitting might go out for an adventure or garden time to visit Uncle.

Our prayers are with the Ukraine animals and people, praying they will be safe,

Stay safe everyone, With a woof and love from, Layla




18 Replies to “Senior Wellness Check Up”

  1. What a beautiful place, it does look so relaxing! Mom takes such amazing care of your health, you are so lucky. And lucky to have such a great vet, our last one was a horror.

  2. That day at the lake sounds like it was a great time! Beautiful area. I hope you do get to go back and enjoy it again. I’m sorry to hear about the eye infection. Sending prayers your way.

  3. Layla, I’m glad you and Mom have been enjoying your adventures around town. That lake Anza is beautiful. I’m happy to hear your vet visit went well too. Spring is almost here. Enjoy!

  4. I’m glad you had such a lovely visit to Lake Anza! Your vet sounds great, and I hope your eye infection clears up soon!

    Our prayers are also with the people and animals of Ukraine.

    • Thanks Beth and the visit to the lake was amazing, I love it there. My vet is great and she is so good with Layla. I am hoping her eye clears up soon also.
      Thank you for praying for Ukraine too, they need all the prays

    • Brian thanks for your blog hop, I love reading about the cats. Lake Anza is magical and I love being outdoors and so does Layla. I am relieved the vet visit is over also and ma less stressed out.

  5. Funy, I was sure I commented on this before. Oh well.

    What a gorgeous vvisit. I can see its a lovely place and what a treat for your mum to relax and hve so much fun!!

  6. I’m glad you and Layla had a fun day at Lake Anza. Those escape days are always good for renewing the soul. I hope Layla’s eye gets better soon. Henry has an eye issue as well. But it started when he was attacked a few years ago. He doesn’t have a tear duct in one eye. Out furry kids do worry us, don’t they? Here’s to a more peaceful and stress-free week.

    • Terri the lake or anywhere outdoors is so good for the soul, I love it. Layla is on the mend with her eye so I am relaxing now and hugs to Henry

  7. An eye infection that lingered for months? Smells fishy–I’d definitely want to see an ophthalmologist. Do they have an idea what infection it is and why it’s not going away? Is it the lid(s) or the eye itself e.g. tear ducts?

    • Jana we went to the ophthalmologist and it is not an infection but dry eye from her cataract which has caused the redness so they have put her on two different for the eye
      and it seems to be a little better. The one drop she will have to get for the rest of her life.

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