I Now Pronounce You a Healthy Senior Dog

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TGIF!!! Woof to all my friends, it has been a busy week here.

Mom is running around doing errands, I am going with her most of the time so her back is sore today from pushing the stroller BOL and of course picking me up and down each time I want to walk. She is moaning a bit but also happy that I am happy and wanting to walk.

We have spent time in the park also which was fun and last Sunday we spent time there with my favorite Aunt and her two rescued dogs, Thomas and Coco so we called it a rescue meet up with of course lots of treats yumm and the sun was shining so it was extra special.


Yesterday I went to the vet grrrr which I do not like but as Mom explained the vet needs to check me to make sure I am healthy.

A sign in the vets clinic which I love as they are my heroes

The verdict: I am a perfect weight, walking beautifully for my age, cannot see but that is not news and the main issue I have at the moment is Sundowners which Mom is learning to control. It starts at about 5 in the evening when I start barking like crazy which drives Mom crazy so she has started giving me a calming supplement which does slowly relax me and then she gives me more before sleep and guess what? I am sleeping through the night so we are all getting good sleep now.

So when we were leaving the vet she said to me : I now pronounce you a healthy senior dog, which made Mom smile and sigh for relief.

As I have done in the past am going to share here again what I am giving Layla to keep her healthy.

  1. Home cooked food: Steamed chicken, ground turkey, blueberries and Mom puts apple cider in the water also which has many benefits like improving digestion, helps stop itchy skin and paws also. It must be working as I have not itched in a long long time. There are many other benefits also but we are talking about the two important ones for us.
  2. Dr Harvey’s Raw Vibrance which makes my meals very balanced with all the nutrients I need plus his Kidney Health.


  1. My magic mushrooms as Mom calls them from Real Mushrooms: Lions Mane which helps with my brain function and 5 Defenders which is a mix of 5 mushrooms which help to keep me healthy. Coupon LaylasWoof


  1. Vetericyn All In Senior Supplement which supports my bones, healthy energy levels plus has a calming supplement in it which keeps me calm.


  1. For treats in her snuffle ball I give her the freeze dried kibbles/treats from Raw Paws Pet Food which she loves. Coupon Layla. They have for cats and dogs.


Another item I am researching now is a calming bed for her to keep her calm and relaxed.

You can find other links on our blog under links and affiliates tab.


I hope by sharing with all of you it will give you an idea of now to keep your dog happy and healthy as they age and you will try these supplements also which are all approved by Layla.

Just lil old me

Have a wonderful weekend and as always be safe

With a woof and love from Layla






12 Replies to “I Now Pronounce You a Healthy Senior Dog”

  1. Your Mom is doing such a terrific job keeping you healthy sweet Layla. Yes, going to the Vet isn’t fun but we just gotta do it. Thanks for joining our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  2. Congratulations on the great health report. I know I always get a bit nervous until I get that final report. Thank you also for sharing all of what you give Layla. I’m looking at each and will place an order in the next day or so. Try to get some rest, it sounds like you need it (Layla let your mom get some rest) and enjoy that wonderful healthy report!

    • Terri I know how you feel I am always nervous also but getting good report makes me happy and my vet adores Layla. The mushroom supplements are amazing and a must
      buy for Henry as it will help him so much. I am planning to relax and rest tomorrow for definite. Have a wonderful Sunday also

  3. You are certainly well looked after (which sounds so much better than spoiled LOL!) I know I could not cook fresh food for eight cats every day so you are very lucky!!

    • Yes she is a lucky girl but the healthiest way to stay healthy is with home cooked food, even for myself and I agree for 8 cats it would be time consuming and hard

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