The weekend has arrived

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TGIF !!!!

Woof the weekend has arrived !

Thank goodness the nightmare is over and all those nasty booms are done till who knows when but I am one happy little girl at this moment. My favorite neighbors popped in to check on me so when they came we went for quick walks around the block which was fun and I felt really safe. Thank you Barbara and Ryan for the visits.

Mom was so great and gave me some CBD oil to relax plus made a comfy bed in the shower where I slept.

We are now praying that whoever bolted and got lost will find his/her home again as this is just so sad that people cannot be responsible when it comes to their pets fear of fireworks.

Last weekend we had a quiet stay at home as Mom wasn’t feeling well and because of the fires in Northern California on Sunday especially the city was covered in ash and smoke so although the Jazz Festival was on which Mom wanted to go to we decided that the air was not healthy so indoors it was. Actually I liked it as I got lots of cuddles and fun time with Mom.

I am not sure if I told you but I am doing the AIDS walk with Mom on the 15th of July, it is going to be about 6 miles of walking and am really looking forward to it. You might wonder why, but the only reason is we believe in giving back where possible and as I am a PAWS client, the money would help them so whoever sponsors us is helping a really good cause. What is PAWS ? I have spoken about them in the past, they are a non profit organization, belong to the SHANTI project and help a lot of people with pets. (You can see their link on our links page).

If you want to sponsor us this is the link, thank you

Laylas Page for the AIDS Walk

Because it is a long walk Mom has been doing research on cooling vests for me, so that I will be comfortable walking and not over heat, plus with summer here I will be cool all the time when we are out and about which means less to worry when it comes to over heating. So Mom the researcher came across this cooling vest made by a company called Coolaid in Arizona which had exactly what she was looking for and the color also so it will match my harness and collar, PINK.

Coolaid is dedicated to provide an easy to use icy and cooling effect for all animals. It is chemical free what I love. We tried it out in the heat in the park and all I can say is that I am really happy with the vest, Layla was comfortable, running around and in a nutshell just what the doctor ordered. We were there for nearly 3 hours and when I got home it was still cool and damp. What I love about the vest is it just slips on, there are no straps, it fits perfectly, not too tight and her harness fits over it with ease. I would highly recommend this product to all dog owners.

They sponsored Layla with the one she wore plus surprised us with a pink towel/bandanna for me, two for her and also a Dog Wrap which is great for arthritis, swelling or post surgical areas plus it can be used as a cooling collar also. All pink so Layla and I will be matching in the Walk with her in her vest and me in my bandanna. It all arrived in a great light weight backpack which will make life so much easier when carrying water, treats, poop bags, etc.

A big big thank you to CoolAid for sponsoring Layla and of course a thanks for the towel/bandanna that I will wear on the WALK also.

To find out more about their products you can visit their website :


So as you can see, we do sometimes have slow weeks and weekends as we need to recharge our batteries for the other times.

I am now going into my box for my morning shnooze with a full tummy, life is good in the Layla Neighborhood.

Take care and have a wonderful weekend
Woof with love

46 Replies to “The weekend has arrived”

  1. OH well done doing the AIDS walk! Yes, giving back is the best thing and you feel so great when you do. I know you will have blast and totally enjoy the day! I look forward to your report and maybe a movie?!?!?!

    I hope the air cleared for you two. It sounds a bit scary and not very healthy!

    • Marjorie you and the movies LOL, am going to try take one yes. The AIDS walk is held in the Golden Gate Park which is beautiful and a great way to give back. Will have lots of photos though.

  2. Best of luck to you and your mom on your walk, I hope them weather cooperates! We’ve been dealing with extreme heat and humidity here, so much so, that the dogs can’t stay out longer than just going potty. I have been interested in getting cooling vests for my dogs and I’m going to look into the CoolAid vest!

