Mothers Day

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TGIF furfriends,

How are you all doing?

With us still on lock down nothing exciting has been happening in the Layla neighborhood but she got a bone, and caused my bed to be all slimy and then hid it, and guess what ? I am still looking for it as I am not sure where it is. Madam Mischief Maker is her new name.

See the video below what she was doing LOL.

This coming Sunday is Mothers Day, and as we are all Pet Moms I decided to to focus on some fun memories of Layla, how I feel being her Mom and of course hear your input too.

Layla as you all know came to me from a shelter in Los Angeles, she was a matted smelly mess when she arrived but I have no regrets. She pranced into my house, jumped on the bed and rolled all over it, I will not even say how bad the bed smelled that night, but for me as long as she was happy so was I. It was really exciting becoming a Dog Mom again, and I knew like everything else there would be baby steps with her, every day a new thing but well worth it.

I can say today, nine years later, I am proud and happy to be her Mom, she gives me unconditional love, makes me laugh, and yes I have spoiled her rotten, from pound to princess but would not change it for anything. 

And yes, I am a Jewish Mom, I make sure she eats healthy, I watch over her with everything and sometimes I feel maybe I am over doing it. She actually eats better than me LOL.

So our question to you is : How do you feel being a Pet Mom ? What do you do for your furkid to make him/her feel extra special. Do you get upset when people tell you there is no such thing as a Dog Mom?

Happy Mothers Day to all you wonderful Mothers all around the world, who have opened your homes to pets and given them the life they deserve, and Layla would like to woof a special Happy Mothers Day to her Grandmother whom she has not met but on Skype and to my Mom, Happy Mothers Day, thank you for teaching me how to love animals and so much more, I am proud to call you Mom.

Material things come and go but the love from your Mother is something money cannot buy.

With a woof and love Layla 

12 Replies to “Mothers Day”

  1. Hi

    Our Bella also likes to hide her bones until she is ready for them. Often we find them in our couch, hidden under the throw pillows. She does the same for dog cookies. Clearly she gets too many treats. I guess that is all part of being a dog mom.

    Happy Mother’s Day!


  2. Happy Mother’s Day! Layla is lucky to have such an awesome mom. My partner and I don’t have any human kids so our dogs are the closest thing we’ve got. I spoil my boys a bit I’ll admit, but I just adore them and want to make sure they have the best lives. It doesn’t bother me when people say there’s no such thing as dog moms because no matter what they think it doesn’t change how I feel about my dogs.

    • Michelle Layla is my child and I also do not care what people think when I say she is my child as I do not have kids either. I agree with you our job as Moms is to make sure they are happy, healthy and loved. Happy Mothers Day

  3. Being a good Dog Mom is one of the things I was born to do. I never could have handled being a mom to a little human. Ew. Dogs are just so special and I feel a connectedness in my soul to Bella. She is an adventure girl, so the best thing I can do to make her feel special is to get her out and hiking. You should see her face when she doesn’t get to go anywhere!

  4. Happy Mother’s Day! Even though I have 5 human children that I love very much, I also love my dogs. I plan on having dogs as long as I can take care of them, they bring me so much joy.

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