New Decade New Year

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TGIF !!!! 

We cannot believe it is 2020, a New Year and New Decade and pray that it will be a good year for everyone.

January is very important for me for two reasons, one that I ran from my ex and became a free woman and the other is that I rescued Layla in January, so we celebrate it in many ways. 

Last week to celebrate my freedom, and give Layla an adventure we went to my favorite park here in San Francisco and that is Stern Grove Park. It is far from the noise of traffic, peaceful and what I really love about it is the walk along the park to the end where there is a beautiful lake which had ducks in swimming around. Just sitting there, Layla wandering around and doing nothing but staring at the natural beauty was just what the doctor ordered.

My little heaven as I call it

It was also great to be away from all the sad news all over the world and forget about everything. I would be very happy living somewhere in the middle of a forest with noise just from the trees, water and animals. Not sure about Layla though LOL.

Layla ambling along happy

Otherwise like everyone this week we have been watching the tragedy unfold in Australia with the awful sad fires which I feel should be an eye opener to everyone as to what happens if we do not look after the climate, care for our water as I am seeing the awful drought in South Africa where some areas have not had water for over 5 years, horrific as there too innocent animals are suffering.

I just feel that each time we put on the TV lately there is another disaster somewhere as I said above it is time for us to step back, look at the damage that is being done and fight for a better planet for future generations.
SO what is my New Year Resolution, find ways to save our planet, stop using plastic wherever possible and try turn things around. I know my contribution will be a small drop in the ocean, but if everyone did one drop things could change.

My other resolution is speak out more about abuse, both Domestic Violence or child abuse but most of all animal abuse and this something we all need to speak out about as they do not have voices. It is time to put a stop to it all.

So on this note, having shared my resolution what is yours ? How are you going to help change the world and make it a better place ?

Look after yourselves, let us pray for all the victims from the fires and drought, be safe and have a wonderful weekend,

With a woof and love from Layla

18 Replies to “New Decade New Year”

    • Hi Hi Ava and it is an amazing place – really transquil. Australia needs all the prayers and rain but we all need to start waking up to climate crisis.

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more that the climate crisis has reached a critical mass. It truly boggles my mind that some people deny climate change. I applaud your “one drop” because I also believe that if everyone did a little something, we could achieve great things. One of my goals has me walking 2,020 miles in the year. I’m combining this goal with the #52HikeChallenge, which aims to get people out on the trail at least once a week. I’m going to think about how these two goals could be combined with stewardship for the Earth for my “one drop”.

    • Irene thank you for agreeing with me, and I love your 2,020 miles walk this year, what a brilliant idea and now am going to think about also. It is time that everyone does something before it is too late, Happy New Year

  2. First, congrats on your freedom anniversary! May you always feel that wind in your hair and know safety and freedom. Layla’s walk looks fun! I’m with you, I’ve had to shut off my TV and online media at times because the news has been so sad…the fires in Australia are just so heartbreaking. And the news of the world is not always good…I hope and pray 2020 is the year all good comes to all!

    • Dorothy thank you and thank you for that advice. Layla loves that park and it is one of the few that she really walks well in happily. The news recently has been tragic, heartbreaking and like you praying 2020 will be a good one for us all

  3. I used to get excited about the new year–and even decade in this case–but I found that calendar date does not a change bring. If we don’t make change, it won’t happen.

  4. It looks like you found a beautiful place to celebrate! I’m very worried about climate change and am trying to reduce my carbon footprint as well as voting for candidates (at all levels) who care about the planet. All the little drops can add up.

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