WOW 1,526 and still counting

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TGIF ! Friday has arrived and with it of course the weekend. That is the best as it means adventures.

Our last weekend was a busy one as always as I love to keep Mom busy, it is very important she does not become a couch potato BOL.

Last Saturday we went to the Bay Area Pet Fair. This is an amazing two day event that is held once a year in the Bay Area. This event is held by a Californian Pet Store called Pet Food Express. What they do is hold an adoption event for all animals from Dogs, Cats, Birds, Rats, and others and if you adopt on one of those days you go home with an adoption Swag Bag. All the vendors that have their products in the stores have booths at the event with samples of their products so it is a wonderful way to see what is happening in the Pet Market. There were over 100 vendors so it is heaven for all of us.

I went with a friend and of course Layla on Saturday. He has a rescued Dalmation and was curious to see what foods, treats, grooming products and the list can go on, was on the market and of course fill a bag with lots of samples.

Layla was in heaven, she pigged out trying new samples and was one happy girl. I by the end was tired from having her on back in the backpack but on the other hand was just amazed as to what amazing products there are.

BUT I think the highlight of this event was the amount of animals adopted, and they still do not have the final count which will be ready on Friday but the last I heard 1,526 animals went to their new homes. INCREDIBLE !!!!!!!

While wandering around I met up with the company EMBARK which has a DNA test kit. This is something I have always wanted to do with Layla but have feared LOL as I love calling her my HaShiPoo. They gave me a kit to do on her and now the waiting begins. What I love about this kit is that the test does the following :

1. Breed ID and Ancestry
2. Health – Understand risk for diseases
3. Personalized Care – If a dog tests “At Risk” for a condition they contact you personally to discuss this finding.
4. Traits – Find the genes behind your dog’s unique look

This really interests me so cannot wait to get the results back plus it is so easy to do – all you need is a saliva sample and then LOL you give your dog a treat.

You can visit them on their website


On Sunday we had a slowish day, relaxed and then went to our dog park to enjoy the weather and friends. What I had forgotten was the neighborhood was having a block party so we wandered over there for lunch which was great plus they had an amazing band playing. A wonderful way to mingle with friends, eat good food and listen to wonderful music. Madam of course was in her element as she got once again lots of snacks.

So as you can see I am not a couch potato and Layla she not call me that LOL as we have wonderful weekends out and about and relaxing with friends too.

So now the weekend is arriving again, oy vey I have not decided what we going to do but for definite while the weather is still awesome in San Francisco we are going to be enjoying the outdoors.

Have a wonderful weekend all, with a woof and love from
Bossy Layla

25 Replies to “WOW 1,526 and still counting”

  1. The pet fair sounds like so much fun! What an impressive number of animals adopted. Both my dogs are purebreds, but I’ve been curious about some of the DNA testing companies that can test for potential health issues too. I’m sure it will be interesting to see Layla’s results!

  2. What a fun dog event!! I wish there was something like that where I live. I can’t imagine how awesome it would be to get to visit 100 vendors! The best thing to celebrate is, of course, the number of animals who found new forever homes. How great does that feel. I’ve wanted to do a DNA test, but my husband is content enough just saying “mutt.”

    Shabbat Shalom Layla and mom.

    • LOL I love the mutts so all is good here with that. It is a fun event but the importance is all the adoptions which empties rescues and makes place for more. The vendor side is fun and you can see under one roof what is new on the market

    • Lola it is a great event and yes I am blessed to have these things to do on weekends which makes our life interesting. As for the results I cannot wait also

  3. I think we have a Pet Express out here too, it’s good and has a dog self-wash area which we love for Icy. I can’t wait to hear the results of Layla’s Embark testing!! How exciting. I need to do that for Phoebe, we’re not sure exactly what breeds she is.
    Love & Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

    • Cathy they are a great store and I only shop there. As for the test it will be fun to know what Phoebe is although she is just a cutie

  4. Wow, that number is incredible! That’s so awesome. Sounds like it’s a great event and that Layla has lots of fun. Looking forward to Layla’s test results.

    • Rachel it is amazing the amount of animals adopted in one weekend, a fantastic annual event. I am also looking forward to the results

  5. I need to move to the city! you always have such cool pet friendly stuff going on. I’m so jealous. I would love to go to a pet fair like that. I think perhaps there might be something in Boston, but that’s a few hours away. I love to hear about all the new things on the market.

    • Holly I love these events and yes it is great living in the city on the one hand but on the other I would love to be in the country somewhere away from all the noise

  6. 1526!! and counting! That’s fantastic. It really brings joy and a smile to my face so many furry friends have found their own forever homes. Sounds like you guys had a great weekend. Looking forward to your future post about Layla’s results.

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