WOW February is nearly over

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Wednesday woof hello to all my friends,

We cannot believe that February is nearly over and March is around the corner.

It has been a really dry winter for San Francisco, we have not had rain in nearly a month which is worrying as that means the drought is going to get worse, Layla is happy though as she is enjoying the warm weather and not getting wet.

Last weekend was the fluffy meet up, that is what I call it LOL, it is actually the monthly Shi Tzhu Meet Up which I love going to as it is in one of my favorite parks and for Layla it is an adventure. She loves riding on the buses, sitting in her back pack of course and everyone on the bus always wants to pet her. So Madam is in seventh heaven and happy.

We had a great time there, meeting some new dogs, wandering around the park and in a nutshell it was good to be out in the fresh air and relax.
Sunday we just relaxed together as with dog sitting and having dogs in the house at the moment, it is a new concept for Layla but she is dealing with it fantastically and just ignores the dogs LOL. 

Below watch the happy chaos the house when Gidget and Georgie get together, they can play like this for hours.

I am really enjoying it as it means I am home a lot more and not running around like a lunatic every day.  The plus also is I prefer working with dogs than humans which makes life less stressful. I am also walking each dog alone so am getting lots of exercise which helps with my diet.

So the Layla neighborhood has changed in some ways, but in good ways I can tell you that Layla, for her age, and used to being alone with me in the house, is doing amazingly well, and I am really proud of her.

So that is what is what is happening here, we have no plans for this weekend but to chill out and have Mom/Layla time which is so important plus recharge our batteries.

We must not forget that till the end of the month is Justice for Animals Week, an annual event dedicated to raising public awareness about animal abuse, what to do if you see abuse, where to report it, and work with our communities to enforce stronger and tougher laws. We must be their voice as they do not have one.

Stay safe all, have a wonderful weekend,

With a woof and love from Layla 

28 Replies to “WOW February is nearly over”

  1. Gidget and Georgie are having a ball! And I’m so glad that Layla is okay with it – that’s such a blessing. I’m glad you are taking this weekend to rest and relax – you all are so busy (in fun ways)! Let us know what fun you have planned for March – and give Layla a smooch for us!

    • Rebecca she is coping with it and it is also healthy for her in some ways, cannot wait for the weekend to relax and keeping busy keeps me on my toes LOL. I have not even thought about March yet but am sure will be doing so this weekend. Smooches back at you from Layla

  2. Loved the video of the dogs playing together. It makes me want to get another dog. It has been rather rainey the past few days here. Our pup is getting bored being in the house so much. I bet she would love having another dog to play with.

    • I would love to get another also, but at the moment I cannot so dog sitting and having them here is awesome. The weather is SF is hot like summer and I wish it would cool down a bit

  3. This year, we are really looking forward to the winter to be over. The constant snowfalls, thaws, freezing rain, snowfalls … created absolutely treacherous ground conditions.

  4. I love your report and seeing the video.

    The video and the images look great at this size. Well done. It is a great thing when you get the rhythm of images and text mix right so they look OK . It took me a while to realise that no-one likes reading text without the rewards of a cute picture now and again.(Which is why a lot of those Google updates/tech stuff/How-to’s look so boring 😉

    Finally, the weather. Yeah our summer here has been weird. Not warm, warm hot warm but warm, hot, cold nights and more sort of warm. * sigh *

    • Thank you for your compliments of my photos, that means a lot to me. Your input always teaches me something. As for weather, all over the world it is weird and worrying

  5. Looks like the meet up was a success. Layla looks like she’s having a good time. Her friends are definitely having fun in that video. Good thing everyone gets along so well.

    • Emilia I love the meetups especially as they are different parks and for Layla it is good to be around her type of dogs LOL. As for the video, yes I am lucky they get on well but then they are both socialized which makes life easier.

  6. We haven’t had much snow this winter, which is nice in some ways, but I do worry about what that means long term.

    Georgie and Gidget are so happy together! I’m glad that Layla does not mind them.

    I hope you had a great weekend!

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