October is Adopt a Shelter Dog Month

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This month is one of the most important months of the year. You might wonder why but it is Adopt a Shelter Dog Month.

The benefits are endless but most important it is an incredible rewarding experience to get the unconditional love and companionship from a loving dog.

I am aware of those that only one pure bred dog but there are so many dogs sitting in cold shelters waiting for homes including pure breeds that I strongly advise everyone to go to a shelter and open your heart to a dog sitting there. We, humans are to blame for the over crowding of shelters as people are so quick to dump their dogs at a shelter for ridiculous lies and excuses like we are moving, we having a family, the dog causes allergies, and the list can go on and on but instead of thinking of the poor dogs life they are selfish and think of themselves only.

Unfortunately, because of this so many dogs die each day in shelters while those snobs want a pure breed and instead of thinking of those dying, they pay some breeder for a dog, which absolutely makes me sick inside. Some of you might disagree with me on this point but this is my opinion and each to his own. I could not live knowing I paid for a dog from some puppy maker who keeps dogs like machines just to produce and when they cannot produce anymore dump them in shelters.  Dogs have feelings, souls and emotions and should not be treated like garbage.

Layla’s wise words :


So on this note I am asking everyone to go to a Shelter, open up your heart and home and give a shelter dog a place they can call home.

Have a safe weekend and lets be the voice for the voiceless and spread the word to empty the shelters.

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14 Replies to “October is Adopt a Shelter Dog Month”

  1. Shelter adoptions are the best and we hope one of these days the shelters will be empty and happy homes will be everywhere. Thanks for joining our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  2. Ditto what Brian said. If people only cherished the dogs as much as they do their Stuff? They would learn fast not to tamper with a dog’s deep and loving soul.

  3. Shelter pets are the best! They know they’ve been rescued. My pup is a rescue. Or shall I say, he has rescued me because as everyone who’s adopted a dog or pet knows, they’re the ones who are rescued.

  4. It is essential we spotlight rescue pets.

    I was amazed to discover there are pedigree rescue cat rescues for Persians and Siamese, can you believe it? Shelter pets need to be adopted much more often. America has an unbelievably large number of kill shelters which is horrific. Where is the comassion there?

    • Marjorie I was also surprised to read about pedigree rescues but am relieved there are so that the pets can be saved. As for the USA and high kill
      shelters it is horrific what is going on here and rescues are overloaded trying to save all the animals.

  5. Love your message, Layla. Those videos of you talking I have totally been enjoying.

    Shelter pets are pretty amazing. People can find full blooded breeds there as well as mixed breeds. Some of the most wonderful pets I’ve had have been adopted. Maybe one day our shelters will all be empty because they all have forever homes.

    • I love that talking program and am having so much fun with it LOL. My prayer is that shelters will empty and all pets will have safe happy homes also and that is why
      we need to speak out for them

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