    • Kelly thanks and I hope the weather will be good too but this cooling vest for Layla will make all the difference and they are fantastic, I highly recommend you looking into them for your dogs

  3. The fireworks make one of my dogs, Kitsune, really nervous too. It stinks because around where we live people don’t just do them one night, but a week or so leading up to the holiday and usually around a week after it too. Luckily we’ve been able to keep Kit pretty calm this year. That looks like a cool cooling vest! We have one from Ruffwear that we really like, but it’s been super humid here too and from what I’ve researched cooling vests don’t really work when it’s humid. Have fun recharging! It might sound boring to some but I love to have nice relaxing weekends at home with my dogs.

    • Thank goodness here the fireworks I think are over and thank goodness the CBD oil helped, phew. I agree with you that relaxing at home is just as great as going out and we do need it sometimes. I love the cooling vest and its making life so much easier as I am less worried heat wise.

  4. I’m glad you survived the fireworks, and I love that shower hideout you have going on!! Six miles is a very long walk, but I’m sure you’ll have a blast. I love your cooling vest, I bought a cooling bandana for Jack because he can’t cope with the heat. He’s from Florida and he’s suffering here in England. Anyway I think your product sounds better than ours! I expected the bandana to have the cooling gel, but all you do is wet it and then when it dries out you have to wet it again. It helps somewhat but I think I’ll check out what you got. Stay cool Layla!!

    • Thanks Hindy and her cooling vest does not have the gel but it is remarkably made and worked so well with her. I do not like chemicals and the gel is chemicals so was really happy to use it on her. Have a wonderful weekend and stay cool !

  5. It is awesome that you are doing the AIDS walk. You know we are big fans and believers in CBDs! Don’t forget to use my discount code for your Treatibles. Thank you for joining the Pet Parade.

    • Melissa I have not forgotten you when it comes to Treatibles and thanks for Pet Parade. I am really looking forward to doing the AIDS walk as it is such a great way to give back.

    • Rachel I am also relieved about the CBD oil. She is a smart girl and was so cool in the cooling vest while being in the sun. I am also hoping it won’t be too hot and will be blogging with pictures the week after.

  6. I’ve never heard of the Coolaid vest! I’ll have to look into that for Misha!
    Unfortunately I still hear people in our neighborhood shooting off single fireworks here and there, even in the mornings sometimes!

    • Elizabeth it is great and a must have in the house LOL. I was saying to a neighbor today I hope no one carries on as it was like a war zone here with all the noise. Be safe

  7. Awww, you look so cute in your pink cooling vest! I too am happy that the noisy, scary holiday is over and done with. It is sad that some people don’t take enough precautions to keep their pet safe.

    • Julia I agree with you and I just cannot understand how they can be that way and then cry when their pet gets lost. I love her in pink and it is just perfect for her

  8. The CoolAid vest looks really cool! And it lasted 3 hours! Wow! I bought a cooling vest probably a decade ago and it didn’t stay cool very long. It sounds like this brand is a lot better. I like the shower bed. Good for you to do the AIDs walk! I hope the fires get under control and the air cleaner.

    • Thanks Sandy and it is an awesome vest, am really happy with it plus she is happy in it 🙂 I also hope the air will clear up a bit as it will make life a lot easier

  9. Best time of the week, the whole family here loves the weekends. How nice that Layla and you are involved in supporting AIDS awareness I bet it is gratifying to participate in the walk and that Layla is well equipped with a cooling vest. She looks cute too!

    • Thank you and we love giving back also, I love the pink on her. I love weekends also and just to chill is even better 🙂

  10. Mommy says with the 4th being in the middle of the week we expect some of our neighbors will shoot off fireworks this weekend. Luckily they do not bother us. Mommy is very thankful because one of our neighbors shoots off the loudest most annoying fireworks for weeks before and after every holiday and all night long on weekends.

  11. The shower is a great place to take refuge from the fireworks. Those stupid boomers were very loud here this year. It sounded like a war zone! Lexy was very out of sorts and I was a little aggressive towards her. Mommy went to bed early and took me with her, then Lexy laid in her bed in the bedroom. Finally it all stopped!

