We doing Thursday with a Give Away

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Woof it is Thursday !!!

Another week has passed since our last blog and we are one day late with our blog, bad Mom but it has been as usual a busy week.

So last Thursday was movie night, a movie I really wanted to see. We went to the park, sat with a friend and his dog and got all comfy. I made a mistake and did not think of one thing !!! Popping wine bottles, and when they started popping Layla crawled onto my lap shaking like a leaf. Why my mistake as I should have given her some CBD oil before we left the house. That was the end of our Movie night in the park as I brought her home immediately. The movie I will have to see another time LOL.

On Saturday we went to a BBQ which was fun, it was held at the Church where I volunteer and they once a year do a thank you BBQ for us volunteers, lots of food, laughter and some dogs. Layla was of course in seventh heaven as she got some goodies off my plate. Something I do not normally do.

Sunday was another adventure where we went to visit friends who were doing a pop-up outside a grocery store in one of the great areas of San Francisco. They have an amazing online store where you can shop till you drop for fantastic healthy products for your pampered pet, both dog and cat.

Layla is in love with their beef jerky and cannot get enough of it. I have found her new doggy crack and she just hears the bag and all hell breaks loose, dancing all over the place. So she has decided to share with her friends and we are doing a give away one 1/2 lb bag to one lucky winner. PetWantsSF homemade beef jerky is made with human grade top round steak. They marinade it overnight, dehydrate each batch and if Ms. Picky Eater loves them you know they are good.

They also have amazing health care products, CBD Oils, and so much more to keep our pets healthy and happy. and guess what, that includes cats too.

You can see all their products on their website :


We are being sponsored for this give away and it is only for the USA, to enter to win please fill in the Rafflecopter app below so that one lucky pup can win a bag of delicious beef jerky. This give away is open to the USA only.


Now it is time for me to have my afternoon snooze as life is hard in the Layla Neighborhood.

Have a wonderful long weekend all,
Cannot wait to hear what you did and please be safe

With Woof and Love from

56 Replies to “We doing Thursday with a Give Away”

  1. We’ve had a safe week. Defy has such separation anxiety though that we’re working more with him. You look so sweet! Such fun of movies in the park!! Hoping for a successful yard sale this weekend as its time to take our trip to see Grandparents

    • You are an incredible Mom to your pups and praying that the yard sale is successful so that you can go see your family, hugs from Layla

  2. I want to learn more about CBD oil for pets. It seems it can be of help for so many issues in our pets. This is our long weekend, the last long weekend of summer and we are hoping to get out and enjoy it with our pups – hope the weather cooperates!

    • Kelly have a wonderful long weekend with your pups. CBD Oil is amazing and helps with so much and a good product to have on hand.

  3. Aww, I know how Layla feels with popping sounds and going home sounds like the best cure. Surprised me so many folk were drinking, but I guess warm weather and outdoors does that to humans. Me, I prefer watching mice (and eating them) MOL
    Oooh, you lucky lady, BBQ and beef jerky! If I were a dog I sure would go for that!
    Toodle pips and purrs

    • Hi Erin, Layla decided that if folks want to drink the should go for non popping bottles. As for the BBQ and Beef Jerky, yummm is what she says although she understands you being a cat that the mice is more important MOL.

  4. yes, i give my girls too many treats. however, i try to balance them out with their food. i watch their weight. however, it is hard not to give them treats because they are so cute and lovable. i have never tried cbd. my homeopathic vet has never really talked to me about them. i will have to ask her the next visit. i run everything by her first. i probably could have used them last nite, the storms were terrible and the girls were up all nite long which meant i was up all nite long. lots of thunder and lightening.

    • Sandy good to see you and am happy you have entered, good luck. I swear by the CBD oil to relax Layla and you can read all about it also on the website link I put on the blog which I hope you will give you some answers

    • Michelle thanks for entering and good luck, I normally have the CBD oil with me for emergencies and for some reason forgot that day. Yes we did make it up with other fun adventures so she did not lose out.

