Praying for the fire victims

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TGIF !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Good Morning friends,

Layla would like to apologize about not blogging last week but Mom decided to have a break from the laptop and actually it was really nice as we had lots of Mom and Me time together and nothing else. 

This past week we have really been staying indoors because of the poor air quality from the fires burning in Northern California. It is so sad to see what is happening as there has been no rains and everything is dry. The fires were started by lightning which happened last Saturday night and it was a crazy night.  So at the moment Mom is working sharing all information possible on our Facebook page to help save the animals, including the wildlife.

This is the time that I say Facebook does something good as when a disaster happens someone starts a page with all the information and everyone posts, gets together to help out with trucks, cars and whatever else is needed. It is one way for the word to get out fast and I call them all heroes.

So let us all pray for all those in the path of the fires and that this nightmare will end soon.

We are reminding everyone today to make sure your emergency bag is ready, your microchip is up to date, and that you are ready to go if necessary.

Please be safe 

With love from Layla

22 Replies to “Praying for the fire victims”

  1. The fires are so horrible! We’re all the way over on the other coast, but we’ve been keeping up to date on their path. I feel so horrible for everyone being impacted, the animals especially. We heard about how bad the air quality is because of the fires. Stay safe!

  2. How horrible with all the fires. We had one really close to home couple of years back; there are always some smaller ones but I prefer not looking untill I see or smell smoke.

  3. The fires have made the news here. As has the heartless and totally woke response of your esteemed President. I wonder if he even cares. Please be as careful as you can. Take Layla for walks when it is safe OK?

    You are right about the idiots at FB doing something right for a change. I am tired of them doing it to make money. BlogPaws is changing and there are fewer reasons to stay there except to, as you say, check on rescues.

  4. Oh gosh, I was just editing stories about the fires at my part-time job as a copy editor. It’s horrifying … year after year after year. California never seems to catch a break. Stay safe down there.

  5. My heart breaks for anyone that is impacted by these fires. I can’t imagine the fear that people and animals are fearing. I agree with you, it’s important to do everything we can do – even if we’re a fair distance away and feel completely powerless. Even a small financial donation to an organization working to help those in the line of the fire can help.

  6. I feel so sorry for all the people, pets, and wild animals affected by these fires. I feel afraid to watch the news anymore, it just seems so depressing on every level.

  7. I have cat friends and homeschool friends out there and it’s scary. The fires are one reason I could never live out that way. I pray for safety of all that live out that way. Keep safe you and Layla.

  8. Several of our cat blogging friends live in California. None have had property destroyed nor have they had to evacuate yet, but all are talking about the smoke and the terrible quality of the air. Our prayers and purrs are with everyone near the fires.

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