Should we go to the dog park

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Good morning Fur friends,

It is the end of the week, and the weekend has arrived. The weather has been good this week, so Mom has tried taking me to the park daily for a couple of hours which is good for us.

I have been reading articles lately about the pros and cons of dog parks and there are days when I question is it safe  for Layla with her age but living in a city and therefore no yard it is the only place where she is free to wander around and sniff which she needs.

There are many dog parks in San Francisco, and some say there are more dogs than kids here but the park I go to daily is two blocks away from where I live, it is convenient and easy to get to although I do go to other parks by bus when I have more time. This park is very much a community and some of the dog people there have been going for years. I have been going there for about 12 years if not more and we all know each other, we know what dogs are allergic to what treats and we all keep hawk eyes on our dogs and make sure they are all behaving. Yes you have the odd one like this woman that sits on a bench in the park with her dog trying to hump every dog while she sits there handing out treats like an ATM. She is not liked by most of us and she knows she dare not give Layla a treat as I do not trust what she is feeding them.

But today was the final straw for me, I got so angry with someone and picked up Layla and came home. There is a newbie as I call him, that has a beautiful labrador who is blind, he comes into the park, lets the dog loose and the dog just runs everywhere, and he sits on a bench on his phone calling his dog all the time. This dog knocked Layla over on the lawn on Monday and thank goodness she was startled but fine, the regulars immediately ran to check on her. It happened again today, and I just exploded yelling at him and all he did was laugh and tell me his dog is blind. When I told him Layla is blind and a senior, he just laughed so I turned around and said then you watch your dog carefully as there are small dogs in the park also and one especially Layla can get hurt. He stood there laughing and called me silly so I told him it takes one silly person to recognize another and if his dog hurts Layla he will have to pay the vet bills.  He sat back on the bench for a few minutes and when his dog nearly knocked a kid over (there is a playground for children in one corner of the park) he took his dog and walked out of the park.

That is when I question myself, am I doing the right thing taking her to the park. I feel bad for her as she loves going, wandering, barking at me, or just sitting or standing with the sun on her face, and she needs it mentally. I try to take her when there are not a lot of people in the park for her safety but then you have a disrespectful dog owner who spoils the park time for Layla as after that incident, I put her in her stroller and brought her home. She is fine, ate her food, barked for her snuffle toy, and then went to lie down and to sleep.

I would love to know what you think as summer is around the corner and I want to take her out on adventures or to her regular park.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone, be safe.

With a woof and love from Layla


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  1. Dog parks are tough. We know a handful that we go to. Most of those are really big, many acres and we can walk off leash. During the week, not many people are there, so it is when we go if we go. Since we get our walks every day, have our yard to play in and our sports to practice, we don’t really need the dog park, so we don’t go except every year or two. Sorry it was such a bad experience for Layla. Some people just don’t seem to “get it”.

    • Melissa you are so fortunate to have a yard for your pups, I wish I had one also but I have to make do with what I have for Layla and it is idiots like that man that spoils it for others and he does not get it, he feels like he has the right to do what he wants as his dog is blind which is BS. Have a wonderful weekend with hugs from us

  2. Dang, that is some irresponsible dog parent. He needs to go and y’all need to stay. Band together and drive him away. I know sweet Layla enjoys the park so much and it probably wouldn’t be good to deprive her of her joy. Hugs from all of us and thanks for joining Angel Brian’s Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

    • Hi Terry, I so agree with you he has to learn respect and responsibility, I will not deprive her but try take her at other times. People make me so angry. Thank you for your Thankful Thursday Blog Hop and have a wonderful weekend

  3. There was only one dog park where we used to live and people used to drop their dogs and kids off then leave! Needless to say we never went. There are a lot of dog parks here but I am too scared to take Pierre. He has zero recall so he goes on leashed walks or runs in the fenced backyard. You were much more polite than I’d have been to the stranger laughing.

    • Melissa I cannot believe how irresponsible people can be dropping kids and dogs at a park and then leaving, that is an accident waiting to happen. You are fortunate to have the yard so you really don’t need a dog park the way I do. As for me being polite I will not be next time as I will not tolerate people like him. Have a wonderful week

  4. Entitled dog people drive me crazy. No consideration for other people and other animals. My cats have had adventures ruined by situations like that. Whether you’re out with a reactive dog, a shy dog, special needs pets like Layla, a cat, or a scared-of-dogs kid, people like that guy ruin it for everyone. I hope you find a way to get Layla her park time without having to deal with him and his dog.

