It is always good to get a second opinion

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TGIF! Friday has arrived and that means weekend and fun. Mom took a break from social media last week so we could spend some quality time together and it was pawsome.

On Presidents Day I had an eye appointment at the eye dogtor, she was very nice to me and told Mom my eyes are the same although I can see shadows which made Mom excited that not all my vision has gone. It was a crazy morning cos all public transport was on Sunday schedule, so it took more busses and time to get there and home and we were both exhausted when we got home. Mom fed me, then crawled into bed and took a nap and I joined her on my giraffe bed, so Presidents Day was sleeping and eating and of course walks.

Napping on my giraffe

What you did not know was the day before my birthday I went to the Dogtor for my annual check up and when we got home Mom was not happy with the checkup  because she put in my chart that I have a serious illness with no explanation, that I have a mass on my side with no explanation, and the vet tech told Mom I had lost 5 lbs which was a mistake.  The Dogtor told Mom to give me this awful Purina stuff for dehydration which made me really sick.  So, for a couple of days Mom was cleaning all the time although she stopped it the minute I got sick from it. The Dogtor told Mom to give me less which did not help, my tummy was a mess from it. Mpm, blessher even cancelled her Dentist appointment for me. So, with a lot of thought, Mom decided to take me to another Dogtor at another clinic which my friends rave about, and wow was he a nice man. He checked me, told Mom not to worry about the mass phew, my dehydration is not serious and discussed  all with respect and Mom walked out of there relieved and happy as she finally had all her answers to her questions and a happy Mom is a happy me.

So, on the way home Mom bought me a Puppacino to celebrate, ewww I do not like them and told Mom she never has to get me another BOL.

Yuck this stuff is awful


On Saturday we had a fun adventure. It was the monthly Shi Tzu meet up, so we went to this great park to have some fluffy fun. Mom was really tired, but it was great to be out in the sun, perfect day, and we walked around the park and enjoyed the fresh air, views and of course all the dogs. I really enjoyed myself, got lots of treats and we both came home exhausted and ready for a nap.

Meeting a new friend

Playing with my snuffle after the meet up

So, as you can see it is so important to get a second opinion when you are not getting the correct answers from your vet, it makes a big difference as Mom is now relaxed and I am a happy camper again. The Dogtor also told Mom I do not need a Rabies vaccine anymore as I am too old for it. Mom hates vaccines so she was happy to hear that as she does not want poisons in my body.


As you can see, we have been busy, it has been raining here also so we have not been out that much although Mom does take me with her when she goes on errands in my stroller which makes me happy as I am not home alone but napping away while my chauffer pushes the stroller, it is a good life and I am very blessed.

Rolling in my stroller


Have a wonderful weekend everyone, stay safe and warm

With a woof and love from Layla


8 Replies to “It is always good to get a second opinion”

  1. Oh my!!! I’m so glad you got a second opinion for sweet Layla. Gosh, sometimes you just have to go with your gut and mama bear your pup, so to speak. I’m so relieved that the second opinion was much better and the vet was more communicative. That’s so important! It does sound like an overall good week and a great break from social media. Yay!!! Pets to Layla! Stay dry and warm. It must be raining hard there as it’s snowing feet here.

    • Terri it was a nightmare till I got the second opinion phew, we need to always double check if we not satisfied. The week has been great since but the weather is awful here, raining and windy non stop. I was thinking of you today and please be safe where you are with a big hug to Henry from us.

  2. Yes, we agree that a second opinion provides balance and insight. Sometimes a vet may be off base and have a different mindset to the one you need so well done on getting to a second vet.

    I think you and mum will need this week to recover!!!

    • Marjorie you are so correct, I always say rather be safe than sorry and I am planning this weekend to put my feet up and relax as I really need it.

  3. Wow…so glad the second Dogtor had much better news! What a relief! I know your worried Momma must feel so much better, too, hearing that report. I so agree, it’s always good to get another opinion. So happy the growth is not of concern. I know my huskies had a few of those when they hit their golden years. I’m Pinning this to share! Keep feeling good, Miss Layla! Sending you hugs! xo

    • Dorothy thanks so much for your hugs and I agree it is so important to get a second opinion to understand the health of your senior especially when you are not happy with what you have heard and not getting answers. Those masses are worrying and like you I have learned that they get them in their golden years and it is not serious. You were an amazing Husky Mom and I have leaned so much from you. Thank you for sharing xx

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