  5. Oh no poor Layla getting so nervous hearing corks pop. It’s good to know the CBD oil is so effective in relaxing her. As always you have such an interesting life!! Jack is now with me in Toronto from England, and as he was abused in his former home he can be reactive. Living in a house with 6 strangers (to him), has been a bit of an adjustment, but a week and a half into our visit and he’s doing better. Everyone still has their instructions to leave him alone, but he’s loving his walks on the busy Toronto streets, something I’m really surprised about. He’s quite happy sitting outside Second Cup or Starbucks watching the world go by, perfect for the nosy dog he is!!

    • I did not realize you were there already and that Jack is slowly adjusting, I cannot wait to hear more and enjoy your coffee outside with him.

  6. Molly and Nelly say I don’t give them enough treats. They must thing I’m saving them for some unknown other dog. They never mention that when I don’t feel like cooking they end up with their own cheeseburger and fries.

  7. I’m so sorry Layla missed her movie night. Our Buddy is nervous around noises, too. He was found on the streets hairless ans infected eyes, ears, skin, etc and almost no hair. I am sure he went through a ton of stuff because they asked for a hospice home for him. That was 2 1/2 years ago and he turned out to not be blind or deaf or ready to depart this world. He is my true buddy, so his name fits him well.Buddy went for a ride in the car to Grammy and Pap’s house with his sisters today. He found the stinkiest spot he could find and rolled in it. LOL!

    • Anna I was upset also but felt a lot better bringing her home. Thank you for fostering Buddy and giving him such a great home, he is one lucky pup. As for rolling, oy vey that is the story of the park rolls – LOL

  8. My dog & I have a disagreement about too many treats. Angel says she does not get enough. I say she gets enough. I don’t think we will be able to agree on the number of treats she should have. So, I told her as soon as she gets thumbs , she can have as many as she wants but Angel thought that was not fair either.

  9. Sorry about the spoiled movie night. I was wondering what happened since your last post. Now I understand. All those poppin bottles were scary. So sorry Layla. I hope you are able to have a chance to try another movie night in the park. I’m sure next time you’ll have a better experience. Sounds like you had quite a busy week. Enjoy taking some downtime with mom. As for me, I have a new foster roomie at home so will be helping to get him adjusted and settled in. Have a good weekend.

    • Kamira we are thank goodness fine and I was late with the blog this week, never a dull moment here. I cannot wait to hear more about your foster, good luck, it is so exciting

  10. While I know I often give my furbabies (both dogs and cats) more treats than I should, I do at least try to give them healthy treats so I’m not taking away the nutrition they get with their regular food. Of course, each and every one of them would say that I don’t give them nearly enough treats!

  11. I try to give my baby healthy treats mainly in small portions as rewards. He’s still a puppy so it helps in his training. Other than that I try to give him flavored rawhide to help with his need to chew on EVERYTHING.

  12. You two sure have been BUSY!! I’m sorry you missed that movie, but maybe try to get used to the wine popping sounds for next time and take your CBD oil. That beef jerky looks Delicious! I entered the contest, my girls would just love it. I think they get enough treats, but Icy and Phoebe say No Way! It’s Never enough! I like that this company has all natural products, their web site looks great.
    Love & Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

    • Cathy I was also sorry to have missed the movie but her happiness is more important and it was my mistake. Layla agrees with Icy and Phoebe and they are great treats.

  13. Your question whether we give enough treats to our pets made me laugh out loud! I do give loads of treats and find myself having to cut back when trying to make sure my happy lab doesn’t get chunky! Treats are just great though! Guess I need to just make sure they are either very small or very low-cal!

  14. We had a great week last week, but mom Paula had a rough week. She has a slipped disc and vertebra in her lower back and after physical therapy last week she was in major pain. She needs surgery but the doctor is ready to do it yet. She’s not ready either. Have a great week

  15. Hope she feels better really quickly! I love giving my dog treats — she’s really spoiled in that way since I probably overdo it sometimes!
    digicats {at} sbcglobal {dot} net

  16. According to my fur babies I do not give them enough Treats, but I probably actually give them too many LOL I know they would love these beef jerky treats just as much. They are treat a holic’s!

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