    • Emilia I so agree with you they make me so mad as it is because of them so many animals suffer also, I plan to keep going to the park and if he arrives I will sit there and keep an eye out, if his dog knocks Layla one more time I am going to be threatening him with vet bills and will take a photo of him and his dog and plaster social media about him, I really do not care and Nextdoor is the best place to put the photos so the locals see them. Thanks for your input and hugs to your cats they are adorable.

  5. I went to the dog parks when they first opened in my area abt 21 yrs ago. I went twice and that was enough. There is a separate park for small and big dogs, however, i found most people just turn their dog loose and socialize. I was afraid of the dogs not being vaccinated, etc. Have not been back to any since. It is hard for you since you live in the city and not .too many other places to go. I have never been one to let my dogs socialize with other dogs much, never know if they are vaccinated, etc. I don’t know your area and don’t have any suggestions. Is there a notice at the entrance where you can call the city (I guess it is run by the city or county) for any suggestions abt violators or how to report someone?. Too bad there is no invisible bubble to put Layla in to protect her.

    • Sandy because of bad dog owners parks do get a bad reputation but socializing is important for them in the long run, my park is a community and many of us know each other for years and are good dog owners even with their dogs running loose and letting off energy but you always have a bad apple that ruins it for you. Not having a yard makes it difficult also so I have no option but I now go when there are less people so it is safer. Your idea of a bubble is awesome but then she would not be able to sniff LOL

  6. Some peple with dogs feel so ‘entitled’ their arrogance is infuriating! I would probably have kicked him so count your blessings I wasn’t there Layla.

    ‘h my dogs blind’ ‘My dogs a saint he doesn’t bite (much)’ HA! The need to be banned from dog parks!

    • Marjorie thanks for your input and I feel the same but also feel sorry for the dog for having such a lousy owner. I hope he stays away from me in the future

  7. Wow…first, I’m so glad Layla is okay, but my heart was thumping when. you said she was knocked over. And that guy, what an inconsiderate, rude…. *%$#@. Good for you speaking up, but his dog had already knocked Layla over. And to laugh? Wow. Dog Parks are a tough subject. They are wonderful when they work, especially if people do not have yards and want to go. But I’ve heard horror stories, like Layla’s. Unfortunately, for the dog who creates the havoc and the innocent one that gets hurt. It’s all on that pet parent, too. One needs to be responsible for their dog and considerate of others there. If they can’t do that, they don’t belong in the park. But, (sigh), many dog parks are not monitored and this crazy stuff happens. I feel bad if you and Layla if you can’t have your park visits. Maybe that guy will stay home now. One can hope. Hugs to Miss Layla. xo

    • Dorothy I will keep going but at hours when I am sure he is not there, thank goodness Layla was not hurt phew but his attitude and behaviour is disgusting and as a pet parent to a disabled dog you should be more responsible. If I see him I will take Layla to another part of the park although I should not have to. I am not going to let her suffer with no park time because of a POS. Big hugs to you from us xxx

  8. OMG!!! You should be allowed to legally smack people up alongside the head in hopes it’ll knock some sense into them. That’s just awful! He doesn’t deserve to have any critters. He should be kept on a leash and away from everyone. You did the absolute best thing for Layla and you. It’s kind of funny how when one door closes another door opens. I remember the day after I adopted Henry, my boss (at the time) said I had to take him to his dog park because it was so wonderful. So, after work, I loaded Henry up in my car and headed to the highly recommended park to let him play. Well, we walked into the park and there was a HUGE rush out. I was so stunned I didn’t know what to think. I picked up Henry and asked someone what was going on in the park. He explained that someone had just pulled out a gun and threatened to shoot a dog just because it was a pittie. The guy told me the pit bull was super sweet and was minding her own business when this guy walked up, put the gun in her face, and threatened to pull the trigger if the dog didn’t leave immediately. Needless to say, all dogs and people left the park. I never returned. Amazing how some nutjobs are allowed to roam free and some dogs and furry friends are killed just because they don’t have a home. Henry and I are sending you and Layla healing hugs. So sorry this idiot ruined your park. You’re a great mom to Layla! (Oh, and just to let you know, I’ve found lots of safe places to walk and hike with Henry in the years since this incident. Each has been much better in every sense than the park my boss loved.)

    • Terri OMG I would freak out if I saw a man with a gun, Pitbulls are great dogs and I have no fear of them, I am more scared of the humans. I wish I had better places to take Layla but living in the city it is difficult and she needs the exercise so am taking her now when there are less people and I can relax also. Give Henry a big hug from us and be safe

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