Lets Woof this Wednesday

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Wednesday has arrived which means my weekly woof. It has been a quiet fun week in many ways with lots of Mom time.

First of all because of the smoke and weather I had a bad allergy attack and poor Mom was so worried. I would go to the park and come home looking red like a tomato so she was wiping me down, doing everything she could think of but the itchy would not go away. What was worrying her was I was hopping with my left back leg in the air and she got concerned that I might hurt my back next. She had not changed my food, nor my treats but a lot of my dog friends are going through the same so we knew it was something from the park. In the end she went to the vet to get some Apoquel ewww which I am taking and it is easing slowly phew. Am now sleeping through the night again and letting Mom sleep too.

The weekend was busy as always as Mom says that is the time to be outdoors as the weather is fantastic for San Francisco so on Saturday we met one of my favorite Uncles in the park and just hung out, chatting, being petted and spoiled while Mom drunk her tea. It was a great couple of hours with Travis my Uncles Dog taking over the blanket so I went to visit our park neighbors and lay on theirs. They were very happy I did it and got lots of love from them.

On Sunday was a special event in our dog park – It was the the 8th Annual Three Legged Dog Picnic! WOW we got there to see so many dogs, both three legged, on wheels and regulars also. There was music going, lots of people and they gave Layla a new toy, she was spoiled.

Tri Pawed Dogs who organizes it does events once or twice a year. Everyone brings their own food and we all hang out together with our pets and families. A really fun time.

There were different rescues there which was fantastic and always makes the events extra special.

01. Nobody’s Perfekt Dogs : They rescue imperfect dogs from local shelters and find them homes with loving families who tolerate the imperfections. What an amazing Rescue Organization and one I did not know about till Sunday.


02. Muttville Senior Dog Rescue : Muttville is an organization focused on how the world thinks and treats older dogs, aged seven years and older, and creating better lives for them through rescue, foster, adoption, and hospice.


03. Family Dog Rescue : Their mission is to save family friendly dogs from High Kill Shelters in California and after screening and vetting, they are then adopted by suitable families.

Family Dog Rescue

Oh and we must not forget that we met Michael from DogParks.Tv and he took a photo of me which is on his Instagram so I am now famous woof.

It was a really fun Sunday, when we got home I just went to sleep zzzzzz.

I want to remind everyone that this coming Sunday Layla and I are doing the 6 mile AIDS Walk, as I am saying the two old ladies are doing it LOL and we will have lots of photographs to share next week.

I must remind everyone that the heat is here big time and we all need to keep cool, once again thanks to CoolAid for my awesome cooling vest which is making my life so much more pleasurable when I am out.

Have a wonderful week all,
Woof with love from Layla

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  1. How nice that you get to have all these activities and so sorry that you had to go to the vet. Sometimes it is better have a check up to prevent any issues. I am glad you feel much better Layla.

  2. Thank you for introducing us to so many rescue organizations. Sounds like it was a fun afternoon and put on by another fabulous group. I’m so glad you’re feeling better, Layla. Just in time for your walk! I hope that is an equally beautiful day.

    • Thanks Sadie and I love these small events, it was so much fun and now we are getting ready for our walk and we both feel awesome

  3. oh wow, you had a couple of great Summer days, Layla! I love that you go hopping from your blanket to the other dogs’ blankets – it’s like doggie Beach Blanket Bingo, LOL!!
    Love & Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

    • Yes the fires are awful and I feel so sorry for all the victims 🙁 We are fine and back to being Ms Piss and Vinegar

  4. Oh no sorry about you going all tomato like. I wonder if it’s the pesticides, because Jack sometimes scratches like crazy after he’s been in the park. Good luck to you and your mom on the Aids walk, I swear you have the most interesting life ever. Love the 3 legged dog event, that must have been wonderful to see. I hope when Jack gets to Toronto with me this summer he’ll have half the fun you do.

    • Awww Hindy I hope so too as although we are busy I try to slow down also as I get tired LOL. I am sure it is the pesticides in the park as other dogs are going through the same thing so am not doing the park that much during the week but on weekends only

  5. Such a busy pup! I am sorry you were itchy. Our service pup seems to get hives when she goes on our grass – which is a huge bummer. I hope she grows out of it or it may impact her chances at being successful in the future.

    • I am so sorry about that Michelle and hopefully she will grow out of it like a kid does with allergies. Poor little one though as they really do suffer

  6. You have such an active social life, it sounds like a lot of fun! I’ll have to find Layla’s photo on Instagram. I’m glad she isn’t feeling so allergic!

    • Thanks Beth and it is a really cute pic. We are busy but I also slow it down sometimes LOL and thank goodness her allergies are disappearing

  7. Sounds like a fun summertime! The smoke is never a good thing, and many of us struggle when the air is smokey. But I’m glad the apoquel is working….expensive but it does work! I live in a part of Oregon that is allergy central for both humans and pets, so I know a lot of dogs on apoquel. What can you do when you are allergic to the entire valley? Have a great weekend! Can’t wait to see what you are up to next!

    • Thanks Jen and our plans this weekend is the AIDS walk on Sunday otherwise lying low and relaxing. The allergies have been awful everywhere this year and Apoquel is expensive but worth it as she is not suffering as bad at this moment

  8. Sounds like you had a fun time!! What a great event. I love it when people adopt special needs dogs. My Gracie has epilepsy and Yoshi has Juvenile cataracts. I am hoping to save up and get Yoshi’s cataracts removed. They are very mild right now, but they could get worse and if they do he will need surgery.

    • Am sorry to hear that Katie, and I agree these special needs dogs do need homes so these events are really important

  9. I’m glad you’re getting over your allergies and it didn’t stop you from having a good time at the Three-legged dog picnic! I never heard of such an event. Great that Tri-Paws put it on. I once had a three-legged dog. Hope you do well at the AIDS walk. You guys are so busy, it’s amazing.

    • Thanks Sandy and she is so much better, I love these special events when it high lights the special needs dogs as they need homes also. The AIDS walk went well and yes we are always busy, I say it keeps us young

    • Holly there is always something happening and it keeps us busy. Thank goodness her allergies are settling so it is making life easier to do things

  10. This sounds the perfect event for a dog lover and their family! I’m glad you sneaked a go on someone’s blanket too 🙂

    I hope you are feeling better! Did you get enthusiastic again? Too much fun with mom eh?

    • Marjorie I love these events and yes Layla loves the different blankets LOL. We are all good here and busy as always

    • Amelia I love these events especially when they special ones as it also brings the attention to the public about these dogs needing homes also

  11. So sorry to hear you had an allergic reaction to something. Glad the medication appears to be helping you rest. We have a new test kit to review that checks dogs and cats for allergies. I need to get working on this

  12. Sounds like you had a lovely weekend Layla. How did you do on the AIDS walk? I hope your leg was feeling better by then. What great organizations to cater to both senior dogs as well as dogs with “imperfections”. Stay cool.

    • It was a great walk and Layla is fast asleep exhausted LOL. Yes they are amazing organizations and I love the great work they do. Stay cool too

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