Earth Day 2020

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Woof to all my friends,

How are you all doing ? Are you keeping your hoomans busy at home and making sure they working and giving you extra hugs and treats ?

Today, April 22 is Earth Day, a very important day and because of the virus and all of us on lock downs the world has changed so much. We can actually learn about this as we see the difference and maybe it is a wake up call to make the earth a healthier better place to live in.

So what has been happening in the world to show it :

01. The air is cleaner and not so polluted so we are finally breathing in clean air which is so much healthier especially for those that suffer from different illnesses.
02. There is less industrial pollution
03. Less litter on the streets and beaches
04. There is less car pollution 
05. There is less noise pollution 

I have been reading articles from different countries to see how the lock down has caused wild animals to start roaming the streets, here are a few examples :

01. The Marine Life in Hawaii is flourishing

02. Penguins have been seen wandering the streets in Cape Town South Africa

03. Ostriches have been seen wandering the streets in Cape Town South Africa

04. Coyotes have been seen in downtown San Francisco and on the beaches

05. Jackals have been seen in the enormous park in the center of Tel Aviv, Israel

06. A Kudu wandering the streets in South Africa \

07. The new traffic in Italy

08. Wild Boars wandering the streets in Haifa Israel

09. In Eilat. Israel the Ibex have claimed the beachfront  (This is my hometown)–AWS7vPwaSglvGODxCcg#autoplay

And that is all I have seen but am so sure there is so much more but what an eye opener is all I can say.  It makes me realize how much damage we have done, how much we have messed this earth up and it is time for us to step back and get it right. Who agrees with me ?

I today, to celebrate Earth Day, and the sun shining took Layla for some time in the park, it was beautiful, empty which was even better LOL. I sat there with my coffee relaxing while the Madam did what she does best sleep. A friend then joined us which was great to chat while her lil one joined us also. A great way to spend a couple of hours outdoors.  Layla is now sleeping and relaxed.

So on this note, please stay safe, lets all work towards a better healthier earth as we have the chance now.

Woof and Love fromLayla

14 Replies to “Earth Day 2020”

  1. We are finally getting some sunshine here in our neck of the woods. Where I live we have wandering animals all the time, lockdown or not, particularly moose. They wander downtown, I’ve had a mother and two “kids” meander past my business, they’re everywhere.

  2. We all need good news and I love the round up of all the different events around the world. In San Diego we noticed with less traffic we can hear the birds sing and the crickets at sunset. Nice to be able to hear Mother Earth.

  3. It is the silver lining in this pandemic cloud that the earth is healing. I only wish industries and politicians would take steps to keep things better.

    • Beth I agree with you it is the silver lining and a wake up call. It is my dream that those in governments would open their eyes to the damage we are doing and start taking steps. Money cannot replace what we are destroying.

  4. We need a healthier planet NOW! I read about one place being able to see Mount Everest for the first time in decades!! It looks amazing!

    On a smaller scale, we are getting a lot more birds in the garden.

  5. I read about a community that can see Mount Everest for the first time in decades, it looks amazing. It makes me realise we need to protect Earth now!!`

    We are getting a lot more birds in the garden locally too! I can’t believe you have coyotes in SF!!!!

    • It is amazing what is happening and it is great to see the animals are coming out of hiding. I also read about Mt Everest and the Himalayas and what amazing photos those were. It is time to look after our planet and this is a wake up call. I love that you are getting more birds in your garden, cannot wait for some photos.

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