Booo Halloween has arrived

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Good morning, friends,


Halloween has arrived and that means lots going on and lots of yummy treats.


Last Sunday we went with Aunt Laura and Coco and Thomas to a Halloween event which was organized by a vet clinic called Dr. Treats, yes can you believe a name like that BOL. It was a parade on Union Street in San Francisco and all the stores along the way gave us treats so it was a yum parade and Mom found two new doggy treat stores which I hope she will take me back to as I need to try everything.


I am riding Dr Treats car vroom in my costume


Mom insulted me with my costume although everyone loved it, you can see my thoughts about it on the video below.

This Sunday we are doing two events, yes I did say two events, one with Aunt Melinda and the other with Aunt Laura and Coco and Thomas, it is going to be so much fun and the best of all is Mom has to push me in my stroller BOL and work off all the treats so she does not get fat.

So, I am happy to say that events are slowly starting to happen in San Francisco again woof and that is so exciting as it means going different places every weekend.

On a serious note, we must not forget :

Black Cats

Halloween season seems to spark violence against cats in general black cats, and therefore many shelters do not allow the adoption of black cats. Sadly, this does not protect cats that are normally outside from would-be sadists and other miscreants at Halloween-time. So please help keeping all cats especially black ones safe, whether feral or domesticated, they deserve to live a safe life like us all.

Also here is a list of hazards for us pets that we need to keep an eye out so that we can be safe :


On this note, have a Happy Halloween everyone, be safe, enjoy and do not eat too many sweet candies HA.

Now I have spoken, warned all my fur friends about the dangers, am off to sleep.

Woof with love from Layla






12 Replies to “Booo Halloween has arrived”

  1. We avoid all the Halloween stuff. The decorations leading up to this weekend are fun to see but we don’t like the kids out and about and all the weird stuff that goes on. Thankfully, we have sniffing all weekend, so we will be busy and Halloween night, we will hang out in a room and watch TV, leaving the rest of the house dark so we don’t have to deal with non stop kids at the door. Happy Howloween weekend!

    • Happy Halloween and we did two fun events yesterday but living in a building with security no one can come knocking on the door phew, so it will be quiet here tonight, Happy Halloween

  2. Sounds like you’ve sure been busy sweet Layla. We have several black cats outside and we’ll protect them, but we always do. Thanks for joining our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

    • Brian thank you for protecting them, it is so sad that we have to do that, yes we will be busy and exhausted LOL, thank you for the Thankful Thursday Hop as always,
      Happy Halloween

  3. It sounds like you have a very busy few weeks. I have to agree with Layla, a crown would suit her better. 😉 I’m glad you had such a lovely time at the Dr. Treats event.

    I had a couple of black cats and they were the best! Your Halloween pet safety tips are a great reminder. I’m sharing with all my pet parents.

    Happy Halloween to you and Layla!

    • Terri we had a wonderful time and exhausted now from all the events LOL. I love black cats and it is so sad that people abuse them because of their color. Thank you
      for sharing as always, Happy Halloween

  4. Oh, Miss Layla, your videos are the cutest! Talk about out of the mouth of…pups! But, you did really look adorable in your costume! You and your mom always have such wonderful adventures together and I hope you both had a safe and Happy Howl-o-ween! PS – A vet named Dr. Treats? How wonderful!

    • Dorothy we had so much fun at Halloween, we went to two events, exhausting but would not give up on them either. I try on weekends to do something different
      as it is good to get out of the house, I chuckled over the vets name also LOL. I am so happy you are enjoying our videos, have a wonderful weekend

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