Woof I have been sick

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Woof to everyone,

Wednesdays come and Wednesdays go, cannot keep up with them sometimes.

This past week has been a bit upside down for us, Layla has not been well. I think with age her immune system is slowing down. We were in the park last Tuesday, I do not let anyone give her treats anymore but when we got home all hell broke loose with an upset tummy.

I do not have a back yard so when this happens I have to take here out so in the end I was lying on the bed in my clothes to make it easier. Layla will not use pee pads and she is really good in telling me when she needs to go.

I immediately changed her diet to boiled rice, chicken, pumpkin and probiotics and she was eating and drinking with no problems so just monitored her.

On Friday she vomited and that is when I really got concerned, double monitored her but when on Saturday she did it again I took her to the vet. I decided rather be safe than sorry.

I hate the vets in many ways one of them is I sometimes feel they are so quick to give medications but on the other hand my biggest concern was dehydration.

What they gave her is Metronidazole and Cerenia. I feel that the Cerenia is not necessary and she is not herself at all. So after discussing with the vet I have stopped giving it to her, but am keeping her on the other as I do know there is some tummy virus or bacteria going around the dog parks as quite a few dogs I know have been sick. I am also keeping her out of the park at the moment.

My biggest concern is she is not drinking so am using a syringe to give her fluids plus making sure her food has a lot of chicken bone broth in it. Am at a loss with this one as such and am open to all ideas if anyone has any. The last time she drank out of a bowl of water was Saturday afternoon. Her appetite is great phew so she is getting the liquids from there.

Otherwise in so many ways she is acting like her self, maybe sleeping a little more than usual but that can also be from the meds, so am not hysterical. She wants her long morning walk which I give her, she is digging up the bed LOL but this Jewish Mother is concerned.

So unfortunately this is not one of our fun happy blogs but am reaching out on it to hear if anyone can give me some input on the drinking side. (Oy that sounds bad in a way).

On this note, Layla is sleeping and I am off to make more chicken, have a great week all,

With a woof from Layla

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  1. I’m so sorry that Layla isn’t drinking much on her own. I don’t have any suggestions to help her, but I’ll send good vibes and prayers your way.

  2. If this is a virus and she has some medication I can only suggestion continue with the home hydration. Make sure she has some treats, that will keep her spirits up, plus plenty rest but walks on demand token her circulation going. Go with your instincts, if you worry about hydration then is is an issues keep the broth coming!

    • Mine was not in that day but am in contact with the clinic and getting feed back. One thing is she is acting normal otherwise phew

  3. Poor Layla, it’s so worrisome when our pets are not well – if they could only tell us what’s wrong. Keeping her hydrated is very important, especially if she has diarrhoea and is vomiting. I would be sure to keep in contact with, and followup with a vet to make sure she is improving.

    • Kelly thanks and the worry is the dehydration so am squirting liquid into her mouth wherever possible, the vet and I are in contact also

  4. I am sorry Layla hasn’t been feeling well. I don’t have any suggestions other than keep up with the syringe hydration. Sending much love and healing wishes for Layla.

  5. I am so sorry to hear that she is feeling poorly. Perhaps you could make some chicken broth for her, which would both taste good and help with hydration. Sending healing thoughts.

  6. I am so sorry to hear that. I am someone who runs her pets to the vet at the first sign of anything … so I’d follow their advice before I’d follow mine. If she’s drinking chicken broth, that’s a good thing. But I’d opt for low sodium version. That’s the best I can do.

    • Sherri thanks for your input, the chicken broth I am giving her is homemade and does not contain any sodium but thanks for pointing that out to me

  7. I’m so sorry to read that Layla isn’t feeling well! To combat dehydration with my cat who had kidney disease, I learned how to give the sub-Q fluids at home and gave them every day. It wasn’t all that difficult and I feel it really does help keep them hydrated if they aren’t eating or drinking enough. I don’t know if that’s something people do for dogs, but I would assume so.

  8. I am sooo sorry that your Layla is sick! I had a sick puppy last week…or injured, we are not 100% sure which, and is was sooo scary. His throat was swollen but the vet was not convinced there was anything stuck in it (thankfully) He gave him a shot of cortisone and I freaked when my dog seemed lethargic (it was the meds). I was worried about dehydration too, and decided to try ice cubes, and that was our saving grace. He wouldn’t hardly eat for a couple days OR drink so I was so nervous, but in all fairness to him, his throat was sore.
    I would try ice cubes, and keep trying them even if she doesn’t take to them at first. But it does sound like you making sure she is getting broth is a good thing too. Sometimes when I don’t feel good water just makes it worse but for some reason ice seems to work.
    I hope she gets better soon! And it’s good to know virus’s can spread at the dog park! I never even thought about that, besides things like kennel cough.

    • Jae thanks so much and am sorry your lil one is not well also. Yes dog parks can be a menace sometimes with viruses and how ever much I love them one has to be careful also. Thanks for the idea of the ice and am trying that at the moment

  9. So sorry to hear that Layla has been sick. It’s always rough when our fur babies don’t feel well. I tend to trust the vets because they have more training and knowledge than I do, but I do talk to them when is something is not working for my girls and they usually work with me. I hope Layla is feeling better soon.

  10. Has the vet hydrated her by putting fluid under her skin? My vet has done that a few times for Buffy when she became dehydrated from diarrhea. It gives them a bump on their shoulder for about an hour until it gets absorbed. I assume you have talked to your vet about her not drinking, and I assume the food you give her is very moist.
    That is kind of weird about a virus. My vet usually gives me probiotics that help a lot more than the ones I get in the store.

    • Sandy she was so stressed from being at the vet that I did not want to push too much – so we decided for me to give her fluids with a syringe and yes she is getting very moist food so the fluids are going in. I have been feeding her chicken broth with chicken in it

  11. I’m so sorry Layla isn’t feeling well. Sophie had surgery on Tuesday so she’s feeling sort of cruddy as well. The bone broth has been helpful in getting her to ingest fluids. We hope Layla feels better soon.

  12. Layla I’m so sorry that you aren’t feeling well! Did the vet give you an anti-diarrheal? I am concerned about the liquids too. A virus at the dog park wouldn’t hit right away but she may have gotten into something toxic. You are doing everything right but if this continues she may need IV fluids. Crossing fingers that Layla feels better soon.

    • Heather they gave her something for the diarrhea which has helped and thank goodness yesterday she started drinking again after I took her off the other medication. She seems a lot better since phew. She does not wander far from me in the park and I know of another two that have been sick also and that is why we are all saying it must have been some virus. Thanks for your wishes.

  13. Poor Layla! I hope she is on the mend really soon. I think it is harder when the furbabies get sick than when human kids get sick – at least they can tell us what hurts or how they feel in words we understand.

    It sounds like you are doing all the right things for fighting off a virus.

    • Thanks Holly and I agree with you it is hard to know what is bothering them but thank goodness she is on the mend phew

    • Thanks Jana and am so relieved that since I took her off the one med she is drinking and eating so am relaxing now

  14. Sorry to hear Layla was poorly. When my Harley Bear broke his paw, he stopped drinking. The vet said to try him with a little goat milk – he loved this and he has a little splash of it every morning now.

    • Thank you and thank goodness she is back to normal. I am going to try goats milk and see if she likes it as I am looking for new kind of treats for her and like you would give her a splash each morning.

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