Carrying on her legacy

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Woof hello friends,

Two weeks ago, I took Layla for her last adventure to spread her ashes in a place that she loved to go to in her younger years, where she wandered around, sniffing all the smells and barking at the ducks in the lake.

I went with Alice, one of my closest friends who we used to do adventures with, visiting the different lakes in the Bay Area, so this was the last adventure for the three of us, we sat at the lake with a picnic and then I went towards the lake and spread her ashes. It was hard, sad but I knew in my heart it was the best thing to do as she is now back in nature, barking at the ducks and turtles and at peace, not as I felt stuck in a box on my shelf. Pine Lake in Stern Grove for me is like heaven, just beautiful, natural and quiet which is what I wanted for her. However hard it was for me, I am now finally at peace, moving forward with a more positive attitude and finally taking care of me.

Pine Lake

The Duck welcoming Layla

I have been going out more, lunch with friends, a jazz concert in a park, and much more but I must admit I find it hard without pushing her in the stroller which is something I am slowly getting used to. Her strollers I have donated to Muttville Senior Dog Rescue and her other things I am going through slowly at my own pace.

As I vowed, I would do is carry on her legacy and this week I am going to talk about fireworks, as the 4th of July is around the corner. I personally hate fireworks and feel the money could be given to nonprofit organizations who are struggling, rescue organizations and so much more instead of burning the money.

The fireworks scare the wild animals that many flee in fear and get injured or killed by cars, our pets who sit in our houses shivering from fear, the Vets that suffer from PTSD and so many more.

I think it is unfair to all those that are afraid and disrespectful especially when you live in a city and people  just stand in the streets shooting them off and our apartments are shaking from all the noise. I used to have my TV on the Jazz Station loud during the night to disguise the bangs as much as possible, I would make Layla a bed in the shower with her water, toys and food and put her in there where she felt safe and secure, cover her with a blanket and let her stay there all night with me checking on her every 30 minutes.  What I did give her was the Relax Calming Chews from Real Mushrooms which helped a lot and actually once calm she would fall asleep and sleep through it all, these chews were a blessing in disguise as they kept her calm and relaxed especially as she got older.

So to help other pet parents we are doing a give away for a bottle of  chews to help your pet. They are for both cats and dogs so everyone can enter to ease the stress and anxiety from the fireworks.

What are they :

I have been sponsored by Real Mushrooms for this giveaway.

You can read more about them on their website where you have a 10% discount with coupon LaylasWoof.

To enter go to the link below and fill in all that is asked from you.


This Giveaway is for the USA only and you must be over 18 years old to enter.


Good luck to everyone, you enter you will have a calm pet in the house.


With a woof and love

From Layla’s Mom





24 Replies to “Carrying on her legacy”

    • Brian I so worry about feral cats as they do suffer from the fear and it is time people start realizing the fear they are putting into the animals, it is no fun and a waste of money that could be used for better causes. Take care and be safe

  1. You are doing do well, I wish I was hanging the passing of Harley as well. I hate fireworks. I think they should be outlawed for everyone. I feel that only state, local abd federal govt should be able to have the fireworks celebrations. None by people at home. I live in fear every year that my neighbors are going to start a fire in the woods. I am surrounded by woods.

    • Sandy I am taking each day as it comes and at peace she is not suffering anymore which is so important. I agree with you fireworks should be outlawed especially for private people as it is such a fire hazard

  2. Evie and Harley did not like Fireworks but did not really bother Tressa. Tressa would just bark at the noise. She barks when she hears something outside, but now she is deaf.

  3. The lake looks so lovely and peaceful, it makes sense for Layla to be there. As far as fireworks go, I agree. One day is bad enough, but unfortunately many people start lighting fireworks days before and continue long after.

    • Hindy I love that place where I spread her ashes, it is just beautiful and peaceful. As for the fireworks, it is a nightmare and I hate them and they have been going off already which is driving me crazy.

