June has arrived woof woof

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June has arrived which is exciting as although it means the middle of the year it also means more time outdoors and enjoying the fresh air, the smells, the sun, and we must not forget it is Pride Month so all the Rainbows are flying and the city is getting geared up for all the Pride events.

Which of course means more adventures. I am so excited.

Now as you all know I am aging, yup, nearly 17 years old but I have the energy of a puppy although the one problem I am having is Sundowners. That is when

It comes to 4 o’clock in the afternoon I start barking, and barking, and although I have been outdoors, played with snuffle ball, eaten my food, I bark. This is really hard on Mom as she gets a headache and stresses about me which does not help that much. She takes me out about every hour to relax a bit but when we come in I start all over again, so Mom is eating cold dinners, the jazz music is blaring to help me calm down and Mom worries about the neighbors, oy vey.

What is it ? By “sundowning” sleep more during the day and remain awake, disoriented, and agitated throughout the night. This is another reason Mom is relieved thee weather is warming up cos we can be outdoors more although I shnooze a lot in the park.

So Mom has been looking for a solution to keep me calm in the evenings, not too sleepy, as she worries about my heart when I am anxious. We have tried different supplements but have found the perfect one for me and it tastes like chicken livers yumm. It is from my magic mushroom company Real Mushrooms and is amazing as it is really helping me over here. They call it Mushroom Relax Pet Chews and are fantastic. The ingredients in them are :

On top of looking for something to help me relax Mom has been trying to find something that will keep her calm through these stressful times and being a coffee drinker was trying to find something to put in her coffee and this is what she has found and it is really helping her, I can see the difference in her in so many ways plus her brain BOL is working better again.  The verdict is Lions Mane Mushrooms, the powder form that she puts in her coffee and everyone is happy.  On top of that Mom decided to try out the Mushroom Hot Chocolate Mix  with 5 Defenders™ which is a unique blend of the top immune boosting mushrooms: Turkey Tail, Reishi, Maitake, Shiitake and wild harvested Chaga.

Mom told me to tell you she makes cold brew coffee and adds the chocolate mix to it and it is delicious, best coffee to drink in the dog park.

In a nutshell we have both gone on a Mushroom binge and everyone in this house is happy as the products are keeping us healthy, yes just to remind you I am on the Lions Mane supplement also and 5 Defenders supplement too.

You can read more on their website which is easy to navigate and has so many ideas plus recipes WOW


This review was sponsored by Real Mushrooms.


Now I need to stop telling Mom what to write, as I want to go outdoors and enjoy some sunshine, have a wonderful weekend everyone, have fun and make memories

With love from Layla and Mom



12 Replies to “June has arrived woof woof”

  1. You look beautiful out there sweet Layla and I’m glad the mushrooms seem to be working well for you and your Mom. Thanks for joining our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  2. So you have mushrooms for Layla and a mushroom product for yourself as well – that’s pretty awesome! I didn’t know there was a mushroom that could help human cognitive ability as well. Thanks for sharing that info. Happy Pride Month! I know you’ll be telling us about all the fun events in your neighborhood this month, I look forward to reading about that.

    • Cathy the mushroom supplements are amazing and I am loving them, a must for all of us plus the one Layla is getting is really helping her in so many ways. Yes I will be sharing all about Pride this month and looking forward to getting out a bit, Happy June to you from both of us

  3. I didn’t know there were mushrooms for dogs! Now my mom will be looking for spores to grow and dehydrate her own. ☺️

    • Yes there are and Layla is on them and they are helping her, You should tell your Mom about this company as their products are amazing and tell her good luck with growing them and dehydrating them also

  4. Oh, this is great news! I just ordered the Mushroom Relax Pet Chews for Henry from your last post. I’ve given them to Henry a few times when we had thunderstorms coming in the afternoon. There’s a bit of an improvement. I actually messaged the company (surprising how helpful they are with replying to questions) and they said that I could even give Henry 4-5 chews when there’s a high-stress situation such as thunder. I had been giving him 1/2 chew. I then doubled to a full chew in two doses. That helped more. It seems to be an experiment (at least for Henry) to get to the right dose. But oh my he LOVES the taste! Thank you for sharing these with us! I’m anxious to see how they work over the long haul (giving them as needed). We have another string of thunderstorms coming this week. So, I’ll have at least 4 test days.

    • Terri I am so happy you tried them on Henry and the company is fantastic with replying and helping us which makes a big difference. I am loving them in my coffee and it is really helping also, have a great week

  5. Nelly is 16 and doing pretty well so far, but I’ll keep these mushroom supplements in mind if she starts sundowning. I need to look into the Lion’s Mane for myself.

    • Beth it is amazing and really helping me, good to see you back also, as for Nelly the relaxing supplements are wonderful and a must have, have a great week and be safe

  6. Miss Layla, you are so beautiful. You make 17 look fabulous! I do know so much credit has to go to your loving Mom. My Wolfie had anxiety his whole life, worse after all his last packmate and sister passed. He developed Sundowners. I used supplements and CBD and even medication, but he still had bouts. The medication I had to stop as it drove his anxiety higher for about 15 minutes before kicking in. I didn’t like that for him so I stopped it. This magic mushrooms sounds like it is a homerun! If Wolfie was here, I’d definitely give it a try. Thanks for telling us about it. And that there is one for your momma – I like her concoction of coffee and the hot chocolate – a yummy, healthy, calming mocha! Stay well, Sweetie. xo

    • Dorothy thank you so much for your kind words and Sundowners is heartbreaking but we are dealing with it the best we can and I wish Wolfie was here to share with Layla
      the supplement, as for us the concoction is a must try as it is so so delicious, have a wonderful weekend

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