People make me sick

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Hi everyone and today’s blog we are going to discuss what is making me sick inside.

This week was Pet Appreciation week where we all show our appreciation to our pets by spoiling them more, loving them and showering them with everything they deserve plus more. It is a week when I used to spoil Layla with extra treats although she was never short of anything LOL. It is the guilty Jewish Mom side of me.

I am going to let you into a secret, I have been looking at shelters to see if I see a new baby but nothing yet and that is what is making me so angry. While perusing the Facebook pages seeing the words OWNER SURRENDER next to the poor dog in a cage and there are also seniors in that position. How can people dump their loyal dog in a shelter and leave with it petrified, shaking and miserable while they sit closed up, and the humans walk away like it is ok and hey they can now go on holiday and forget about the poor dog, with shelters over crowded at this moment, unless it is a no kill shelter, they have sent their dog to die unless a rescue steps in. Most I have seen are beautiful big dogs of all breeds that have been dumped like garbage. I really think there should be an online national registry preventing them from ever getting a dog again, and it should be for the entire family, what do you think?

What really worries me is 4th of July is around the corner and that means more dogs will be dumped and the shelters will explode from overcrowding, and the rescuers/angels will be running around trying to save them, find fosters and then homes for them, it is a frightening thought but a reality also.

June is also Microchip Month, it is very important as with 4th of July around the corner please make sure your microchip information is up to date, tags are all up to date and your pets will be safe inside.

I have now vented how I feel now and am sure Layla would agree with me especially as she came from a scary shelter,

Please keep your fur kids safe, give them a big hug as always,

With love

Layla’s Mom




16 Replies to “People make me sick”

  1. I have a hard time judging people who make the decision to surrender. There are reasons people have to make that choice. And a rule preventing people from ever getting another pet will lead to people abandoning their pets to the wild. We might reduce owner surrenders but we’d end up with strays instead which isn’t better for the animals.

    • Emilia I understand your point but when you see the amount of Owner Surrender dogs in shelters there is no excuse also and I do firmly believe there should be a registry same as I believe in shutting down puppy mills and backyard breeders.

  2. Yes, it’s the same with cats and I don’t know how someone could surrender a family member either. Worse yet, some of our kitties were left behind when their people up and moved and left them. Disgusting people.

    • Terry I cannot understand people that do it and like you said leaving their cats behind and move, they are not humans and I would not let them near children as I do not know how they would react. Have a safe weekend

  3. I have a very hard time with owner surrender, dumping pets, moving and can’t take the pet, or just leaving the pet tied up at their old home, leaving in their former home or just turning it loose. I am so sick of seeing pets being dumped, owner surrenders, of Nextdoor. Baby kittens because they did not spay the mom. The local shelter is so overloaded with dogs, they may have to start euthanized again which they have not done in 8 yrs. Many pets adopted during the pandemic were returned/owner surrenders because they had to gobavk to work. They did not socialize their pets. There is an enormous place in Hell fir these people.

  4. I am horrified at the number of people who walk away and dump a pet. Only a very limited number of those people are ‘in extremis’ and unable to care for them. Most people just don’t care as they put themselves first.

    We do not have a 4th of July event but we have fireworks and callous dumpers too. We need to lead from the front and show our own compassion as an example.

    • Marjorie you are so right, we need to speak out and open the eyes to those that dump their pets, hopefully it will help as the shelters are bursting at the seams here and rescuers are doing their best to save them all

  5. Sadly there are some cases where I understand how the animal got dumped, but obviously don’t condone it. I’ve seen plenty of cases where the person died and no one wanted the dog (or whatever animal), or for whatever life reason they felt they had no choice. Most of the time it’s because people are stupid or unfeeling, treating an animal no better than a sweater they were bored of. I’m going to stop now because once I jump on my soapbox about this topic, I won’t get off.

    • I condone it as I feel if family member left you in charge of their pet you should respect it or try find another home but not dump in a shelter. I am so sick of people going on holiday and dumping their pets in shelters like garbage. I understand you and your soap box as I feel the same

  6. I couldn’t agree with you more. BRAVO!!! Thank you for putting this in writing. It’s disgusting how pets are tossed out like a used piece of gum and a new, young one picked up. I wish that could be reversed and the people have to spend time in a cage, shaking, scared, uncertain of what’s happening or will happen. Maybe then this cruel epidemic of discarding pets like trash would stop. I LOVE your idea about a registry for those who have dumped their pets so they never get another. Hey, it’s election season. I may suggest that to my senators. Heck, you never know what will happen until it’s explored. Super article! Sending you big hugs that you’ll find your next love soon!

    • Terri I will not keep quiet and if people do not want to talk to me because of it so be it, pets are not garbage and I am tired of listening to their excuses why they had to get rid of their pet, they do not do it to their kids. You right it is election time and time they do put a registry together, that will help the situation hopefully. Big hugs to you and Henry as always and hopefully I will find a new baby soon

  7. I agree! Animals are living creatures not objects. Decisions about them should not be made because of convenience. I see it all the time in our area too. Dogs dumped and left to suffer and starve, makes me so sad

    • Tiffany thank you for agreeing with me, it is so sad to see how animals are treated, they are living beings with souls and emotions and should not be treated like garbage, dumped for the human convenience

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