Being a Dog Mom to a senior fur kid

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Good morning Friends,

We hope you enjoying our blog and will carry on reading it this year also, hopefully there will be lots of adventures and fun.

Last weekend Nigel, my new neighbor spent the weekend with us as his Dad went away. He is a cute dog, very mellow and slept most of the time like me so it was pawsome. Mom made sure we were safe and relaxed when the fireworks went off, grr as I hate them as much as Mom did but guess what I did not hear them and slept through it all, so did Nigel, he cuddled on the bed with Mom.

The sun finally came out on Tuesday, so Mom and I hopped on the train and went to the Promenade to my favorite lawns, it was great to be out but when we got there it started getting grey and gloomy and once we had settled, I had barked of course, sniffed everywhere the rain started so Mom had to pack us up, me under my plastic cover in the stroller, Mom got soaked, but we hopped on a train and came home. It was fun to be out on the lawn and in the fresh air and we hoping this week we will be able to do it again.

Grey and gloomy

Checking the pmail

Can you see me under my cover, Layla

One of the reasons I share our adventures is living with a senior dog can be trying and trying to keep her exercised and brain working can be challenging when it is raining as you cannot go out for long without getting drenched and unfortunately, I must look after myself and not get sick. It is a daily challenge, but I would not change it.


Layla is 18 years old, blind but very aware of what is going on plus has the energy that I need to burn off as such as sleeping all day is great but she needs mental stimulation and exercise also. She has become very needy, and I am learning more and more about her body language on a daily basis which is keeping me on my toes but can be exhausting also.


She has also become very picky when it comes to food, what she loved yesterday she does not want the following day so am cooking for her every couple of days different meals and alternating, it is not cheap, but I am relieved she does eat when she is hungry, I free feed her and I have slowed down on her treats so tough love is paying off. Her favorite still is Costco Chicken LOL but I only get it once a week, so she gobbles it happily when it arrives. So, her diet consists of ground lamb, chicken or chicken gizzards plus all her supplements (you can see the below link) and the food game goes on, what is on the menu will she eat that day. It can be very frustrating for me, but she is happy with a full tummy by the end of the day each day as I will not give into her also. Her treats are homemade dehydrated Tilapia which she loves and I look at it in a way as food also plus it is easy to put in her snuffle toy to dig for it and find it.

She has had the odd accident in the house, but it happened when I was out running errands and did not get home in time, but when home she moans to go out and I take her out and she potties outside. I try to take her out 4 times a day like clockwork plus at about 10 pm every night or later if I am awake so she is sleeping till about 5 in the morning, and then she wakes me up with a moan and I take her out to potty, bring her in and then try go back to sleep, not always working LOL. My clothes are ready each time to just slip on and run out with her, her stroller is ready next to the door. Thank goodness I live on a busy street so there are always people out so am not alone.  Another new thing is her standing on street corners barking into the air which worries me as I do not want to wake up the neighborhood but my vet explained to me that she does it because of her blindness.

Sleeping after going out to potty at 5 in the morning


In a nutshell, there is never a dull moment in the Layla Neighborhood but I count my blessings daily that she is healthy, happy and living the life of luxury which she deserves. Her 13th Gotcha Day is at the end of month which I do plan to make very special for her.


Be safe everyone, stay warm and dry

With a woof and love from Layla


12 Replies to “Being a Dog Mom to a senior fur kid”

  1. I’m happy to hear that you slept though the fireworks sweet Layla. This is the first year ever that our fireworks weren’t that bad. Everyone stayed out and snoozed through them. We’re always happy when we see a post from you, we enjoy reading about your adventures. Take care. Thanks for joining Angel Brian’s Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

    • Thank you for your Thursday Blog Hop we always love reading what you have been up to as it brings a smile to our faces. Yes like you we are relieved that the fireworks are over now so we can all get less stressful sleep and get back to a normal life. Take care and have a wonderful weekend, woof from Layla

  2. Aww, you are so blessed to have such a wonderful Mom. She really goes ABOVE AND BEYOND, and it shows. What a blessing to have 18 years behind you and more to go. I’m glad that the fireworks weren’t too bad this year and you were able to sleep through the night. Continue to enjoy every day with your loved ones and congrats on your upcoming “Gotcha day”!

    • Kamira thank you so much for your kind words and confidence in me, it is something I need to hear from others to keep me going with her. We were blessed that the fireworks
      weren’t bad this this year phew but i still hate them. I am looking forward to her coming Gotcha Day this year too. Have a healthy happy New Year with love from us

  3. Yes, I have 2 senior dogs. It is a challenge. My oldest has lots of accidents in the house and bed because of her disc disease. Some days no accidents but these past few days, a mess. Her sister ihas been in pretty good shape until about 7 mos ago. I think you are a terrific mom and do a great job. IT can be challenging as we are not youngins’ either.

    • Sandy always good to see you, it is a challenge and lots of cleaning up but worth it also in the long run cos as long they are happy that is all that counts. Thank you for your compliment I am doing my best and like you we are not young so it can be challenging but worth the challe3nge. Be safe and warm with the cold weather coming

  4. It is a challenge sometimes when our senior pups start changing their behavior. My Husky is losing her hearing and I think it bothers her a lot. She seems to have “forgotten” most of her training as she’s gotten to be a senior! Layla is still able to live her best life, you take great care of her.

    • Cathy Icy is adorable and he will learn to adjust as dogs are quick learners. I would not worry about her training and focus on her being busy and happy as that is all that counts
      in the long run. Icy is very blessed to have such a wonderful Mom like you and you are doing an amazing job with her, she is still able to live the best life like Icy. Happy 2024

  5. How lovely to start the new year with a visit from the new pup in the neighborhood! I just read an article the other day that pups need interaction with their canine pals to maintain healthy cognitive abilities and keep depression at bay. You are obviously on top of this one. I LOVE how you share the details (both good and bad) of providing a loving home for Layla. It’s always very informative and the photos are so adorable!
    Henry and I wish you and Layla a beautiful 2024 fill with the sweetest of surprises.

    • Terri I love Nigel and looking after him is such a pleasure but it is good for Layla to have another dog in the house although they ignore each other LOL. I am always trying to find ways to prevent depression and that is why weather permitting I take her on train rides to different places. Sharing the details both good and bad is important as life is not always rosy and we need to be realistic plus open eyes to other pet parents. Thank you for your compliments of the photos I try to take the best I can. Layla and I wish you and Henry a healthy happy 2024 w2ith lots of fun and laughter

  6. I just love how you care for lovely Miss Layla! You are truly an amazing dog mom. 18, blind, and bless her heart, with your care she gets to go on so many amazing adventures that we all enjoy! I wish mine would have lived healthily to 18, but of course, they were much bigger dogs that have a shorter lifespan. Your care for her and the adventures are just so inspiring for not just senior dog moms, but all dog moms! Pinning to share this with others!

    • Dorothy thank you so much for your kind words, it is people like you that make a difference in my life by making me feel good with what I am doing BUT you were an incredible Dog Mom also to all of yours and you starting your organization makes their legacy go on and I love sharing your blog with others. Thank you for sharing and have a safe healthy 2024 with a woof from Layla

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