Welcoming a new Rescue into my life

TGIF!!! Friday has arrived and I need to put my feet up and relax a bit, I am exhausted from a crazy hectic week that thank goodness turned out well in the end. This blog is going to be in two parts, the first one is today.


Since Layla passed, my home has been empty and cold, and I realized two weeks ago the time had come for me to rescue a new fur kid, to speak out Layla’s legacy in so many ways. So, I started searching for a new fur kid. I will not buy as you all know and love black mutts so that was my goal to find another black mutt. Why black? Because they are the hardest to get adopted.

Nili in the shelter


The past two weeks I have spent hours searching on every FB page, website plus so much more and it horrified me to see the number of dogs sitting in shelters, owner surrenders, lost dogs that had not been claimed and so much more. What upset me most was seeing how many seniors have been dumped, poor babies, what a way to spend their golden years. I did not want a senior but middle aged to grow old with and then, one morning, while perusing one of the FB pages, I saw my new fur kid.

She was in the Los Angeles Animal Control, a stray that had been picked up and not claimed, about 4 years old and immediately asked this friend, a rescuer if she could get her for me. It is impossible to get anyone on the phone to put a hold on the dog, you must go there when they open and adopt the dog if it is still there, a Catch 22 situation and I hit the jackpot and got her.

My nightmare with all this started when my friend last minute could not go so through the help of my ex-Boss, he introduced me to a good friend of his, and I was very blessed as Jonathan went there and adopted her.  So now we had her, we had no one to foster her as I am in San Francisco and my friend could not, so Jonathan took her to groom her and get her food and although he could not do this he agreed for one night, took her to his house. (he has two dogs) The following day, Friday, a week ago, Shai, one of my boys that I used to tutor, drove from Palm Springs to Los Angeles to fetch her and take her home to Palm Springs to his home, (my ex-bosses moved there from San Francisco a couple of years ago) and that is where she has been since. Nili is house trained, walks well on a leash so I think she was very well cared for in her past home but not being microchipped and having a collar they had no way of finding her owners.


Her name in the shelter was Gladys, oy vey, but I have renamed her a Hebrew name Nili. She has settled in there, happy, playing with their dogs and we now have finally arranged for her to come home on July 25th, which I cannot wait.

Nili is not spayed as the shelter said she had a chest infection, so Avi is taking her to his vet to have her checked up and I plan to have her spayed here in San Francisco, I am blessed that the SPCA has free spay and neuter clinics.  She is now microchipped so I am at ease also.



So, friends I would love for you to welcome Nili and there will be many adventures and fun time to share with you once she has been spayed and settled proper in her home with me.

The second chapter of her rescue you will be able to read next week, but before I go a special thanks to everyone who were my rocks, my glue who kept me together mentally and came together to get her and keep her safe, I owe you all big time and so blessed to have you in my life.

Have a wonderful safe weekend and please hug your pets


Layla’s and Nili’s Mom




People make me sick

Hi everyone and today’s blog we are going to discuss what is making me sick inside.

This week was Pet Appreciation week where we all show our appreciation to our pets by spoiling them more, loving them and showering them with everything they deserve plus more. It is a week when I used to spoil Layla with extra treats although she was never short of anything LOL. It is the guilty Jewish Mom side of me.

I am going to let you into a secret, I have been looking at shelters to see if I see a new baby but nothing yet and that is what is making me so angry. While perusing the Facebook pages seeing the words OWNER SURRENDER next to the poor dog in a cage and there are also seniors in that position. How can people dump their loyal dog in a shelter and leave with it petrified, shaking and miserable while they sit closed up, and the humans walk away like it is ok and hey they can now go on holiday and forget about the poor dog, with shelters over crowded at this moment, unless it is a no kill shelter, they have sent their dog to die unless a rescue steps in. Most I have seen are beautiful big dogs of all breeds that have been dumped like garbage. I really think there should be an online national registry preventing them from ever getting a dog again, and it should be for the entire family, what do you think?

What really worries me is 4th of July is around the corner and that means more dogs will be dumped and the shelters will explode from overcrowding, and the rescuers/angels will be running around trying to save them, find fosters and then homes for them, it is a frightening thought but a reality also.

