Happy Pride and 4th of July

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Good morning, everyone,

For those celebrating Happy Pride, we hope you have a wonderful safe weekend with lots of fun.

I am slowly getting used to not having Layla by my side to celebrate as she always came to all the events with me, it is not easy, and I am shedding tears here and there, but I know she would want me to go out and enjoy myself. San Francisco is all colorful with the Rainbow Flags everywhere, people are already dressed up in rainbows plus so much more and the atmosphere is wonderful. We are putting it all aside and enjoying this weekend with so much happening.

The Pink Triangle is up in its usual place, and for those that do not know, during the Holocaust the Gays had to wear a pink triangle to show they were gay and many were sent to the gas chambers so this triangle symbolizes the hatred and reminds us that WE MUST NOT FORGET, NEVER AGAIN.


Last week I went to a Pride Party and cried as Layla was with me last year, I called her my mini dyke LOL, and today I am doing a double decker bus tour of the LGBT history of San Francisco which I am really excited to do. It is organized by the Perpetual Sisters of Indulgence which is an amazing non-profit organization that helps LGBT youth and others who are homeless get on their feet, which I think is fantastic.  They are all drag queens.

The Sign announcing the Bus Tour

Sister Roma

I am taking a rest for the rest of the weekend, it is too much for an old lady like me LOL.

Layla sitting on a bike at the Dyke March a couple of years ago

Waiting for the Dyke March to start, another memory of her


With all the events going on we must not forget what is happening next week, as that is so important. The 4th of July is around the corner and that means the nightmare starts for our fur kids. The fireworks grrr. I hate them. Please make sure your fur kids are safe in the house, tags are up to date, microchip is up to date and most of all they are safe inside. Shelters unfortunately will be filling up with strays who have fled from fear and if your pet does not have the correct information on them, they will never be able to get home. I am listing below what I used to do with Layla plus the 4th of July hazards to keep them safe and healthy when you are celebrating.


Please keep them safe

Happy Pride to those that celebrate, and we are blessed we can celebrate in this country and are not persecuted like in some other countries PLUS have a happy safe 4th of July to all and enjoy your long weekend.

One of my favorite memories of Layla


With love from angel Layla and Me







14 Replies to “Happy Pride and 4th of July”

    • Terry Happy 4th of July to you too and please be safe. Thank you as always for your Thankful Thursday Blog Hop which is always appreciated.

  1. I love all the beautiful photos of Layla, she really loved to pawty! Such a blessing. I know you are going through a difficult transition not having your beautiful Princess Layla by your side. Sending you hugs and prayers for strength to get through this time. I never heard about the pink triangle – how ghastly! Just when you think you’ve heard all the horror that happened during that tragic time, you hear something else that makes you sick to your stomach. Enjoy the Pride weekend. May there be Peace and Love to all.

    • Thank you so much and she was a special girl who was the main focus of my life, she kept me going and smiling and is missed daily big time. The Pink Triangle is so important to be mentioned as with all the fun and festivities we must not forget also those that were and are persecuted to this day for being gay. Have a wonderful weekend and be safe.

  2. Excellent and essential tips. We all need reminding about the dangers of fireworks and loud noises and how vital pet safety is!!

    I love that last picture of Layla celebrating she looks so happy!

    • Marjorie thank you for your input as it is so important to remind people about the danger of fireworks. Thank you also for your compliment on her photograph as coming from you really means a lot to me, have a great weekend

  3. I love the pictures of Layla, and appreciate you sharing such special moments with us. I know they must be such a great source of comfort as you look back at all the fun you had together. Thanks for sharing those safety tips so everyone can enjoy a happy 4th!

    • Hindy I want to cry from those wonderful memories but was so blessed to have them also, she was a special girl. The safety tips are so important as unfortunately we need to remind people before it is too late and then their holiday is spoiled. Take care

  4. Happy Pride and 4th of July! I’m so excited about winning your mushroom contest! We are staying inside with feels like temps at 108+. Too old for that kind of heat.

    • Thanks MK and I am so happy Pierre won the relaxing treats, it will make your life so much easier also and less stressful. I am happy you are staying inside especially because of the heat and understand you, I am too old for it also LOL

  5. Your new banner is perfect! Layla was so cute with her bandana and patriot ears. I know she’s still guiding you. I’m so glad you posted about the weekend safety. That’s so important and many people take it for granted. I hope more people will recognize their fur kids’ well-being this year and do the right thing. Your photos of the Pride parade are so cute with Layla waiting. Such a cutie! Please continue to share all your wonderful photos and memories. I know I love seeing them. Take care of yourself!

    • Terri thank you as always for your support and I love sharing her memories as they make me smile. It is so important to remind people about the 4th of July hazards and how to keep their pets safe to avoid them getting lost or injured. I really wish people would realize the dangers and do everything to avoid them.
      Thanks for your compliment on our new banner, I love it also, she looks so happy with her wings

  6. Happy Fourth! I hope you enjoyed your time at the Pride Party. I know how much you missed having your beautiful sweet Miss Layla with you. My goodness, I adore that photo of her all decked by someone “not Mom!” That is a framer for sure. xo

    • Thanks Dorothy and I must admit that is one of my favorite photos of her, all smiling and happy. I had a wonderful time celebrating Pride although she was missed big time but then that is something I need to get used to. I hope you had a great 4th of July xxx

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