September is National Preparedness for Disaster Month

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Woof it is Wednesday and like every Wednesday our blog should go up but we have just changed the time frame as Mom has picked up more work and had to change our schedule so we will be posting on Thursdays instead.

The long weekend is over, we had a great time of just relaxing at the park, eating and in a nutshell doing not much. Mom decided we needed to just relax but the adventures will start again soon as I the Boss Layla thinks Mom is getting a bit lazy BOL.

September is a very important month and we decided to remind everyone that it is National Preparedness Month for all disasters like hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes, floods plus many more.

This is a time for us to double check everything in the house to make sure we are totally prepared for any kind of disaster, for us and for our fur kids.

Are you prepared ?

I have next to my front door a backpack and bag with the following but am reviewing it at the moment and fixing what needs to be fixed.

Between the bag and the backpack I have a flashlight, batteries, food for 72 hours, water for 72 hours and of course a sleeping bag to keep Layla warm. Another thing that I have in the backpack is a first aid kit with CBD oil in to keep Layla calm. In a sealed zip lock bag I do have all our documents, and other important items that we might need as back ups. I am very fortunate that Layla’s medical records are on online so I do not have to worry about them, she has on her collars and harnesses a PetHub disk which can be scanned with a phone, so she is covered everywhere.

But however much I am prepared I always feel I am not prepared enough so this is a good time to re-evaluate it all and then I can sit back, relax and not worry till a bee in my bonnet says double check again.

So while Mom is packing, cursing as some things are not fitting in BOL, and repacking I am going back to my bed to sleep and stay out of the way as I do not want her to try pack me in there also.

On this note we would love to wish all our Jewish followers and friends a Shana Tova – Happy New Year and may it be a sweet, healthy one

Be safe everyone, have a great week with a woof and love from

26 Replies to “September is National Preparedness for Disaster Month”

  1. Thank you for the reminder about being prepared. We have our bags and carriers together, but I should go through them again to update them and get rid of anything expired or soon-to-expire.

  2. September has crept up on us and National Preparedness for Disaster month has too! Thanks for reminding us that it’s time to make sure we’re pet prepared in case of a disaster. I appreciate reading about the items you include in your kit. You’ve given me some more ideas! Thanks!

  3. I must admit I have absolutely no disaster preparedness plan, and it looks like I’m going to have to change that. Other than the potential for a fire, God forbid, I’ve never lived where natural disasters happen…except for those few years we had a house in Florida. The panic around hurricane season that lasted six months!! At that time I did have a closet full of supplies, and got lots of helpful tips from a close family member who lives there. The best one – keep your valuable paperwork in the dishwasher because it can’t get wet!! Shana Tova and a sweet, happy and healthy New Year to you both!

  4. We have an emergency kit for our dog and kitties. My biggest fear, however, is something would happen when we are away from home at work and school. We don’t have earthquakes, hurricanes or fires in the midwest but still you never know …always good to be prepared!

    • I understand that fear also and that is why I have a sticker on my door saying dog inside so any emergency person will know that. I would rather be safe than sorry

  5. Happy Jewish New Year Layla & Rochelle! I hope you enjoy some time with friends to celebrate. I’m glad you are ready for an emergency, especially in your region of the country, it is been so volatile! We have an emergency bag for our dogs and I’m constantly checking it and replacing the food and other items as they become outdated. It’s so important to have – when disaster strikes, there is no time to stop and think clearly about everything you need to bring, where to go & what route to take, etc. You must act Fast!
    Love & Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

    • Thanks Cathy and I agree with you, rather be safe than sorry. I always say I can live off bread and water but Layla need her food etc so the bag is always ready

  6. Most people feel they will never need to make emergency considerations. Around here, we don’t get floods, hurricanes … nothing really major. Yet, this year, there were many forest fires and one of the really large ones way too close. So close that neighboring town was on evacuation alert.

    It is best to always be prepared whether you feel that it’s warranted or not.

    • Jana I so agree with you and unfortunately with the fires this year every year it is an eye opener for all of us. Rather be safe than sorry

  7. We had a few, severe thunderstorm and tornado warnings in our area. I really should set up a little shelter in the basement ‘just in case’. The challenge will be getting three dogs and two cats down there.

    • I am sure it would be a challenge but on the other hand you would relax knowing there is something if needed and I am sure you will find a solution 🙂

  8. Ah, having a lazy weekend is so welcome at times and very enjoyable! It is good to take a break and recharge the batteries. Hope you both had a wonderfully relaxing time!

    Being prepared is so important. It’s great to have reminders like these so folks can take a day to take inventory and freshen up their supplies. The hope is to never have to use them, but always best to be prepared.

  9. This topic is so important! We have hurricane Florence on the way and it looks like she may hit the coast of South Carolina where we live. We’re lucky we’re in the middle part of the state, but we could still get heavy rains, strong winds, and possible tornadoes. It’s important to be prepared!

  10. My husband and I have been talking about how we ought to some emergency preparedness planning for our family with pets. Thanks for reminding us that it’s time to make sure we are pet prepared in case of disaster.

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