Mom is going crazy

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TGIF !!!!!!!!!!!!

Like many Mom is getting confused with dates and days and I actually feel sorry for her as I think she is going nuts with the lock down and not working. I will have to take extra care with her I think. Wondering if treats will help !

The past week I can say there were a couple of beautiful days so I took the opportunity and went and as I call it vegged in the dog park, it was wonderful sitting on a blanket in the sun doing nothing but people / dog watching. It was relaxing and just what the Doctor ordered.

California will be on lock down till the end of May but who knows, I am going day by day and not holding my breath on this.  San Francisco has done some positive and that is they are now closing certain streets to cars so we can go for walks there and not on the side walk which is so much safer especially when you walking a dog as we will have more space. Plus not closing the dog parks has made it a lot easier for them to get proper exercise although everyone is wearing masks and keeping distances.

On Saturday Georgie came to spend the afternoon with us, it was great seeing him again although Madam was not really happy about it. He is still very puppyish whereas she just loves to sleep.

I want to shout out to a friend of mine who makes the most amazing masks, she sent me a couple as a gift and they are beautiful and comfortable to wear, so I have been spoiled with that. Mara has a great online store which you should all check out as her clothes are Bohemian and very comfortable to wear. It is always great to support a small business and she is one I strongly recommend.

This is her link :

So as you can see we are lying low, staying safe and most of all I am enjoying the daily Melissa Etheridge concerts whom I admire for doing them. She has done over 40 free online concerts on Facebook since the lock down and it is a great way to relax with coffee in the afternoons.

How are you all doing ? What are you doing to pass the time ?
Please stay safe and have a great weekend,

With a woof and love from Layla

15 Replies to “Mom is going crazy”

  1. We’re just staying home, but we’ve been retired for years so it’s nothing new.

    Have a woof woof day, Layla. My best to your mom. ♥

  2. Yay, you had a fur friend visit! I’m also glad you were able to get a couple of cool masks. I have a friend’s sister-in-law making me one this weekend. I’ve been using a bandana but they aren’t really any good. We’ve been getting out but, of course, staying away from other people as much as possible. Nature and the outdoors restore my soul and it’s needed now more than ever before. Stay safe!

    • Angela I am happy you are getting a hand made mask, they are awesome to wear. Nature is the answer to sanity at the moment and that is why I am trying to spend an hour in the park daily to relax and I can see the difference in myself since doing it. Stay safe

  3. We have good weather here too and its good to go for a walk. I love your idea of closed streets so people can enjoy walking safely.

    We are finishing quilts and learning while we teach a mentally disabled young man and writing blog posts. All fun and all busy stuff.

    • It is keeping you busy and that is what is important, I would love to see pics of your quilts :). The closed streets is a great idea and hopefully the weather will stay good

  4. I’m retired and used to being at home. However, I’m also always on the go and love to do things. I was sick for two months, which was hard enough, but I am also experiencing a lot of depression being stuck inside.

  5. Glad Layla is taking such good care of her mum! Appreciate the tips on your friend’s lovely creations and the online Melissa Etheridge concerts. You’re a pro at this lockdown thing! Be well and stay paw-sitive, Layla!

  6. It is hard to keep track of the days when they are all about the same! We finally had some nice weather this weekend and spent some time outside!

    • Beth it sounds awesome, there is nothing like being outdoors at the moment, I keep checking my calendar to see what day it is LOL, be safe

  7. The days do blend together, don’t they? It can get confusing and demoralizing. On the other hand, it’s a great opportunity to learn something new, take an online course on something.

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