National Pet Preparedness Month

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TGIF !!!!!!!

The days are going too fast and I cannot keep up anymore and wondering if everyone feels the same way.

The past week Layla has been ill. She hurt her neck, not sure how, but last Thursday she yelped when I was brushing her, so I checked her everywhere and thought I would just monitor it. Well on Friday she woke up from her afternoon nap to go out to potty but could barely walk, all hunched up and yelping again. So I carried her inside, nearly having a heart attack and called the vet clinic immediately and they told me to bring her in.

So that is what I did. You cannot go into the clinic but the vet tech comes out to get all details and then you wait for the vet. Three hours later they took her in to check her and by then I was freezing cold, hungry and stressed out. He checked her, not a vet I know, and then came out to me to ask some questions. He checked her vitals which thank goodness are good, and told me she has hurt her neck. I got pain meds for her plus an anti inflammatory and have had her on bed rest as such since then. I carry her outside to potty and then bring her back in. 

I am relieved she is eating and drinking phew. I also bought her chicken jerky to tempt her with food LOL. I had some other questions as I had been so confused with all on Friday night so emailed her vet on Sunday and she explained everything to me in easy English LOL. After that email I started relaxing more. Layla is on the mend, it is going to take time, she has yelped once since then and I am monitoring her daily. I emailed her vet again today as her meds are nearly finished and wanted to know how to move forward, he told me that if she yelps again I can get refills which is good to know.
So that is what is happening in our neighborhood.

June is National Pet Preparedness Month, a  reminder of what to do in case of an emergency or natural disaster.  It is also National Microchipping Month and they both are important and connect with each other.

Have you got an emergency plan for your pets ? I do and update it whenever necessary.

I have a close friend who will take Layla if something happens to me as I would not want her to land up in a shelter at her age especially. It is something that everyone should make sure is in order at all times and especially with what is happening at the moment with the virus.

Is your Microchip updated ? Please check so that they are safe.

Please stay safe everyone,  keep your pets safe 

With a woof and love from Layla 

16 Replies to “National Pet Preparedness Month”

  1. This is a great list of ways to prepared for an emergency. Being prepared is so important for your pup and you. I might add to look for a place for you and your dog to stay if you need to leave your home. Do this before an emergency happens.

    I hope layla recovers quickly!

  2. Excellent list! Especially appreciate the reminder about having the documents handy. And sooo important to have a plan for unfortunate scenarios. My mom had a lot of comfort in her final weeks knowing her beloved Oscar would join my home.

    • Nancy thank you and we need to be reminded as we are all so busy all the time, I am so happy to hear that Oscar came to live with you, your Mom was smart and I am sure it gave her so much comfort knowing he was safe

  3. Aw poor Layla! I hope she’s feeling better and on the mend soon. It’s a terrifying feeling when the furbabies hurt and we can’t just make it all better.

    I just updated my microchip article last night. Need to keep everyone safe!

  4. We are so thankful for our pups microchips! We’ve never had to use them, but it’s so nice to know they’re there just in case! Happy National Pet Preparedness Month!

  5. I’m glad to hear that Layla is going to be okay. It would be so scary knowing that your pet is in pain, but not knowing what happened. I hope that she heals up quickly. The kitties and I will send out some purrs and prayers for her.

  6. I’m glad to hear that Layla is on the mend. Sometimes we have NO idea when or how they hurt themselves, I’ve been there before! Dav hurt her back at one point a few years ago and we never did figure out how she did it. The important point is that you recognized it and are taking care of her (not that I had any doubt, she’s a well-loved and well cared for pup!). I hope that it heals up sooner rather than later so that she can be back to her usual self again.

  7. I’m glad that Layla is on the mend! This is an important reminder for people to be prepared for an emergency. I’m glad that you have someone to take care of Layla if you can’t.

    • Thank you Beth and I am relieved also. It is so important that people have a back up plan for their pets to prevent them from landing in shelters

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