Pet Appreciation Week

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TGIF !!!!!!!!! 

Summer has arrived here in San Francisco and it has been hot, breaking certain records in some of the areas so between lockdown, curfews there are heat advisories and warnings of fire danger. It is really sad with what is happening and I pray that this year will end soon and 2021 will be a better year.

Every June, the first full week in June we celebrate Pet Appreciation Week, that means from Sunday the 7th till the 13th we celebrate. This holiday was created in 1981 by the American Veterinary Medical Association.

Why we should celebrate Pet Appreciation Week.

01. Because appreciation means love which they shower on us.

02. Because they do not judge us and understand us.

03. It is a good and extra reason to shower them with something different and special.

04.  Without them our lives would be stressful as they keep us balanced and healthy by loving us unconditionally.

05. Plus of course they are smart, cute and keep us on our toes.

How can we pay them back :

01. Give them extra special delicious treats by baking/cooking something for them which they have not had in the past.
02. Try taking your dog out for a longer walk or extra time in the dog park, lock down permitting of course.
03.  If possible try arrange a playdate for them especially with so much closed at the moment it would be extra special.
04. Dedicate more playtime with them than you normally do.
I must admit, every morning when I open my eyes and see fluffy muppet Layla curled up under the blankets sleeping is even better than coffee as she makes me laugh so much sometimes so I am really going to make sure this coming week she has some surprises.
What are you planning to do for your pet ? We cannot wait to hear.

On this note, Madam is sleeping after spending a couple of hours in the park today, Gidget is here too and sleeping next to her,

Have a wonderful safe weekend all

With a woof and love from 

26 Replies to “Pet Appreciation Week”

    • Hi Brian always good to see you and we fully agree with you that being loved is the best thing ever. Thank you so much for your Thursday Blog Hop as always. Be safe with a woof from layla

  1. Thank you for reminding me about Pet Appreciation Week! Louie never would have forgiven me if I forgot. I’ll be sure to do something extra nice for him this week for all the reasons you listed.

    • Jenna my pleasure and sending love to Louie as he is just adorable and Layla cannot wait to see him again. Cannot wait to hear what extra you are going to do.

  2. My cats think every week should be pet appreciation week. Playtime, cuddles, lap time over work time, and a nice grooming for my furballs this week (yes, pretty much like every week lol)

  3. Thank you for making the met calendar – I use it every week!

    We can never show our pets enough love – but we definitely should try every day! If we don’t, I’m sure they’ll remind us

  4. We made a point of kicking off Pet Appreciation Week today with a full day outside in the back yard with our dogs – time playing and running, time in the puppy pool, time in the hammock (yes, some of that came after the pool and I got soaked lol) and plenty of puppy cuddles. Both Dav and Indy seem to have had a GREAT day!

  5. These are some great ways to celebrate Pet Appreciation Week! Since I was on FB a lot this weekend, I know it was a tough weekend for you two. I hope that Layla continues to feel better!

    • Beth thank you and slowly but surely she will get better, it has been a hard weekend for me. Thanks for agreeing on the ways to celebrate and I am sure there are many more.

  6. It sounds like Layla will be getting some extra spoiling this week! I’m going to have to find a way to make Manna and Dexter feel appreciated this week too. Perhaps extra treats are in order or a long afternoon nap! I agree with you that we have had quite enough pain this year. It would be nice to have some really good news for a change.

  7. I am glad you are getting some good weather and enjoying some relaxation time. I hope the USA troubles will be resolved soon, these are frightening things to be happening!

    Harvey enjoyed Pet Appreciation Week, well part of it, before he passed I hope yours is a good one.

    Be safe and be careful.

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