What has been happening in the Layla Neighborhood

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Good Morning all,

It is the middle of the week and that means its my weekly woof, life is so hard having to keep up with this schedule so have asked for a pay raise in treats and my slave is debating about it. She can be so mean sometimes.

We have had a quiet week here as the weather has been San Francisco weather, cold, gloomy and foggy so every opportunity that the sun comes out Mom grabs me and the park things and off we go. But chuckling, I have a new game and that is to hide in my box and refuse. It then becomes an argument but in the end Mom wins but this game is fun.

Over the weekend Mom and I just relaxed, did not do any adventures and decided to take it easy and spend quality time together. It was awesome having her to myself although in the afternoons we would meet our friends in the park, freeze a bit in the sun and just chomp on treats, Mom her coffee and chat with friends.

Let me introduce to two of my friends, Lucy who I love to play with and CJ who is very shy. He is a rescue and adorable and what is funny is now he knows Mom has treats in her bag he tries to get them out, sticking his long nose into the pockets. It is really funny to watch.

Tomorrow, Thursday they are having a movie in the park which will be fun, it is Best in Show, so we going to bundle up and go watch it. There are going to be food trucks with all kinds of foods and the best part is all dogs are welcome. I have never been to a movie before so am really excited.

Mom also told me that we are invited to a BBQ on Saturday evening, yumm where there is food I am happy although Mean Mom watches what I eat.

So that is the happenings in our Neighborhood at the moment, never a dull moment but happy times which of course is the best.

Am now going to whine and mope and work on Mom to hand over some treats, have a wonderful rest of the week,

With woof and love

26 Replies to “What has been happening in the Layla Neighborhood”

  1. Yup you just have to make the most and best of a bad day, when ever it comes. Now sounds lie you have a great fun spell ahead, and plenty of scope to get extra treats at the movie, maybe a hot dog too?
    Whatever happens have a great time.

  2. Aw Lucy and CJ are cute! That’s so funny that CJ tries to pick your mom’s pockets. Our city does movies in the park sometimes in the summer but so far we’ve never gone to one. I’m not quite sure whether or not my boys would behave themselves or not. They get bored when we watch movies at home so I’m afraid they’d get bored and just spend the whole movie trying to play with everyone.

  3. I remember that SF weather! Brrrr… Looks like you’re keeping warm with those good snuggles with your human and doggie friends. I hope the Saturday BBQ yielded you some yummy snacks.

  4. Better hand over those treats, Ma! Layla is a most deserving pup, seeing as how she brings you and all the park friends so much joy & laughter! We are so jealous of the cooler weather you’re having in SF, we are not so lucky here on the East Coast. Two great days then several days of awful hot & humid weather, that’s the recent pattern.
    Love & Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

    • LOL she is so spoiled with the treats and the park can be like an ATM with them sometimes, The weather is cool today also so no park, I don’t feel like it. Stay cool with woof from Layla

  5. Our adventures have returned to our neck of the woods. After Cookie’s ditch was dried out for what seems forever, finally we got some decent rain and her favorite activity has resumed.

  6. I hope you enjoyed the movie in the park! I love Best in Show, and I think it would be extra fun to see with lots of dog lovers and their dogs!

    • Beth I agree but in the end I did not see it as she got so afraid from all the popping of the wine bottles so we had to come home

  7. Sounds like a cushy gig, Layla! Maybe show keen on the outings and you’ll get your pay rise!? Enjoy the movie and BBQ. Good luck with the negotiations!

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