    • Dawn it was a nightmare and I love the shower bed for her as there are no windows so it is quiet and she totally relaxed. I am happy that Lexy relaxed in the end

  12. I’m happy to hear you were safe and sound over the 4th of July Layla. Yes, some people can get very carried away with the fireworks. Enjoy the weekend and relax. Good luck in the AIDs walk next weekend. Stay cool and hydrated. Woof.

    • Thanks Kamira and I am looking forward to the walk, good exercise and we are lying low this weekend, have a great cool weekend too

  13. We’re glad the 4th is over, but unfortunately people continue to set off fireworks! I pray tonight will be the last night of it. Phoebe is fine but Icy needed some calming treats, which helped a lot. Enjoy the AIDS walk, what a great thing to do. A cooling vest is awesome, we have a cooling mat for Icy.
    Love & Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

    • Cathy I am praying they will stop here too as it is just crazy and Layla is not happy with it all. I am looking forward to the AIDS walk and thee cooling vest is amazing. I think the cooling mats are fantastic also and am sure Icy loves his.

  14. WosWow! your little pup is really impacted by the fireworks. I’m so glad they are over too. We had a lot of rain that night, it helped a lot! Also, helped with our fires.

    • Yes Maureen she is and I think the older she gets the worse it gets for her, you were so lucky to have had rain that night and happy that it is helping with your fires

  15. Have a great walk! The vest sounds great! I use cooling collars, too. OH, those fireworks! It was so bad here this year. Even new neighbors were shooting them off two weeks prior, then our city had their display on the 4th, followed by a display for Children’s Day here on the 6th! And even last night people were shooting them off. My one Husky about a year ago developed anxiety for storms and fireworks and she searched for a spot to hide, but none were good enough. She stayed next to me (and the other three snoozed through them). I gave her CBD treats, and keep hoping for a night without those boomers!!!

    PS – I hope Mom feels better.

    • Dorothy, those fireworks are still going here, I heard one last night and cursed. Thank goodness for the CBD is all I can say and have heard so many other people say the same thing. The vest is awesome and I will tell everyone to get one, so are the cooling collars. CoolAid sent one to Layla too. I love the idea especially when we out and about as I dont have to worry about her over heating. I am feeling a lot better, I think I had just pushed myself too far and need to put on the breaks, thanks

  16. I am glad that you stayed out of the smoky air there in California. Gusto has no fear of fireworks even though the neighbor behind us set off some loud bombs. Gusto told him to stop but he didn’t listen…

    Coolaid is one cool company. You and your mom will be easy to spot on your AIDS walk. I bet you will be energized for the whole 6 miles and other people will want to buy your practical cooling bling.

    • Amelia I am also happy we stayed home that day, Layla deals with enough allergies that I did not want to put more on her. Gusto is one smart lil boy to tell them what to do.
      CoolAid is a great company and yes we will be twins wearing our pink cooling items 🙂

  17. Although I loved fireworks when I was younger, I don’t appreciate them anymore because of the stress it causes to wildlife, some people, and some pets. I’d love to see the United States only allow noiseless fireworks.

    The Coolaid sounds like a great product! It looks like you’ve already raised a lot of money for the AIDS Walk which is awesome.

    • Morning Beth, I feel the same way about the fireworks and that money could be used also for so many causes instead. I would love the noiseless ones for every country so to protect the animals. The CoolAid vest is amazing and I am so happy with it and I have raised a nice amount for the AIDS walk but there is never enough

  18. Good luck staying cool. The fireworks were terrible last week in the neighborhood where we live. It was already stressful in our house because of Brulee coming home from the emergency animal hospital and Truffle not recognizing her, but the fireworks made the stress in the house terrible. Truffle stayed under the bed for about three days.

    • Awww poor baby and I know what you have been going through as I have been following but am happy life is slowly getting back to normal

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