Woof it is Wonderful Wednesday

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Good Morning,

What is happening in the Layla neighborhood ?

It has actually been in a way a slowish one since last week as Mom decided she needed to slow down a bit as she pulled a muscle in her side, so off to the Doctor she went on Friday to have it checked out. Doctor told her it is part of growing old BOL and that she will survive.

On Friday was spoil your dog day so Mom surprised me with two new toys which I love especially when they squeak. That made up for Mom going to the Doctor so I forgave her although made sure she double dosed me with treats.

On Sunday we went on an adventure, and Mom who is getting old, shhhh don’t tell her, forgot the battery at home so we did not get many pictures.

It was a fun event called the Noe Valley Animal Fair where there were goats, bunnies, dog and cat rescues of course, but the best was I got to meet LiLou the Therapy Pig from San Francisco Airport, who scared me and that is when the battery just went boom dead. So no pictures. It was a cute event in a small town square, lots of people and booths with different animals and of course lots of kids running around.

On the way home we stopped off at the park and sat with friends, but my best surprise was my boyfriend Boaz was there so I lay on his tummy and had a shnooze. It was a great fun day and by the time we got home Mom was exhausted.

As on this blog I always share about events in San Francisco, and having lived in Israel most of my life, I decided to share with you an amazing Dog Event that is happening in Tel Aviv on the 24 August. I really wish I was there for it.

It is called : Kelaviv Dog Festival (A very clever play on words as Kelev is Dog in Hebrew and it is being held in Tel Aviv.

With 1 dog for every 17 residents, Tel Aviv is the city with the highest amount of dogs per capita in the world and this is definitely a reason to celebrate. The friendliest city for dogs is happy to host the third Kelaviv* dog festival; bigger and better than ever before!

Pooches and their humans will be able to experience the first ever Urban Dogs Olympic Games, a dog beauty queen competition, massages for dogs, dog bakeries, counseling and training services, and plenty of pet friendly stalls. In addition, this year we will also have a live music stage with performances by: Jane Bordeaux, Avihu Pinhasov Rhytm Club and more!

Thank you to Margaux Stelman for all the information and poster.
Margaux Stelman | מרגו סטלמן
Head of International Press | ראש תחום תקשורת בינלאומית
Tel Aviv Global & Tourism | מנהלת עיר עולם ותיירות
Mayor’s Office, Tel Aviv-Yafo

It sounds like so much fun and I think that we should all start saving to go to the next one next year. Actually LOL it would be awesome if we could organize a tour of all dog events all over the world and take our dogs and travel.

What can I say, I am dreaming of doing something like that but would have to win the lottery LOL.

I will be updating you on Layla’s diet next week as I think I am getting to what I want to do, through trial and error will be the wiser.

Have a wonderful week all,

I am now off to do what I do best, siesta

Woof with love from Layla

44 Replies to “Woof it is Wonderful Wednesday”

  1. * Ouch * Tell your mom to take care. Pulling muscles is painful (and don’t you tease er so young lady 😉

    I love the idea of a dog festival. Although I suspect you will all be very VERY SPOILED (am I right?) You certainly look as though you saw plenty!

  2. That’s a slow week for your Layla!! The fair does sound like fun, it’s incredible how many dog friendly events there are in your neck of the woods. Not a thing happens where we live. The event in Tel Aviv sounds amazing, and love the play on words. I’ve wanted to go to the vegan festival which is March I think, and now this in August. Israel is 5 hours from where we live and you can get some crazy cheap flights at certain times of the year so who knows maybe next year!!

    • Hindy I thought of you with the Tel Aviv event and you are lucky to get cheap flights. That dog event in Tel Aviv sounds awesome and I would so love to go. Have a great weekend

  3. All the best to your mom and a speedy recovery! Sounds like you are like Edie and Edna and love to get spoiled with new toys 🙂 Have a wonderful weekend

    • Yes we do love to get new toys as often as possible 🙂 I am on the road to mend which is good phew, have a great weekend

  4. I have always said that in my next life I want to be my family’s dog….yes…Prince, together with all dogs here in Tel Aviv are loved and generally taken care of so well. Hope your mom will feel better…. can’t believe she’s getting old….getting old isn’t for sissies. Rest well and have a lovely weekend all.

    • Diana the event sounds awesome and I never realized how many dogs there were in Tel Aviv, I am sure Prince is totally spoiled LOL especially with Jewish/Israeli parents. Have a wonderful weekend too and take it easy, woof Shabbat Shalom from Layla

  5. Aw I hope your mom is feeling better! I know all about getting old, sadly. That sounds like a really fun event! Wow, you even got to meet a pig!? I do wonder how my boys would react to a pig. They’ve met a lot of animals over the years, but never a pig before.

