What a week, I am exhausted

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My weekend plans

TGIF and guess what ? It is a long weekend ! 

Lots of new happenings in the Layla Neighborhood and I have told Mom I am not really impressed as to what is happening here although I do understand as Mom wants to work more from home than run around and teach.

So this is the news :

Mom has decided to do some dog sitting for different dogs so we now have Gidget on Wednesday afternoons and Louis on Thursdays. 

Gidget and Layla

I love having house guests but am having to learn in my old age about puppies and although they are cute and funny they tire me out BOL. I told Mom I am an old dog and do not have the energy for them, so guess what, when the puppy wants to play I go to sleep in my box and it is the best. 
As I am sleeping in my box now Louis is squeaking away with a toy and the jazz is playing in the background. 


On Saturday Mom took me to the vet as she was worried that I had lost weight but the vet told Mom to stop worrying as I am really healthy. The only thing she did point out to Mom is that my eyes are really dry and that we should put drops in my eyes which Mom is doing. She is concerned that because I have a cataract the dry eyes might start causing some pain and then I will have to go on medications so we are praying the drops will help.

The plus with going to the vet is I came home yummm with a small bag of treats so I was a very happy girl.

The rains have arrived again and it has been freezing cold so we not out and about as we normally are but if there is a drop of sunshine Mom runs to the park LOL or takes me for a long walk.

So that is what is happening in the Layla neighborhood and this Saturday we are doing the Women’s March which will be interesting, we need to stand up and speak out. In next weeks blog you will see the photos.

As we said in our last blog we are going to be speaking out this year to save our climate, the animals and everything else.

Please look after the climate for us

Have a wonderful weekend everyone, be safe and warm,

With a woof from 

14 Replies to “What a week, I am exhausted”

  1. I sure am glad your Vet visit went well and it sounds like you are doing pretty good with your house guests! Thanks for joining the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  2. You have had a busy week! I love you Mum’s dog walking and dog sitting idea. Building a reputation as a good dog mom will help her build a dog walking business.

    Your eyes are being looked after – this is good news. Drops will be a big help.

    Have a good week!

    • Thanks Marjorie and am really enjoying the dog sitting as I am at home with Madam also. I am praying the drops will help as I do not want to start meds. Have a great week too

  3. Glad to hear you and your Mom are standing up for Woman’s rights and animals – good for you! It sounds like the dog sitting will take a bit of getting used too, especially with puppies. Hope you get used to it. Take care of your eyes. As you may know, Buffy no longer has eyes due to glaucoma. I learned a lot about eye care with her. We don’t want that happening to you!

    • Thanks Sandy and am really concerned about her eyes so am doing everything the vet says. Layla will get used to the dog sitting slowly especially puppies and she has her box which is where she goes for some peace and quiet.

  4. Louis and Gidget are so lucky to have a wonderful dog sitter! I’m glad that they leave you alone when you go need to rest.

    I hope the drops help your eyes!

  5. Wow, that sounds really fun having other dogs come to visit! Maybe you can share your wisdom with them as an older dog, then they will calm down a bit. If not, I’m glad you have your cozy box to rest in.

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