The Howlidays have arrived

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TGIF !!!!

The Howlidays have arrived and I have been watching everyone scurrying around shopping for gifts for everypawdy. We hope that when shopping you will also get something for Rescue Organizations or Domestic Violence Shelters as there are so many in need of money or donations of food, bedding and of course toys for the kids in the Shelters, both pets and human.
So we are asking everyone that want to help call a Shelter, both Animal or Domestic Violence and ask them if you can give something, it is a time of giving and that would be such a Mitzvah. (Yiddish for good deed).

Last week we went to a Hanukkah party held by one of the Domestic Violence Organizations, they do it every year at someones house where we all meet up, eat lots of latkes, light the Hanukkiah and forgot our problems for a couple of hours. It was a wonderful event as always, Layla was included and loved by all, and I want to thank Shalom Bayit for the wonderful event and especially including both of us.

The Candles giving light to the past dark days

So of course if we discussing Hanukkah and I must not forget the recipe for the doggy latkes and human latkes for those that want to make them at home.

Doggy Latkes      Ingredients and Method
One sweet potato grated 
One egg
Flour to bind it all together 
Mix all in a bowl, spoon on to a baking sheet which is covered with parchment paper, bake on 350 Deg till brown on top, flip over and carry on baking till ready (golden brown) Cool and serve it to them with sour cream or cottage cheese.
This recipe makes about 5 or 6 depending on the size of the sweet potato. 

Human Latkes recipe  Ingredients and Method
5 Russet Potatoes peeled (you can do unpeeled also)
2 Eggs 
Breadcrumbs or Matza meal to bind it all together 
NOW to make life easier and tastier instead of crying while grating onions I use a packet of Lipton Onion Soup mix.
Squeeze all the water out of the potatoes, add the rest of the ingredients and mix together.
Heat up oil in a frying pan, I use Canola oil, drop a table spoon of the mixture into the hot oil, flattening them a bit, fry till golden brown on each side, drain on a paper towel. Serve hot with either sour cream or apple sauce. Bon Appetit. 

Layla eating her latkes

Tomorrow Gidget arrives, she is a cutie and will be staying with us for about 2 weeks while her Mom goes away for the holidays. It is going to be fun having two dogs in the house and she is one bundle of energy so she is going to keep Layla on her toes LOL. It is going to be quite amusing. 

This weekend rain is expected again oy vey so we are going to be indoors a lot of the time unless there will be a lull in the rain, but we will be doing long walks wherever possible and I am really proud to say Layla is starting to tolerate the rain which is making life so much easier.

I have nothing scheduled otherwise but quality family time with the both dogs, lots of treats and pampering and guess what, am going to try pamper myself also, what a concept, but weather permitting I might take dogs for a walk in the evening around our neighborhood to see the houses with the Christmas lights.

On this note we would love to wish everyone Happy Howlidays, have a wonderful time with your families, both two and four legged, make memories with photographs and please do not over eat.

We also want to remind everyone what is not safe for your pets so you do not have to run to the vet, this is for both Hanukkah and Christmas.

Hanukkah and Christmas pet safety tips

With lots of love and licks Layla 

22 Replies to “The Howlidays have arrived”

  1. The doggy latkes look yummy and easy to make! I will definitely have to try them out. I’m also glad Layla’s going to have a playmate for the next couple weeks, I’m sure it’ll be interesting lol.

    • LOL Erin it is going to be really interesting. As for the latkes they are healthy treats and different, cannot wait to hear how yours turn out, Happy Holidays

  2. Thanks for the great pet safety lists for the holidays. I just gave Buffy a shave and a bath so she is now ready for our company on Christmas Day. I’m glad Layla will have a friend to give her some extra doggy time. Happy Howlidays!

  3. Happy Howlidays! The Hanukkah party sounds like a lot of fun! I know that Layla spreads joy wherever she goes, and I’m sure all the kids loved seeing her. You inspired me to donate to my local domestic violence shelter.

    I hope both of you enjoy Gidget’s visit!

    • Beth thank you so much for donating, it is really needed and every penny plus helps. We are having fun here and hope you have a wonderful time, Happy Holidays

  4. I’m embarrassed to say, but I’m almost 64 years old and I didn’t realize until last year that Latkes were made of shredded white potatoes, which I love. I had some with a friend when I was in Florida last year and they were delicious.

  5. Aw, love the pic of Layla and Santa! I think your plans of just hanging out and having quality family with family the pups sounds perfect to me. We are pretty much doing same here. Wolf and Bandit are still sad without Harley and Chloe, so keeping them extra close. Plus, my son-in-law and I have both been sick. Also have my new granddaughter celebrating her first Christmas, and my grandson at 3 is very excited this year for Santa! This is our last Christmas in our 30-year-home before we move, so home is where our hearts will definitely be!

    We donated a bunch of items to our local shelter, and also to a Canine Epilepsy non-profit organization for the holidays. And a lot to human shelters, too!

    Happy Howlidays to you and Miss Layla and all of your family and friends.

    • Sending you a big hug, thank you for donating but just as important is enjoy your family time, make memories in your old house and good luck with the move. Happy Holidays

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