Wednesday has arrived

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Woof it’s Wednesday,

And like every Wednesday I woof about my past week, what I have been up to, both good and bad BOL.

We have been very busy here, or should I say my slave, Mom has been very busy and I have been keeping an eye on her making sure everything is done right. That is the job of the Boss and it is tiring so I try to take as many naps as possible.

Last Wednesday night we went to the Pets Are Wonderful Support’s 31st Anniversary Celebration: Petchitecture. It was a fancy event at the Fairmont hotel in San Francisco so I had to get all dressed up (I hate that part). All pets were invited and they even had a snack table for us – yummmm.

What is this event. Petichitecture is an evening fundraiser held once a year to celebrate the generosity and compassion that has sustained the human-animal bond for over three decades in San Francisco. PAWS has been the organization that makes sure no person has to choose between the care of themselves or their pet. They serve over 600 clients and 800 companion animals annually.

So off we went, me in my fancy new dress, Mom actually dressed up WOW and of course my Aunt Barbara came with us too looking really pretty. There were lots of people, dogs and oy vey even a pig on a leash, can you believe that ? I met a pig ! The downside was Mom’s camera was messing around so we did not get many pictures but she is trying to get from the organizers and we will have to share on Instagram.

I have taken Layla to dog events but not an event like this so I decided to take with me her expandable pet carrier for safety so that if she started feeling overwhelmed she had a safe place to relax.

Being the Jewish Mom LOL I made sure she was as comfortable as possible I took one other important item with me the CBD oil from Treatibles. After being at the event for about an hour or so I realized it was getting too much for her so I gave her a couple of drops of the oil, took her dress off and put her in her bag. It was fantastic as she immediately relaxed, settled down and I was also able to sit back and enjoy the company and good food.

CBD oil, I have tried many products to keep her calm, and I have found that CBD oil is the best solution for her, within minutes she is relaxed and normally curls up and goes to sleep with all the chaos around us. I have a bottle in my Earthquake bag also as I know that if we have to run I have something to keep her calm.

Why I love Treatibles, first their service is great, I can ask questions and get replies within 24 hours and I think the major plus for me is that they are in California so I know that it is a safe product. Excluding the oil they also make CBD dog biscuits for different size dogs which makes life really easy when you thinking of quantity for your dog size.

Mommmm ! Don’t forget to tell them that Treatibles also helps cats !!! Grrr.

To learn more about them you can find all information on their link below :


When we left the event I actually just carried her and she was one relaxed happy camper.

Treatibles gave me a bottle of oil and the treats for the review.

The other special event we went to this past week was the Welcome Home Party for Phyllo – many of you read how Phyllo was stolen and he is now home safe and sound. His story is just amazing and I plan to sit with his owner and get the full story and blog about it as we can all learn from it and how a community got together to help. They gave all of little goodie bags which was so exciting.

So in between all this we have been busy with our normal routine and Mom says she is really tired BOL. She needs a box like mine and more naps.

On this note, I am now off for my mid morning nap, as this dictating exhausts me, have a wonderful week all and we cannot wait to hear what you have been up to 🙂

Woof with love from

38 Replies to “Wednesday has arrived”

  1. You look so cute all dressed up! PAWs is a great organization, I wrote about them many, many years ago so I’m glad to read that they are still doing their wonderful work. Will have to check out that brand of CBD oil for my cats.

    • Julia they are an amazing program and have joined up with the Shanti Project so have more services than in the past. As for the CBD oil for cats – like for dogs it is worth having in the house

  2. How fun that you attended a fundraising event those are always fun and I see that you rocked that pretty pink dress. So glad Phyllo is back home safe and sound! I bet that party was amazing too.

    • Adriana thank you and I also thought she looked adorable in that dress. We are all happy that Phyllo is home and what a story to find him, cannot wait to share in one of my blogs

  3. Oh wow what a busy post and, yes, I think this Treatibles stuff may be just what the ‘doctor’ ordered to keep a doggy (and cat, thank you Layla!) from getter overwhelmed. Natural products have so much to teach us humans!