  4. I’m not a fan of fireworks either. Wish there were more restrictions like only on certain days and between different times. That way even though there’s still a negative impact, it would be smaller and those who suffer could have a chance to bunker down and prepare without being blindsided.

    • Tiffany I so agree with you as it drives me nuts the noise from them all night every day before a holiday which I think is so disrespectful. Stay safe

  5. I’m so glad you told me about these mushroom-calming treats. They really do work! I was just thinking and dreading the fireworks coming in a couple of weeks. I told a friend of mine how pleased I was to have these calm treats for Henry and how well they work. I’m very grateful for you sharing this information. I’m planning on giving Henry these calm treats on July 4th and putting his heartbeat doggy next to him to keep him calm. It worked beautifully at New Year’s. I LOVE that you’re doing a giveaway! Such a great idea!

    I completely agree with you about fireworks. I hate them. I think communities should only do a drone show, which is more environmentally friendly and can be used with new shows year after year. It’s a better way to celebrate than to burn up money and scare all the animals and many people with PTSD. Maybe one day this will be the way and then all the savings can be donated to local animal shelters.

    Sending you lots of hugs as you continue to carry on Layla’s legacy. I can’t wait to see what happens next in your world…or should I say what Layla directs to you.

    • Terri I am so happy the relaxing mushrooms are working for Henry he deserves to be calm with the awful fireworks going off and I hope you have entered the giveaway. I hate the fireworks and wish they would ban them altogether as they are so dangerous and a waste of money and like you said that money could go to local animal shelters instead. Please tell your friends about the giveaway so everyone can enter. Thank you

      Sending you lots of hugs and Layla will continue her legacy of speaking out as we need to and she is still bossing me around. Take care

  6. The spot you chose for Layla’s final resting place is beautiful.

    I have mixed feelings about fireworks. They used to scare Treeno before he went deaf. I hate the stuff my neighbors shoot off. They just make pointless noise. I like the municipal ones though with the pretty lights, especially the ones out over the lake. A friend has a boat and it’s fun to literally watch from the water. I never left Treeno, but now that he’s not bugged I sometimes go. Wish I could try those treats for Ryder when we travel but I know he wouldn’t eat them. He doesn’t like treats.

    • Thank you and I love the place also, it is so peaceful there.
      As for the fireworks I do not like displays either as I always think of the money being wasted that could be used for better things. I am sorry Treeno is deaf but I am sure you are more relaxed now as he is not stressed. I suggest you enter the giveaway and that way you can try them with Ryher as they are really good and Layla being a picky eater ate them happily. Good luck if you do

  7. I’m so sorry to hear that Layla has passed, she was a wonderful girl. I’m glad you’ve had that special moment to honor her and found a way to help comfort other pets with 4th of July around the corner. We’ll be thinking of you as we cozy up and try to keep our cool!

    • Lindsay thank you for your kind words, I am having good days and bad days but in my heart I know she is at peace. Please stay safe over the 4th of July and keeping your cool is the best idea, take care

  8. Sweet Miss Layla would be so proud of her momma! *Is* proud of you – for keeping her legacy going. I love the new graphic, too. Such a wonderful tribute to Layla. I know those first few weeks of doing things without hard is so hard. I’m sure many Layla Lovers miss seeing her with you in her stroller, too. She is always with you, and Layla’s Legacy Woof is a wonderful way to carry that on. And talking about the 4th fireworks is a great place to start. Sending you big, big hugs. xo

    • Dorothy thank you so much for your confidence in me, pushing me forward during this hard time, you have been my rock in so many ways. Yes her legacy will carry on as there are so many animals that need her voice and we must not be quiet. As for the fireworks, the nightmare, I worry every time about the poor animals that are spooked because of our inconsideration. I love the graphic as it is so her, smiling at all of us like she always did and that is so important for me to remember that smile. Happy 4th of July and please be safe

  9. Once again, 4th of July is here to torment our pets. And so many pets will get lost and end up in shelters after the holiday weekend. Perfect giveaway for 4th of July.

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