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Good morning Friends,

We have had a crazy week. Layla has been sick with a Colon infection poor old baby. I took her to the vet, and she is on antibiotics and seems to be slowly getting better, I am just relieved she ate today for the first time in two days which for me is a good sign. So, we have been taking it slow. Of course, Madam embarrassed me by pooping all over the vets office LOL, they put pee pads down but she would walk around and do it on the floor. Thank goodness the vet understands and said to me at least she did not have to do a stool sample as she saw her poop all over the floor. The good news is for her age her heart and lungs are good so am relieved. The antibiotics are making her sleep, which is all she is doing unless she needs to go out to potty. On the way home from the vet Madam started howling in her stroller and I learnt when she does that she needs to potty, I kept apologizing to the driver but she laughed and said it was better than listening to a baby cry nonstop. I suppose I need to see the funny side to it all and just breathe a sigh of relief that she is going to be ok. So, no park this week for her.

This Saturday we are doing DogFest in the park, which is a fund raiser for an elementary school in my area, it is an annual event with lots of booths of dog’s thing, fun children’s activities and so much more. I will have a booth there for Real Mushrooms and will be handing out samples of the mushroom relaxing chews plus. Am immune system chew for your pets. I have managed to get a pen for Layla so she will sleep under the table safely on a blanket and I will be able to work. I am looking forward to this event as it is so much fun, noisy but its also great to see if there is anything new on the market. The weather is going to be cool which will also make it easier to work and overheat, this is San Francisco. So, if you are in the Bay Area come visit and meet us.  We will have all the photos in next week’s blog to share with you.

For those that are interested this is the Real Mushrooms link, letting you into one of my secrets, I love love their Hot Chocolate with mushrooms, it is so good and chocolaty you cannot even taste the mushrooms.

Now, let’s have some fun with a new give away as our dogs or cats always need quality treats to keep them happy. I am doing this giveaway for one of my favorite companies, a small family-owned business called Raw Paws Pet Food. (I love supporting small family businesses) Their products are fantastic, they have great raw food, supplements and so much more and what I love is their treats are for both dogs and cats so everyone can enter.  This give away is for Freeze Dried Smelt Minnows which Layla cannot get enough of Freeze-Dried Chicken Breast Which Bossy Barker barks for all the time, now finally Freeze-Dried Chicken Hearts which she gobbles down so fast am scared she will choke. I think they are all moreish and a must have in the Treat Jar for our dogs or cats as they are fantastic plus healthy. They all have only one ingredient, which is something I love about them.

Hmm they smell good which one first


Mom makes me work for them grrrr

Yes my nose is working and I can smell them yum

You can read more about them on their website :

As Layla barks, she approves of them and wishes everyone who enters good luck.

I was sponsored by Raw Paws Pet Food for this giveaway, and it is for the USA only.

The link for the entry form is below.


Have a wonderful weekend everyone, please be safe as always with a woof and love from Layla



34 Replies to “It is Give Away Time”

    • Terry Dogfest is so much fun and I look forward to every year, Layla is slowly on the mend and am keeping an eye on her all the time. Thank you so much for your Thankful Thursday Blog Hop as always

  1. Sorry Layla was not feeling well. It’s so hard when our furbabies are sick. My little Bella is getting over pancreatitis and I’m thankful she’s feeling better. She’s been so fussy with what she eats (she will be 14 in June). I’d love to try these for her.

  2. Happy to hear you found out what’s wrong with Layla and she’s on the mend. Hope you had a fun time at your event, and I agree it’s important to support local family businesses. Sounds like a great giveaway, I know Jack really loved raw food.

    • Hindy thanks so much for the chat on the phone the other day, she is slowly getting better so am relieved here phew. She adores the treats from this company and I agree with you we need to support family businesses all over the country as they do great products with love. Jack had good taste bless him.

  3. Sorry lala was not feeling well. It’s hard when furbabies are sick. I have a kitty and doggo and both would love to try these treats.

  4. I’m so happy to hear that Layla is on the mend. It’s so scary when they are sick or don’t eat. I’m glad you got her on the right track. I’m certain you will (or are) having a great time at DogFest. It sounds like a lovely event. I always like it when an event helps to support a great cause or entity in need, like an elementary school. I bet Layla will (or is) having fun while she isn’t sleeping. That’s such a great idea to have her sleep peacefully under the table while you work. Excellent idea! Henry and I are sending you and Layla healing hugs for a restful week for you both. I know you need some sleep after worrying about sweet Layla.

    • Hi Terri,

      Layla is on the mend thank goodness phew. The event was so much fun, perfect weather and exhausting for both of us, lots of booths with goodies for our pets, lots of kids and dogs running around and in a nutshell a great day for a great cause. Layla did sleep most of the time although the pen did not fit under the table so we put it next to me and I covered it on top with two jackets so she had shade, and she pigged out on yumm healthy treats and slept.
      I am taking it easy today doing nothing but relaxing to recharge my batteries. Big hugs to Henry and good luck with entering the giveaway.

  5. Sometimes it takes a while to discover what is wrong with a pet but I am so glad you managed. Layla sure has the most caring Mum in the world. Seeing them on the mend is the best feeling.

    If your raw food is as tasty as ours I know the winner will be in for a treat.

  6. I’m sorry Layla isn’t feeling well. I hope she gets better soon.

    I would love to win the raw paws giveaway. I think maybe even picky picky Ryder would like those as show hall rewards. And my ocicats would go crazy for them. Especially Bailey. High value treats risk your fingers with her.

    • Emilia if picky Layla loves them I am sure your cats will too, they are so good and tasty. Thank you for your concern for Layla, it has been a worrying week here but hopefully she
      will go back to being her old healthy self. Good Luck

  7. May Miss Layla feel better very soon and her infection clear up. I’m so glad she was able to go to the DogFest with you! Sure looked like a fun time and great turnout. I love that it raised funds for an elementary school.

    What a great giveaway! I’ll be sharing!

    • Dorothy she seems to be getting better and am praying the infection has gone. Dogfest was so much fun and I agree it iw a wonderful fund raiser for the school which like many needs funds. Good luck with the GiveAway, hugs from Layla

  8. Oh poor little Layla! I’m sorry she hasn’t been feeling 100%, but I’m glad she is on the mend. The event this weekend sounds wonderful! Wish I could come by your booth but I’m clear across the country.

    • Cathy she is i hope slowly on the mend, it is not easy with a senior. The event was so much fun and I wish you and others could have come, there were so many booths and lots of treats for the dogs LOL. I am exhausted still from it LOL.

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