    • Thanks and am feeling a lot better today. It was fascinating to see how she reacted to the pig but I think she was more scared than anything else LOL.

  6. California is so dog-friendly I’m jealous. Looks like a great event. My dog isn’t frightened of pigs (or goats – he tried to sniff ones butt) but donkeys freak him out. It’s the first time he saddled up to me for protection.

    • I am very lucky with the events in San Francisco and try to go as many as possible. LOL am laughing at the sniffing of the butt, thank goodness Layla did not try that and as for donkeys we have not met one yet so not sure how she would react

    • Lola I am feeling a lot better and thank you for reading our Weekly Woof. We cannot wait to get our new bed and take pics of Layla in it, thanks so much

  7. I hope you both get a good rest after last week’s activities – you had such a fun filled week! What a great event, a dog festival in Tel Aviv, I had no idea they were so dog friendly there. Wonderful.
    Love & Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

    • Cathy I was surprised also as to how dog friendly Tel Aviv is – which is awesome. I am relaxing this weekend, just park time with Layla

  8. I’m sorry to hear about the pulled muscle, something like that really hurts. The Noe Valley Animal Fair sounds like a lot of fun. Did Layla start feeling comfortable around LiLou? I had no idea that Tel Aviv has such a large dog population, it sounds like that will be a wonderful festival. I hope you can go to it one year!

    • Beth I am feeling a lot better thanks. Layla and the pig was quite cute but she was not sure what to do with it LOL. I would love to visit the Tel Aviv Dog fair one year, I lived there for many years and it is a fantastic city

  9. That sure looks like a fun event. Too bad you didn’t get pictures of the pig. I always wonder what my cats would do if they met another animal species.

    • Holly I was upset about the pig too LOL. Good question about your cats meeting other animals. That is why I take Layla to these events to see what will happen

  10. That sounds like a really fun event (the one you went to) how cool about there being a therapy pig! And I had no idea about Tel Aviv-never would have guessed that. That also sounds like a great event. I wish we had more things like that where I live. Hope mom feels better soon.

    • Lorie thanks and am feeling a lot better. We are fortunate to have these small events all over the city as it is a fun adventure for Layla and for me. I was also surprised to read about Tel Aviv although I lived there many years ago and it is great to show the world the happenings in other countries

  11. I agree that organizing a doggie tour of world-wide dog-friendly events would be wonderful! Nirvana! Winning the lottery would be a prerequisite for us too. Slow down a little bit, Layla, and let your mum catch her breath. She takes awfully good care of you, and loves you to pieces!

    • Irene I think it would be so much fun but yes we have to win the lottery LOL. We are taking it slow today as I decided I needed it and Layla is happy as long as I am home with her.

  12. Wow, that was some week you had and even though you didnt have enough battery power it does sound very exciting with the companions everywhere San Francisco to Tel Aviv.
    Maybe they can bring the dog fair to SF?
    Toodle pips and purrs

    • Erin that would be fun to bring it here but we are also blessed to have so much to do in San Francisco although it would be great if all the bloggers came here

  13. Lovely newsy update, Princess Layla! I and the exhausted old man sends greeting from our new apt in the Big Apple ❤️

    • And Layla wishes you were here, she misses both of you and says we need to win the lottery to visit you and see the new apt in the Big Apple <3

  14. Oh no, we totally missed the Spoil Your Dog Day. That’s okay, though. Cookie is spoiled every day of the year and I can’t even imagine how I could spoil her any more. LOL

    • We have fun but only at small events which I love going to, it is also great to see what is happening in the animal world plus Layla gets lots of goodies. Her beau is a kid I have been teaching Hebrew to that she adores. I also love the play on words and would love to go to the Tel Aviv event, maybe one day

    • I am a lot better thanks and I agree it sounds like an amazing event in Israel and its great to see what other countries do

  15. Kilo likes the sound of treats and toys – the fair and park not so much- that’s a busy weekend to us. He met a trained pig named Dozer at Canadian Pet Expo – he did not like the look of him much as he is much bigger than Kilo with big teeth.

    • Oy vey they are funny when they react to other animals. Layla loves the park especially when some of her favorite people are there with lots of treats

  16. It’s a shame that the camera battery died just when you met LiLou the therapy pig! But it sounds like a fun event anyways– and sometimes it’s better just to enjoy to moment instead of trying to get photos & videos of everything!

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