June is also Microchip Month, it is very important as with 4th of July around the corner please make sure your microchip information is up to date, tags are all up to date and your pets will be safe inside.

I have now vented how I feel now and am sure Layla would agree with me especially as she came from a scary shelter,

Please keep your fur kids safe, give them a big hug as always,

With love

Layla’s Mom




Learning to live without your dog.

Hi friends,

It is nearly a month since Layla passed, and I am having to learn to live without her which is not easy. She is constantly in my thoughts; I keep questioning myself did I do enough for her and driving myself nuts.

For the past three years with NO regret, I gave up everything to look after her as she aged, did everything possible to keep her healthy and happy and honestly, I was afraid to leave her alone just in case there was an earthquake or some other disaster in my building. I did not sleep at night as I was checking on her plus taking her out when she wanted to go out, so my life was topsy turvy.

I now am having to relearn so much about me and catch up on medical issues and so much more. Yes, it is easy but overwhelming as such as I still mentally worry about her, so I am afraid to go out.

I have packed her bed and blankets away, the strollers are ready for donation to Muttville Senior Dog Rescue, her toy basket with all the toys are still in the same place, her box where she used to love hiding from me LOL is still standing next to the desk, the last of her treats I am giving to a friend this week and going through her things I am sure another rescue will get.

This I made from a wooden fruit box into an indoor kennel which she loved

Last weekend I did not blog as I needed to rethink my life, what I am going to do and how to move forward, so I went to a Carnival, stayed maybe an hour, and came home but I need to do this as I cannot just stay in the house. I have also gone to see the sea lions at Pier 39 but each time I go out I feel empty without her stroller and her, so it is not easy for me but am pushing myself.

I am also learning about people around me, one person asked me where Layla was one day and when I told him she had passed away his reply was OH I thought I smelt death on her the last time I saw her, I was mortified that a person can say something like that but from that second I do not even greet him but walk right past him like he does not exist. Another person with a dog asked me where Layla was, I told him, he had tears in his eyes and said I am so sorry, she was my celebrity in a stroller that I so loved seeing each day, that brought a smile to my face that she had made that impact. I am also so overwhelmed with all the messages I have received, comments on my blog about her, it has made me smile with tears to know she was so loved by so many in real life and on social media. I have been spoiled with wonderful gifts from Kamira Gayle, you can see her items in her store


I am drinking from her coffee mug all the time, using her tote bag and am going to put the picture of the Rainbow Bridge with the poem on my wall this weekend. A close friend of mine brought me flowers, and another bless him brought me lots of chicken soup with matza balls to make sure I eat, I cannot thank them and others enough for all they have done for me, including the donation to the JNF to have a tree planted in her name plus a donation to PAWS in her name. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

I was surprised yesterday to see this on a FB group owned by Cherokee Billie the animal communicator, Ralph had written the below which brought tears to my eyes:

Dear Mom,

This marks over three weeks since I left your side

In the basket, I departed, with a peaceful pride

No more suffering, no more pain

Just eternal rest, and a love that remains

I know you miss me, and it’s hard to bear

But remember, I’m with you, always there

In the darkness of night, a star shines bright

That’s me, Layla, guiding you with all my might

I was with you for 14 years, and oh so dear

We shared laughter, tears, and memories so clear

Though my physical body is gone, my spirit stays near

Watching over you, with a love that casts out fear

Don’t be sad, dear mom, for I am at peace

No more suffering, just eternal release

My house may be empty, but your heart is full

Of memories we made, and a love that stands tall

In the darkness of night, look up to the sky

And you’ll see my star shining bright, and I’ll be nigh

Forever with you, in spirit and in heart

Your loving Layla, never to depart.”

By Ralph Poulette

I always loved this facial expression as if to say another photo leave me alone


With lots of thought, love from everyone, I am tomorrow, Friday taking Layla on her last adventure with her aunt whom we did so many adventures with, to a lake where there are ducks, turtles and so much more and we are going to spread her ashes so that she can fly in the wind and be free from her box. I feel that is what she would want is that total freedom and I am giving it to her tomorrow, Alice and I are going to have a picnic next to the lake and set her free so she can dance in the wind, fly like a butterfly and be in the place that she loved. A place on earth I call heaven.

