Woof what a week

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Woof Happy Wednesday,

Mom is still on the famous mission BOL of research and phew in a way it is keeping her busy so she is not bothering me.

We had a great weekend with lots of activities. On Saturday we spent the whole afternoon in the park as the weather has been awesome so I have had lots of park fun with my friends and of course lots of treats.

On Sunday we went for an adventure to Japan town where they were having the annual Nihonmachi street fair. It is a great event that is held annually with dog events, local rescues of birds and dogs, and local vendors. It was an eye opener for me as I did not realize how many local businesses there are that make the food / treats here in San Francisco. Met up with some great people and in a future blog will be doing a review on one or two of them and their products. Layla of course had fun, sitting in her backpack which many people asked me about plus she filled up on treats, Miss Piggy. They also had a display of antique cars which was so great to see, lots of food of course for us humans and just a great family filled fun day. I love these small festivals and once again can say thank goodness for the backpack as it makes my life so much easier.

We got home in the early afternoon, I needed coffee LOL, and then packed up and went to sit in the park to relax. The weather has been amazing and a lot of our friends came and sat with us, so it was fun chatting, dogs wandering around and of course mooching where possible and the type of afternoons I love. By the time we got home I was exhausted, so was Madam, she ate her dinner, I cooked something easy and then we both went to bed.

Yesterday (Tuesday) I took Layla for her bi-annual check up, the vet is very happy with her health for her age, excluding her left eye where she is going blind slowly and we are just letting nature take it course, she is one happy healthy little girl. I discussed with the vet that I am changing her diet, she gave me a resource to check to make sure it is well balanced, so in a nutshell I, the Jewish Mom is relaxed.

In the evening we went to our dog park where there was a community BBQ, the police get together to cook for us, it is a lot of fun plus we meet them in person, a wonderful community fun evening for all.

So that has been our week, busy as always and as Mom says she is slowing down for the rest of the week kind of LOL, till the weekend arrives and more happenings.

How has your week been ?

I am now off to sleep for a bit as I am exhausted,

Woof with love from Layla

32 Replies to “Woof what a week”

  1. I can never keep up with Layla’s social calendar! I’m so sorry to hear she’s losing her sight, I didn’t know. I look forward to your weekly posts because it seems like you live in such an amazing community, I wish I could say the same. Perhaps when we head to Toronto for 2 months with Jack things will pick up a bit. I only had cats when I lived there so it will be interesting to explore dog friendly Toronto, assuming it exists!!

    • Hindy during the summer there are lots of events going on, I only do a few LOL but try to get out on weekends with Madam. Her sight has been going in the one eye for a couple of months now but we are not hysterical over it and just letting nature take its course. I cannot wait to hear about your Toronto visit with Jack and your adventures, it sounds like it is going to be a lot of fun

  2. Sounds like you both had a fun filled and busy week! Happy to hear Layla’s check up went well. We have a busy weekend ahead celebrating our Nana’a 92nd Birthday!

  3. That sounds like a great week! I love new discoveries, too. Japan town sounds like an interesting visit. I’m glad your checkup went well. How fun that the police cooked for you. I saw a photo of you with an officer, on Facebook.

    • It was a great week and I love these events as they are not too big and overwhelming for Layla. The Cop was so nice about the photo bless him. As for her check up I am so relaxed and relieved over it phew

  4. Sounds like lots of fun! I’m glad Layla’s checkup went well but am sorry about her eyesight. My oldest boy we think is starting to not see as well. He’s ok during the day but can’t seem to see as well as he used to at night. I love all your pictures, especially the one with the tortoise! We have two pet tortoises here, but they are still young and a lot smaller than the one in your picture.

    • Michelle the eyesight comes with age my vet said and it is not stopping her with anything. I am sorry your oldest boy is going through the same give him a hug from us. I love the one with the tortoise she was so curious about it LOL but really good. I used to have one as a kid

  5. Wow, you had quite a fun filled week you guys! I love how you have so many community events that Layla is welcome at, and the Firemen cooking for the community OMG!! That is amazing. I’m sorry about Layla’s vision issues but I know she is well taken care of and will go through it gracefully.
    Love & Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

    • Thanks Cathy, and I am blessed with all the happenings that she can come with me, actually I only go to those as it is fun for her too. I am concerned about her sight but as I feel it could be worse and it is only one eye and she is otherwise really healthy. Lots of love

    • Holly we are blessed with fun adventures and this weekend am lying low a bit. My vet told me to look on the website of UCDavis where they have a nutrition section which am going to sit on this week and read, hope that helps you

  6. Wow that is a busy fun weekend. Kilo would complain as he prefers to be at home or on safe turf (no strangers or dogs). I like getting out. Love the idea of the community barbie.

    • Awww Kilo but you would be missing out on lots of treats LOL. I love the idea of the community bbq also – its a fun event and everyone benefits

  7. Thanks for the update Layla! I like how mom thinks. Take it easy and relax. I’m happy to hear you have a good bill of health and know mom is at ease. Hmm my past week was busy busy busy. I hope it’s a little calmer this week. I’ll have to take a note from both of you and head to bed early! Have a good week.

    • Kamira thanks and we are also taking it slow this week as I need to slow down a bit. I am just relieved that she is healthy as that relaxes me totally. Have a calm week this week too and try take some time for yourself

    • Beth I am still working on the diet and yes we are busy, but I think I need to slow down a bit LOL. Will keep you posted diet wise on the blog

    • Thanks and we are lucky with the events, I only choose those that she can come with me so it will be fun for her too, have a great week

  8. Layla sure had a busy week with lots of treats. I’m glad the vet gave her a clean bill of health. I hope her eye does not deteriorate too fast. I know how that can be since Buffy has gone blind in the past year. Even a little vision is much better than blindness.

    • Thanks Sandy and as for her eyes I feel the same way, she still has a little vision in her left eye but her right is all good, we are monitoring it and taking it day by day

    • Aww I hope you had a great time and I cannot leave without the backpack now – it has become a permanent fixture in my life LOL

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