Let us shop to help Ukraine

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TGIF !!!!

Hi from San Francisco, it is hot here at the moment so we are hibernating inside so that we will not melt LOL.

We are going for walks in the shade and yesterday we went for tea and kvetch time in the garden for a couple of hours which was great especially as there is shade.



NOW do you know what day the 8th of April is? Today is a new awareness holiday that I have not heard of before, National Dog Farting Awareness Day LOL and below you can see what Layla must woof about it. Out of the mouth of babes.


As you all know I have been working social media in my spare time for Ukraine animals especially Transform a Street Dog Organization which is in San Francisco and who is doing amazing work there saving the animals.

To support and help them financially two businesses have made wonderful items which all profits go to Transform a Street Dog. I have bought Layla the bandanna and am getting a t-shirt for myself.

Below are the designs and website links.


The design on the t-shirts

Link : Dachshund Delightshttps://www.dachshunddelights.com/NEW_c_79.html

Thank you April for supporting Transform a Street Dog and allowing me to share your design here.


The Bandana that I have ordered for Layla

Link :  ProtestPups :   https://protestpups.square.site/

Thank you Nata for all the work you are doing and allowing me to share your photo here.

Transform a Street Dog :   https://transformastreetdog.org/


So, with Easter around the corner how about getting a bandanna for your dog or cat (yes there are for cats) and for Mother’s Day get yourself a t-shirt. You are getting something new and giving back at the same time.

Layla woofs thank you so much.

Have a wonderful weekend and please be safe



12 Replies to “Let us shop to help Ukraine”

    • Brian thanks for your blog hop as always. They are adorable and cannot wait to get ours for her to wear. They have for cats also 🙂 Have a great safe week

  1. National Dog Farting Awareness Day LOL! That’s a new one to me too! I hope the lovely Layla is doing well. It’s still on the cold side where we are, but finally starting to feel like spring. The Dachshunds Delights design is so cute! Thanks for sharing.

    • Michelle I laughed so much over the dog farting awareness day LOL. Layla is doing good thank you. I love the t-shirts and cannot wait to get mine. You should get the
      bandanas for your pups

  2. It sounds like you are both in the same heat-wave as us. We’ve been chilling inside and taking nighttime walks instead of our normal daytime walk-abouts.

    I love the idea of supporting the efforts in Ukraine with these beautiful bandanas. ❤️

  3. I LOVE this idea of the t-shirt and bandanas to help the pets of Ukraine. Great idea! I’ll look into both of these products to help support them.

    I’ve never heard of National Dog Farting Awareness Day. Thank goodness Henry’s gut is working fairly well and doesn’t clear the house out. lol

    Stay cool on those hot days. I think it’s going to be one hot dog of a summer.

    • Terri thanks Henry will look so good in one of the Bandanas and you will look cute in a t-shirt. As fir National Dog Farting Day I laughed so much over it and thank goodness
      Layla does not stink up the house, she is a lady LOL . Stay cool and I agree it is going to be a hot summer

  4. Issn’t it amazing how people are helping the people and animals of the Ukraine. I have a UK friend who is making kitty bandanas with the Ukraine colours and it is good to see sales are going well. I love the tshirt – people will be wearing that with such pride!

    • Marjorie I so agree with you that it is fantastic to see how people have got together and proves that we can work together to make this world a better place for all.
      I cannot wait to get my t-shirt and put the bandana on Layla also. We must wear them with pride and solidarity

  5. Oh, Miss Layla, you are silly, national farting day – BOL! I know of a few Husky angels that would have loved that day!

    That is so wonderful you are helping out the dogs of the Ukraine.

    The heat has not yet reached “hot” here – and we had a spring snow! But soon enough, the heat will be upon us. Stay cool!

    Thanks for joining in our #FlashbackFriday Blog Hop, too!

    • Dorothy thank you for your blog hop and Dog Fart Day made me laugh so so much also.

      I agree we all need to help the dogs of Ukraine, so we are happy to do it.

      The weather is weird here also tonight it is raining and this weekend should be dry, we never know from day to day what the weather is going to be like, take care and stay warm

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