I got an ice cream

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Good morning, Friends,

This is me Layla dictating to Mom what to write as today I feel like the Boss and she, my slave. So today we are going to discuss me aging as I am now over 18 years old and that means in human years, I am older than Mom and therefore I have the final word in everything.

This past week has been great, we have been going to the park daily and the minute the idiot arrives we pack up and go home but at least we are getting at least two hours there if not more. Today we sat in a different area which was so good as I had so many new smells I did not sit or stand for a minute but walked about happily doing my thing and of course barking at my slave to be served water when I was thirsty. It was really warm there and my favorite Aunt joined us so Mom was chatting away while I was sniffing. We both had a fun relaxing time but Mom for once forgot the camera at home so no pics sorry, bad Mom.

Aunt was saying to Mom how she could not believe my age and how good I am looking but the main issue Mom has at the moment with me is my back legs are slowly giving In so I sloop when I potty and have problems getting up but thank goodness my slave, she helps me plus having the stroller helps on long walks.

The one exciting adventure we had this week was to get ice cream from Ben & Jerrys as they had their annual free scoop day which was so good. Mom got of course for herself a coffee ice cream and she got for me a cup with vanilla ice cream in, I could not eat it fast enough before it melted and it was so yum, I wanted another, but Mom said no more sugar for me, I thought then she was horrible although I know she is keeping me healthy. After eating the ice cream, we went to the park to hang out for a bit and that was fun as my tummy was full and the weather was perfect but when the wind started we packed up and came home.

Waiting for the bus

I am smiling cos it was so so good, Layla

Park time on the way home

So, my friends, as you can see, I am aging gracefully but enjoying life to its fullest as we must take each day as it comes and treasure the memories.

This weekend starts the Jewish Holiday Passover, the story of the book of Exodus when Moses led the Jews out of Egypt, it is an important story as means freedom for those that were slaves in those days plus today and we must pray for freedom for all animals or people that are being abused as everyone deserves love.

As we say before the Holiday Chag Sameach, which Is Hebrew for Happy Holiday,

Stay safe and have a wonderful week

Love from Layla





10 Replies to “I got an ice cream”

  1. Chag Sameach to you both! Sounds like you had such a fun time, and I bet you enjoyed every minute bossing your mom around. She takes such amazing care of you, every dog should be so lucky! Jack and Red also loved ice cream, and they couldn’t eat it fast enough. It’s nice you get to the park so often, and your mom gets some adult conversation in. The weather here has been awful, so we take our walks in between the rain and crazy wind. I hope you enjoy your time over Pesach. One question….do you eat matzah?

    • Hindy Chag Sameach to you and your family also. I do the best I can with Layla to keep her happy healthy and safe and she is doing the same for me. I love the park time as it is great to be outdoors getting fresh air and sun. I am sorry the weather has been crazy in your area as I am sure it is frustrating also. You are an amazing Mom to your pups an your new foster is very lucky to have you. Layla does not eat Matza but I do yum LOL. Have a wonderful weekend with love from us

    • Terri she loved the ice cream LOL but because of sugar I do not give her too much. I agree with you thank goodness the rude dude was not there and it was relaxing. Thank you so much as always for your Thankful Thursday Blog Hop

  2. You are agine gracefully but also being spoiled. This is a fine line in doggy health to tread isn’t it? I have the sameproblems trying not to spoil our senior boy Jack too much.

    Have a good holiday.

    • I so agree with you and what worries me is I will start over spoiling her although she is not short of anything LOL. You are such a great cat Mom to Jack he is so lucky. Thanks for your greeting for the holiday

  3. Oh, how fun, Miss Layla! Your (slave-lol), um, hu-mom, takes you for such lovely adventures and treats! My FiveSibes loved ice cream! I know you enjoyed it, beautiful lady! Pinned this so others can see how you are enjoying your golden years, and inspiring them!

    • Aww thank you Dorothy, she is enjoying life to the fullest and I am so blessed, the ice cream was delicious and she could have eaten more if I let her LOL. Your five sibes were so fortunate to have you as a hu-mom, you always amazed me. Have a wonderful week 🙂

  4. You had a great day! Any day involving ice cream is a good day in my book, it’s a favorite treat of mine. Your day at the park sounds lovely, I’m glad the moron didn’t come and spoil your fun. Have a happy week Layla.

    • Thanks Emilia and I agree with you, ice cream keeps us happy and we were blessed the moron did not arrive phew. We are loving the park at the moment with the sun being out, have a wonderful week, woofs Layla

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