Easter is here

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Woof friends,
How are you all doing ? 
Are you bored like me ? Mom poor thing is trying to keep me busy and I think I am driving her crazy sometimes BOL but that is what fur kids are supposed to do.  Do you agree with me ?

While I am writing the blog today am listening to a live Melissa Etheridge concert on Facebook which keeps me relaxed daily and of course Layla is sleeping. I must admit the one plus with the lock down is I am catching up on shows etc on Facebook and it keeps me occupied as I am tired of TV.
This weekend is Easter which means lots of chocolate, please keep your pets away from them. My thoughts go out to all the parents that will have to do Easter Egg Hunts inside the house.

Here is the list of what we must be careful of to keep our fur kids safe :

And we have one other thing to remind everyone of and please please don’t do this, thank you.

Be safe friends,  have a wonderful Easter

And last but not least, today 10 April is Hug your Dog day, that means Layla will be demanding a lot more hugs today,

With a woof and love from Layla 

34 Replies to “Easter is here”

  1. Ah, so bored. And it isn’t that I don’t have anything to do, I just don’t want to do any of it. It’s spring, the snow is gone, the skies are blue and I want to be out and about doing things. Can’t wait until this is over!

  2. Layla AKA a very patient dog- must be a true therapy dog to be dressed in the “headband” and all, WOW! Chocolate is hazardous for you and my pack, but once I get to the store again….I’ll make you some dog-friendly candies (carob, not chocolate and PB (no xylitol) and a little coconut oil…..nothing else and send you some sweet Layla!! Just have your human companion email me where to send them!!

  3. Yes, this Easter is a different kind of experience. We’re lucky; we live in the middle of nowhere. That said, I lived in the country when I was a child, too, and my siblings and I had easter egg hunts in the house. I guess my point is that it can still be fun for children. Great reminder of all that is poisonous.

  4. I have to laugh. We are anything but bored. So much work at home, and an art course and it is all so fun. I hope you get more walks soon.

    Before I forget. There is another NZSO concert right now and there is a lovely short piece of Ernst Bloch for you to enjoy. I will ear burn you on FB!

    • Hi and thanks for the reminder. I am trying to stay busy but Layla is bored LOL. We did more this week as the sun was out phew. Thanks for the reminder

  5. Yes, you are right, Easter is a time to keep your dog and pet safe from added dangers. Awe, I think almost any time is a good time to hug your dog. Give Layla a hug and enjoy your Easter weekend.

  6. Happy Passover and Easter, Layla! I hope that you are having more fun this year than you did during lockdown. I can’t believe that it has been 2 years already. That was a hard time for all of us. I hope that you get lots of treats for the holidays.

    • Robin Layla got spoiled, we had a wonderful weekend and I cannot believe it either, we need to get our lives back to normal. Happy Easter from us

  7. Happy Easter Layla and Mom. We are really promoting the #NotoLilies hashtag this week! I love your danger list!!

  8. Enjoy your Passover and Easter weekend Layla. You made some very good points about Easter hazards for pets. I’ll be sharing your post. Enjoy the day and enjoy those extra hugs from Mom!

    • Kamira we had a wonderful weekend thank you. Thank you for your compliment on our points keeping our pets safe, hugs are always welcome in our house

  9. Thanks! And Happy Passover to you as well. This is one of the years that both holidays are at the same time. Easter is quite late this year, which I like because it gave me more time to prepare – I cooked all weekend! Thanks for sharing the list of toxic items for pets, it’s an important reminder.

    • Cathy Layla wants to know what you cooked LOL. I always love when the holidays fall at the same time also as it makes life easier. Our pleasure for the list
      of toxic items for our pets, we need to keep them healthy and safe

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