Thanksgiving fun

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We had so much fun over Thanksgiving weekend and Mom really messed up with her dinner BOL although I lucked out because of it.

On the Wednesday before Thanksgiving we went on adventure with Moms friend and her two rescued dogs Thomas and Coco to Golden Gate Park. We got there with a picnic and of course treats for us and in the middle of the place we were going to sit in the sun there were two yellow chairs, we are not sure who they belonged to but of course the hoomans had to sit on them and we had the blanket to ourselves. Laura brought a delicious picnic for her and Mom and they used my stroller as the table BOL,

Watching, sniffing and enjoying the outdoors

There were lots of gophers popping up and down from their holes and lots of new smells so it was loads of fun to be there plus the weather was perfect, So the hoomans were talking about Thanksgiving dinner and Mom was saying what she wanted and had done no shopping BOL so Laura said I will take you to fetch a dinner, When we left the park we went to Costco and Mom got what she wanted and came home, both of us happy, relaxed and looking forward to Thursday, me for turkey of course, yummm

Peek a boo guess who

On Thursday we went to the dog park to enjoy the sun and all Mom could think about was her dinner, so when we came home for dinner and guess what !!!! BOL !!!!!! The turkey was not cooked, everything else was, plus Mom could not find the gravy so we ran to the supermarket across the road to get some. Mom then sliced some raw turkey and cooked it in the air fryer BOL and when cooked ate it with the rest of the food plus of course she gave me some.

BOL Mom really messed up with her dinner but the best part of all was when she was putting the food in plastic containers she found the gravy also so for once I can laugh at Mom for her silliness.

Since then we have been spending time outdoors till yesterday when the rain has arrived so no more park at the moment but I am making Mom take me for strolls in my stroller, cannot complain cos my paws are not getting wet but Mom is BOL.

I am now off to sleep, I need my beauty sleep,

Have a wonderful weekend everyone

With love, Layla




14 Replies to “Thanksgiving fun”

  1. Layla ~ you are beautiful and glad you are living a good life ~ I have a rescue also ~ a male 9yo Maltese/Shizu ~ I have been in my new home since end of August ~ I love to take walks with ‘Mom’ and play ‘tug o war’ with my rope toy ~ Xo

    Wishing you good health, laughter and love in your days,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

    • Thank you so much for the compliment.. I am so happy you rescued a lil boy they all deserve homes and he is very blessed to have been rescued by you and
      we are sur3e he has a wonderful life. Wishing you lots of laughter and health also, have a wonderful week, Layla

    • Brian we had a wonderful time as it is always good to be outdoors when sunny. Thank you for your Thankful Thursday Blog Hop as always as I love
      reading what you have been up to.

    • Cathy I am still laughing over the whole story, it is the best way to go. I am also relieved Layla did not try catch one and they are so cute
      popping up and down in their holes

  2. Oh, sweet Miss Layla, what a Turkey Day adventure! I bet Mom will look back on this one day and laugh. Glad she had an air fryer! I would not have thought of that. One year (a long time ago now) the first Thanksgiving for me and my new husband I only put our 20-lb turkey in the oven at noon. Ooops. All the sides were done were done quickly and I couldn’t understand why my bird was raw…after only an hour in the over. (Oye). After a call to my mother, and after her giggles, my hubby and I ate the sides and around 2 AM I got up to take the then-cooked bird out of the oven. Not funny at the time, but now we laugh about it. I’m happy you got to go outside! Weather here and having pneumonia have prevented me from going out – pouring cold rain right now. So soak up that sunshine, beautiful!

    • LOL Dorothy we have to laugh at our mistakes, it keeps us going. We were very blessed with the sunshine but now it is raining non stop so we are stuck
      indoors. Please take care of yourself as you need to stay healthy

  3. It sounds like a wonderful Thanksgiving story that will live on in lore for years and I bet it will even grow as the years pass. I’m glad you both ended up with a happy Thanksgiving and now you can settle down and prepare for the rest of the holiday season. Oh, and don’t forget the colder weather. YIKES!!! You both need to try to stay warm. I always love hearing about your adventures. Have a very happy week!

    • Terri I am still laughing over it all and when I told my Mom she nearly dropped the phone from laughing so much. But we had a wonderful
      Thanksgiving and that is what is important. It has been cold and rainy here so we are indoors most of the time. Please stay warm and dry also
      and have a wonderful week

  4. We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving here in New Zealand but I know a lot of our Ameriican friends enjoy the break (and then go shopping).

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