May is nearly over

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TGIF !!!

How are all you of you doing ? 

We are sorry we did not blog last week but I needed a break from social media which was really good for me, plus Layla was in her element as I was with her all the time.

This lock down has taught me a lot, it has not been easy triggering things inside me that I had buried, but worked through them, plus I have also realized how in a funny way I think Layla misses me dog sitting and having the other dogs in the house, although she does not play with them it is more the companionship and I really noticed it when Gidget came to spend a couple of hours with us last weekend and although Layla does not play with her, she was happy to see her, and they were lying and sleeping next to each other, which of course was adorable.

Layla is aging and I am noticing it more and more lately, she does not want to do long walks, I carry her into the park as she is afraid and if a person claps or any other odd sound she tries to run out, and this is worrying me. I now leave her leash on in the park as it is easier to catch her plus sit as far away as possible from others so she will relax. Once relaxed she sleeps LOL.

I also am noticing that she is not eating as much as she did in the past, treats yes, her food no so am trying to figure out what to add to her food to make it more appetizing. She loves her gizzards but needs more than that. 

That is what I am working on at the moment and if anyone has any suggestions am open to them.

With the sun shining today I did take her to the park, but it was good for both of us to be outside for an hour, I do not stay long as it starts filling up and I am really keeping social distancing as much as possible. Plus Layla will this week be getting her own mask, a friend of mine got her one so will post a photo with her wearing it next week, cannot wait.

Nothing else exciting happening in the Layla Neighborhood. Like everyone, we are going day by day and praying life will get back to normal one of these days.

I am happy that groomers are opening and maybe next week will see if I can get her an appointment which she desperately needs as I have been cutting away matts as much as possible.

We hope you have a great long weekend,

With a woof and love from Layla 

22 Replies to “May is nearly over”

    • Hi Brian, thank you for popping in to visit us and for the Blog Hop. I am sure I will get to the bottom of it soon, have a great weekend

  1. I thought my dog was the only dog that wanted to sleep under the bed. She has access to two dog beds and the couch yet she perfers sleeping under the bed. But she is part Rat Terrier so maybe it’s just par for the breed?

    Sorry Layla is not eating as much. Hope she starts eating more soon.

  2. What are you currently feeding her? If it’s a kibble, for example, you could add something enticing like a gravy or mix in a bit of ground beef (or whatever other protein source works with her diet). If she’s liking her treats, you could use dehydrated meats/veggies to incorporate those ‘treats’ into her daily nutrition just to make sure that she’s getting what she needs!

    • Britt I home cook for her, there are no kibbles in our house as I do not believe in them. She has been eating her treats and am going to make her some treats with veggies this week to entice her also although she did in the end eat yesterday

  3. It is strange how long April seemed, yet May seems like it has flown by. We’re still staying home all the time, so I’m not sure why it feels different. Perhaps because we’ve had nice weather lately. I hope that Layla starts enjoying her homemade meals with her usual vigor soon.

    • Thanks Beth and I agree, May went very fast and the year is actually going too quickly. We having a heat wave today so she is indoors more

  4. I think that the lockdown has taken its toll on all of us. I hope that you are able to find good food that Layla wants to eat. Sometimes when cats don’t want to eat, it is because they picked up a respiratory issue and they can’t smell the food. Perhaps a stinkier food would work? Fish? That’s what I would do with my cats. I hope that things start going your way and life returns to normal soon.

  5. I am not a dog owner but we have Harvey a senior cat as you know. He was a rescue so, to be honest, now he is 16 I let him have what he wants. Maybe give Layla some treats but try different fresh meals? I know Beth has that Nom Nom Now and while it might not be cheap for you, maybe one month or two might be worth a try?

    • Thanks and I know of Nom Nom now and have tried the samples but she would not eat them, she is eating treats and boiled chicken but it is not enough. She ate better yesterday and am monitoring her.

  6. How old is sweet Layla now? Hope she starts eating more. Lockdown has been so tough on everyone, perhaps pets too. Wish you two well during these challenging times. Keep us posted on Layla’s appetite!

  7. BalanceIT offers custom recipes just for this purpose–dogs who became picky eaters for one reason or another. They should be able to provide you balanced recipes based on any crazy main ingredients your dog likes.

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