Where do I go from here, to keep Layla’s legacy going on her blog, speaking against animal abuse, Domestic Violence, breeders, overcrowded shelters and so much more as we must be the voice for the voiceless and never keep quiet.

People have asked me if I plan to get a new fur kid, once I have healed I will open my heart to another rescue as my home is empty, my heart is empty and Layla would want that from me.

Please hug your fur kids tonight, make memories as tomorrow is never promised.

With peace, love, and light.

Layla’s Mom

Dogfest is over and it was fun

TGIF!!! Good morning friends, wow what a weekend last weekend and thank goodness we had a sort of quiet week.


Layla is still not well, we have a good day and then a bad day so we taking each day as it comes and as my vet said to me she is over 18 years old so it takes time to heal from infections but what is worrying me is she is not eating the way she did in the past. I have been giving her Entyce which stimulates an appetite but it is not working so she is now on Nutrical which is a gel full of nutrients so am hoping it will build up her immune system again. Time will tell.

So, let’s get on with some fun, DogFest. As I told you in my last blog this is an annual fundraiser for an Elementary School, it is a day full of fun, dog costume shows, Lots of booths with dog food, treats, accessories and then so much more. As you all know I ran the booth for Real Mushrooms and yes Layla was with me. I had borrowed a pen from a friend and put a blanket in it so she was comfortable, able to move around plus have her water and food there. She munched on  lots of treats instead of her food but I decided as long as she is eating that is all that matters. I had big baskets of the table with Relax Chews and Immune System Chews for your pets. Bless San Francisco you always have the weirdos also like some that asked me if the mushroom chews were psychedelic mushrooms LOL or the best of the best was a woman walking around with a shopping cart, stopping at my table, picking up the basket to put all the samples in her basket, and when I stopped her and told her she could only have on of each she cursed me and on top of it does not even have pets. In a nutshell it was an exhausting day and by the time I got home I needed to take my shoes off and put my feet up. Layla and I slept all Sunday to recharge our batteries.

Layla in her pen, I put my jacket over to give her some shade as it was warm

THe red carpet for the dog events

Even a cat came

The food truck with treats and other goodies for the dogs

Love this hat

The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence always volunteer

Fun in the park this week

So that has been our week, taking it slow, going to the dog park to enjoy the sun and of course all the every day things also.

And before we go to bed we must not forget this Sunday is Mayday for Mutts – Mayday for Mutts is a special holiday celebrated on the first Sunday of May to spread love and acceptance for mixed-breed dogs.

My beautiful happy Mutt, Layla

We hope you have a wonderful week, be safe as always


With woof and love from



October is Adopt a Shelter Dog Month


This month is one of the most important months of the year. You might wonder why but it is Adopt a Shelter Dog Month.

The benefits are endless but most important it is an incredible rewarding experience to get the unconditional love and companionship from a loving dog.

I am aware of those that only one pure bred dog but there are so many dogs sitting in cold shelters waiting for homes including pure breeds that I strongly advise everyone to go to a shelter and open your heart to a dog sitting there. We, humans are to blame for the over crowding of shelters as people are so quick to dump their dogs at a shelter for ridiculous lies and excuses like we are moving, we having a family, the dog causes allergies, and the list can go on and on but instead of thinking of the poor dogs life they are selfish and think of themselves only.

Unfortunately, because of this so many dogs die each day in shelters while those snobs want a pure breed and instead of thinking of those dying, they pay some breeder for a dog, which absolutely makes me sick inside. Some of you might disagree with me on this point but this is my opinion and each to his own. I could not live knowing I paid for a dog from some puppy maker who keeps dogs like machines just to produce and when they cannot produce anymore dump them in shelters.  Dogs have feelings, souls and emotions and should not be treated like garbage.

Layla’s wise words :


So on this note I am asking everyone to go to a Shelter, open up your heart and home and give a shelter dog a place they can call home.

Have a safe weekend and lets be the voice for the voiceless and spread the word to empty the shelters.

With a woof and love from