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TGIF !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good Morning friends and how are you doing ?

Summer has arrived and we are still on lock down so unfortunately not being able to be out to enjoy the weather but hopefully will be able to do so soon. 

Layla went back to the vet this week as she was yelping really loudly and another vet looked at her and said the same thing, neck injury so she is still on her pain meds and sleeping most of the time.

I have changed her diet a bit to tempt her to eat, Costco chicken which she loves and Gizzards which she gobbles down. She does not want to eat her regular cooked food and as one of the meds has to be with food am trying everything.  I am also putting pumpkin directly in her mouth before meals for fibre etc and it all seems to be working phew. So lets see how this goes.

She has perky normal times and then she just sleeps LOL. What I can say is she is very smart as she knows when we come in from walks she gets her meds so she runs to hide in her box and that can be a problem. I solved it by  keeping her leash, putting her on the bed and dosing her and then taking off the leash and putting her on the floor. I am winning this fight. The other fight we are having is once she goes out she wants to walk non stop and not allowed so I now take her back pack with me and when she has pottied she is put into it and I carry her home. I wonder who the slave is !!!!!!!!!!!!!

On top of it all at about 9 every night people in our neighborhood have started setting off fireworks grrrrrrr so I am having to give her on top of it all some Hemp Oil as she freaks out. Our schedule has gone down the drain totally but will figure it out again slowly once she is well.

So that is all the news in the Layla Neighborhood at the moment, nothing exciting but at least she is healing slowly.

I would love some input from all of you – the weather is really warm at the moment and I thought of taking Layla to the dog park and putting her in her carrier which she can sleep in and relaxing there, I have to keep her in the bag otherwise she wanders around to visit the neighbors. We would be in the shade only – what do you think ? 

 Your comments would help me make the decision.

Summer is here and we must not forget to keep our pets safe in the heat. 

And Now most important of all, Layla wants to wish all the dog dads Happy Fathers Day and we both hope you have a wonderful fun day.

With woof and Love from Layla

18 Replies to “I have a question”

  1. I remember when we went to BlogPaws in Arizona, people had to walk their dogs in the little dog areas inside (air conditioned) or walk them really early or very late at night. I had not though about how heat affects dog paws – lesson learned.

    We had terrible trouble getting medicine into Harvey (and he was a cat!) so I cant really suggest anything except to tempt her with whatever she will eat.

  2. Poor little Layla – she’s such a social girl. But you are doing what’s best for her! You could try taking her down to the park. The sunshine and smells may do her a world of good. Sending healing light to Layla!

  3. I hope that Layla has a quick recovery! I’m not sure how hot it would get inside the carrier, but I know you would be monitoring her carefully. Does she have a cooling mat or vest that you can take?

  4. So sorry you both are going through this. We’ve been that with Jasmine. And now Cookie is having issues with front leg lameness which we thought we conquered but got complicated.

    Hugs and healing wishes.

  5. Sending love to Layla. I hope that the meds give her the relief that she needs and she heals up quickly! She’s lucky to have a Mom that cares so much for her!

  6. I’m sorry to hear she isn’t getting better. How frustrating for both of you. Would she be frustrated by being in her carrier instead of being able to wander about? If not the fresh air might be nice for her

  7. Maybe Layla needs a stroller! I’m sorry she is is still recovering from the neck injury and hope you have some good news for us by next week. She would look super cute in a stroller!

  8. Poor Layla.We’re sorry to hear Layla has a neck injury. Giving a pet medication can be a struggle. We hate that we can’t do “normal” things for a while. Life has definitely changed for everyone! Take care!

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