Spring has arrived

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Let’s roll and get stinky

Good Morning Friends,
It is the last Wednesday of April WOW and Spring has arrived. As they say out with the old in with the new, so with Spring arriving we have finally updated our blog.
With Spring comes the famous nightmare that I am sure a lot of us are complaining about, allergies. Eyes are watering, itching all over, sneezing and the list can go on. So what are we going to do about them this year.
Most of you know I do not believe in medications especially as Layla is allergic to Benadryl so am always looking for new solutions, something that will keep her calm and relaxed.
So was sniffing around the internet doing my nosework and found this fantastic product which I am really in love with. Having tried it on Layla a couple of days especially after her rolling in the grass,  I have found it relaxes her, she is hardly scratching and best of all it has no chemicals and smells wonderful.
What is it : Allergy Relief Soothing Balm for Dogs made by A Passion fur Paws. It has only 4 ingredients which is awesome and they are : Coconut Oil, Organic Essential Oils of lavender, lemon and peppermint.  It is easy to rub on and I have found that even with Layla’s fur which sometimes gets matted from Balms this one is working wonders. I am rubbing it on her paws, the tips of her ears and her back when I see her scratch.
Plus when I spread it on her it softens my hands at the same time LOL.
While reading through the website I decided to look at the treats as no dog has enough treats LOL and found Chicken Jerky wrapped with bacon. OMD Layla is in seventh heaven and loves them. A must in the house is what I can say. Made in the USA so perfectly safe.
Another thing that I really loved about this company is that they have amazing details about their products, the ingredients and precautions so you do not have to go searching on the internet with questions, it is all under one roof.You can find more information about them on their website :
We did get the Balm and Treats to try for the review and Layla has now put the treats on her wish list to get some more.
Layla is pawing me to go out, sun is shining so lets go walking so we are going to wander off here for a walk and then maybe to the park,
Have a wonderful day all, thanks for reading our updated platform,
With a woof and love from Layla 

39 Replies to “Spring has arrived”

  1. Wow, I love the new look! That balm sounds like it might be perfect for my dog, Nelly. She has a lot of allergies and summer is really hard on her. I’ll have to look into getting some for her.

  2. You had me at chicken jerky with bacon! Who needs anything else? We love spring, even if it is allergy season but after this past winter, the feel of the grass in our toes is exactly what we all need. 🙂

    • LOL Layla also feels the same about chicken jerky with bacon and it is wonderful. I agree it is great it is spring and the cold is behind us.

  3. Love the new look!! Oh Layla good to know I’m not alone. I have allergies too. Glad this balm seems to be a good option for you. Nice! Happy Spring!

  4. Your new layout is fantastic! Can you believe it’s the last Wednesday in April? The month has gone so fast. Thanks for sharing the info on the balm, it sounds like something lots of dog owners can benefit from.

    • Lola thank you for your compliments, I also cannot believe it is the end of April and spring is in the air 🙂 The balm is just fantastic and that is why I wanted all the dog parents to know about it 🙂

  5. New look is great. The balm sounds like a good solution. Spring is our fave time but has only just sprung in Toronto finally so will have to keep an eye on allergies. Kilo the pug would love those treats LOL.

    • Susan thank you so much and yes I am sure Kilo would love them, Layla went crazy over them LOL. Am so happy that Spring has arrived as it means more out doors for all of us

  6. I’m glad you found something that works and you feel good about. So important. Here, spring seems to have been canceled; still ice/snow on the ground and where it did thaw out there is mud. *sigh Cookie isn’t much impressed with that mess.

    • Awww poor Cookie, and hope spring comes soon to you. I like you am always looking for solutions and this is a great one.

    • Jana I am really happy too as I am so trying to stay away from chemicals of any kind. Awww poor Cookie and I think Layla would be mortified from the mud LOL

  7. Sprinter has lasted a long time this year! Sunshine is what we all need to regain our vibrancy. So glad you have found a healthy remedy for your allergies. We really appreciate you for sharing this information.

  8. This sounds like a great product! Fortunately, I do not have to worry about allergies and Buffy is spending less time outdoors with her blindness. We are finally getting some spring days here north of Chicago, but it will still be weeks before I need to mow the lawn – the latest that I can remember!

    • Sandy am sorry about Buffy but it is always good to know about great products. I hope the sun comes to you soon so that you can defrost and mow your lawn

  9. Layla’s banner photo pops! I love your new site design. The Passion Fur Paws balm sounds like a miracle balm. Bernie’s been gnawing on his front paws. Even if it’s not allergies and more anxiety-driven, I think the oils in this balm would help soothe him. I’ll need to give it a try! Thanks for the tip and congratulations on your re-launch!

  10. I definitely agree that essential oils can help tremendously for allergies. In March my allergies were killing me, and not wanting to go through my days feeling like a zombie, I toughed it out. At a dog show, of all places, a lady selling essential oils rubbed a little on my neck – one made for both humans and dogs – and it worked like a charm! I also believe in them for calming dogs down.
    Congrats on the new blog!

    • Amy thank you first of all and I agree there is nothing like the essential oils for both us or our pets when it comes to the allergies and that is why I am talking about it here so people will understand they do not need the chemical medications.

  11. Jack tends to have seasonal allergies, and he scratches like crazy. I’m not wild about drugs either if I can help it, but I admit I do give him Apoquel and it works wonders. I love the sound of this product and will check if it’s available here. I’d like to give it a try and see if it helps. Thanks for sharing!

    • Hindy I used to give Layla Apoquel but what I found was the minute it stopped the itching began again and that is why I was looking for alternatives and this one is the best I have found till now.

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