November has arrived

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Woof November has arrived !

We cannot believe that the year is nearly over and 2019 is around the corner. It seems to be whizzing by.

I decided to put a hat on Layla for Halloween LOL – she actually did not mind it.

With all the tragedies all over the world this past week Layla and I decided to lie low and just spend as much time in the sunshine in the park and off all electronics. We both decided it was the healthiest way to be.

Last week Layla had a really bad attack of allergies plus she was just drinking more than normal plus wanting to pee every two hours so on Friday I took her to the vet for a check up. The vet was great as always, checked her thoroughly and explained to me that with allergies dogs sometimes drink more than normal but I should monitor her. We discussed what to do with her allergies and as I hate medications especially Apoquel as I feel once the dose is over the scratching begins again so for me that is not a solution. So after a lot of discussions I decided not happily but I also aware something needs to be done he gave her the Cytopoint shot. All I can say is within 24 hours she had stopped scratching totally, slept through the night phew as I needed sleep also and as it lasts for about 4 – 6 weeks by the time it would wears off winter should be here.

I had not heard of it in the past but after reading about it at home I am happy we did it. Layla, when she starts scratching, she starts hopping badly with her back leg in the air and I worry about her back, especially as she is 11 years old and I don’t want her to pull any muscles so that is another reason I went for it.

Another thing that made me really happy was this vet (I go to a clinic where there are 4 and I know them all) believes in CBD oil for pets and we had an amazing chat about it.

NOW the good news HA – Remember when I did the Embark DNA test on her – the results came in and I have not stopped laughing as I am trying to find the breeds in her. I love this company and am so happy I did the DNA test as I also found out she has no genetic diseases which is a big weight off my shoulders.

Drumroll …………Layla whom I used to call my HaShiPoo is really a mix of :

73 % Small Poodle
12.3 % Pekingese
8.4 % Cocker Spaniel
6.3 % Lhaso Apso

What can I say to this : She is a Rescued Concoction full of love, happiness and personality. She is my PooPeCockLha ROFL.

If you want to do yours you can get it at :


So that is what is happening in the Layla Neighborhood, never a dull moment but always full of wagging tails and smiles.

We hope you had a fun Halloween and did not OD on treats and candy.

Am off now for my afternoon siesta as it is hard work being a dog.

Be safe all with a woof and love
From Layla

32 Replies to “November has arrived”

  1. Don’t even get me started on how quickly the weeks whiz by I’m finding it frightening. Sorry about Layla’s allergies, Jack has some as well but I’m glad to hear the shot was so effective. I don’t blame you for needing time away from technology, to unplug and just be without all those distractions. I hate to date myself but we all seemed to be just fine before cell phones and being connected every minute of the day. Have a lovely weekend you two!!

    • Hindy it is crazy how fast the year has gone and I agree with you I long for the old days without the cell phones and I think that is why I have kept my flip phone to stay disconnected when out and about. Have a great weekend too

  2. Good work on spending time in the Sunshine, where I am, the sun is almost gone for the next couple of months πŸ™

    It’s also always good to spend time off electronics – I end up walking my dog eyes glued to my phone sometime.

    Thanks for the weekly report, hope Layla’s allergies are under control on the next one! πŸ™‚

  3. I should get Bravo tested. His mother looks every inch a Bullmastiff, but we haven’t a clue about his dad. And he’s getting sooooo tall and leggy, more like a Dane. Would be fun to find out. We’d love him the same, no matter what. *s*

    • Amy it is so exciting to find out and I love Layla for Layla and really giggling over the Cocker Spaniel part LOL. Cannot wait to hear your results

  4. I’m going to ask my vet about Cytopoint injections. Edie is on Apoquel for her seasonal allergies and they do help her, but this may be an alternative than a pill each day.

  5. Layla is a lovely mix. Honestly I don’t even care because she’s so cute! Ah CBD oil has many benefits…also works well for humans too. One of my relatives uses it for a chronic lung condition and it seems to be working. I love Layla’s hat too.

  6. Wow, the results of Layla’s test are so interesting – I wouldn’t have expected these results at all! She certainly is a concoction of love, happiness, and personality! I’m glad you went for the shot, sometimes you just need to take the meds. That’s why God created doctors, right? LOL!
    Love & Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

    • LOL I so agree with you, what a concoction but she is full of love and happiness and that is what counts. I am also happy I went for the shot this time as it has made a difference

  7. This year has really blown by. Layla looked very cute in her hat. Kilo agreed to wear one for a quick photo too (he was a prisoner). How fascinating to get her results- a lovely mix. I would have guessed a lot of poodle.

    • I am giggling here over the results and yes she is mainly poodle πŸ™‚ I love the hats on the dogs they always make me giggle

  8. Whatever you call her, Layla is the perfect mix!

    I’m glad that the shot helped Layla! Nelly’s allergies were just terrible in October. Just about the time, I decided to take her to the vet for an injection, the weather changed and she started feeling much better.

    • Beth I am happy I got the shot for her, it has helped so much and hopefully with the weather slowly cooling we will not need it again this year. I am happy Nelly is feeling better

  9. So happy to have heard Kayla’s news was allergies! Whew! Love the hat…such a good girl posing with it on!

    OD on candy…(gulp, hiding head in shame)…still am!!!! :-0

    Thanks for joining in our Flashback Friday Blog Hop!

    • LOL you OD on candy, story of our lives. Thanks for the compliments about her and the hat, I loved it. It is our pleasure to join the Friday Blog hop and thank you for doing it

  10. Are you sure she’s not a PooingCockha? HA HA HA HA HA
    Whatever she is, she is certainly adorable. I’m so glad the injection worked for her. I might book Henry in as he is still very itchy. We give him Apoquil and were told we would be able to wean him off. Nope. As soon as we try, the itching starts again. Thanks for the feedback.

    • ROFL Love the name for her HA HA HA. I took her off the Apoquil as I feel it helps while she is on it and then the minute I stop the itching starts. Since she has had the shot her itching has disappeared and I am really relaxed with that

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