    YOU MET PHYLLO’S MOM Oh my CAT!!!!! Not that we are jealous anything but we would love it if you could share their story. (and tell Mom to check her camera battery and to be ready!!)

    PS WE LOVE your dress 🙂

    • ROFL I knew you would find the solution to my camera Marjorie, and yes we met Phyllo’s Mom and Phyllo and are going to share their story in one of our blogs. I so agree natural products are the way to go and we are slowing down with our busy schedule as I need a break

  4. Sounds like you’ve been busy! I also adore the effects CBD oil has for my dogs. Sourcing is the biggest challenge. Finding quality. Thanks for the post! I’m going to look into treatibles!

    • Shannon, awesome and I love sharing with others what I have found works on Layla as that way we all learn from each other

    • BOL Amy I am trying to get a picture and hopefully will. Thank you for the compliment and I do agree pink looks so cute on her

  5. As always Layla you’re busier than I am!! You never struck me as the dress wearing type of dog but of course you looked adorable!! You’re lucky your mom thinks a few steps ahead, because it was very clever of her to bring your bag and cbd oil in case the festivities got to be too much. Thanks for sharing your hectic social life with us, I look forward to it every week.

    • Hindy I am putting the breaks on now I need a rest from all. I love that bag and the oil as it makes my life easier also as she is relaxed and I can kick back and enjoy

  6. I’ve had to do a lot of peep supervisin’ this week, too. TALK ABOUT EXHAUSTIN’! Boy-oh-boy, that first of peep is worse than an toddler on wheels. Everywhere I turn, she’s there, makin’ a mess. “Gardenin’,” she says. Yeah. Right. Gardenin’, my tail. I’m tellin’ ya, it’s gonna take me all summer long to supervise her cleanin’ this yard up. MOUSES!

  7. Layla, you look so pretty! We’ve heard a lot of good things about Treatibles and CBD oil. Unfortunately, our mom won’t be making San Francisco on this trip of cat cafes. That would be so cool if she met you, though!

  8. Layla looks so cute in her fancy dress! It sounds like you really thought things out ahead of time. I’m glad that the CBD oil worked so well and Layla was able to relax so you could both enjoy the evening!

  9. The Fairmont Hotel is very fancy! When I lived in SF (briefly), I went to a party there and enjoyed it immensely. Great food and atmosphere. I was not required to get overly dressed up, though, which was nice. I’m glad the CBD oil helped relax Layla so everyone could enjoy the festivities!

  10. I’m glad you prepared by bringing a crate and CBD oil. I have the Treatables treats that I used to give Chipper for thunderstorms and fireworks. They work great!
    Sounds like a great fundraiser.

    • Sandy I just felt that I would rather have a relaxed happy dog than one that is overwhelmed and then I cannot enjoy. The carrier is awesome as it folds up so very easy to take with me. As for the oil it is a lifesaver

  11. YOu looked adorable in that dress.
    And yeah, CBD oil is a wonderful thing. One of my cats that shows gets stressed out by being in close proximity to other cats and with a little CBD oil she does much better (and no one gets bit.)

    • Holly thank you for your compliment, and am happy you are using it with your cat and see the difference the way I do

  12. Aww Layla you look so cute in your pretty dress. What a great cause to be a part of. I’m glad Treatibles works great for you and they are also helpful for cats too. Public socializing and events can be stressful.

    • Kamira thank you and yes social events can be stressful for all and that is why I give it to her as that way she is relaxed and I can relax

  13. Both of these events look like they were so much fun! I’m so happy Phyllo was reunited with his family! What a blessing and cause for celebration! I’ve heard great things about Treatibles, though I’ve not tried them with Sulley and Junior.

  14. Stephanie seeing Phyllo with his Mom, the happiness was just amazing, it shows you that with the help of a community things can happen. Layla is 11 and the Treatibles have become a life saver for us in so many ways

  15. What a great event and you looked furbulous! I am an affiliate for Treatibles and LOVE them! If you want to order more, you can save 10% with my code: BFTB ♥ Thanks for Pet Parading with us.

    • Hi Melissa, thank you for your compliment, it was a great event and like you we are a big fan of Treatibles. Will keep you in mind next time we need, woof

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